Lies, Misdirection And Hate From The #No Campaign

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Factually incorrect posters have been seen in Melbourne’s Heffernan Lane with a message to ‘STOP THE FAGS’ along with claims that children raised by gay parents are more likely to be obese, suffer depression and are abused ahead of the Australian same-sex marriage postal survey.

The source of the poster facts come from a 2016 American research paper compiled by Rev. D. Paul Sullins of The Catholic University of America.

According to Rev. D. Paul Sullins’ research paper:

The published findings should be interpreted with caution and that more research and policy attention to potentially problematic conditions for children with same-sex parents appears warranted.

On further investigation, the website ‘’ whose website is written on the Melbourne posters. are linked to an American based website that encourages people to register so they could interact with “fellow fascists”.

Inside the website, there are numerous derogatory references to ‘fag marriage’ in its community forums.

Contradicting the Melbourne poster, readily available information from the Australian Government website the Australian Institute of Family Studies states that:

Evidence does not support the view that same-sex parented families are harmful to children, with a review of Australian and international research concluding that children in same-sex parented families do as well emotionally, socially and educationally as those in opposite-sex parented families.

In some of the studies, selected measures of well-being were more positive among children in same-sex parented families compared to other children.


Further, for the same-sex marriage #No campaign this week, former Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has spoken on 2GB radio claiming that there are more implications than just marriage to consider with the postal survey:

“This isn’t just about marriage. Sure, marriage is the immediate focus but there are lots and lots of implications here and we’ve got to think them through before we take this big leap into what I think is the dark,” Abbott said.

“If you de-gender marriage, a whole lot of other things come in its wake … How, for instance, can we legitimately say no to gender fluidity programs like so-called Safe Schools if we’ve de-gendered marriage? If we’ve officially sanctioned de-gendering marriage, it’s very hard not to see de-gendering come in in so many other areas as well.”

His lesbian sister Christine Forster hit back at his comments on Twitter.


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