KJ Apa Inspires DNA Refresher Course On How To Spoon Your Man

Last week Riverdale actor, KJ Apa and his sexy red hair was snapped in a bromantic spooning in bed pic with 20-year-old male model, Boston Ridge. This lead to many of his fans raising sexuality questions and drawing conclusions that Apa prefers to be the big spoon.

If this is spooning then we better do a refresher course on the basic techniques on ‘How To Spoon’:

Basic Spooning 101

Spooning is a form of cuddling whilst laying down, traditionally it involves two people laying on their side. One person, known as the little spoon, has his back up against the chest of his partner, the big spoon. The big spoon often has his arm over the little spoon in an embrace.

The big spoon, generally the bigger guy of the two, the little spoon, the smaller guy. This is not an absolute rule, these roles and can be decided by who prefers to hug and who prefers to be hugged as pictured below.

As a warning, spooning can lead to some discomfort, especially if the big spoon doesn’t place his arm in a comfortable position prior to a long spooning session. Bad arm placement can result in your arm falling asleep or an inability to leave the spooning position, best to sort this our early in cuddle session.

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