Insta-Stud: Kayne Lawton

Former DNA model Kayne Lawton is crowned with today’s inaugural title of DNA Insta-Stud.

We’ve gone through his Instagram account and found the hottest pics he has on display.

There are a lot more online, if you want to check them out go follow the stud on Instagram.

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Got tagged in this pic! Looks like someone has been playing with around those Adobe gainz!! Cheers for the massive nipples? #AdobeGainz #Fake #ShredzScam

A photo posted by Kayne Lawton (@kaynelawton) on

You cannot just consume an amount of calories to sculpt the physique you want. It’s about where those calories come from. Having 2700 cals for e.g. from mostly carbs and fats will not build the muscle you want without consuming adequate amounts of protein. OR you could be consuming prodominately fats and protein with minimal carbs, which can have a negative effect on your strength and training intensity, as carbs are the body’s most optimal source of fuel. It all depends on your goal and what you want. Achieving your best physique doesn’t happen overnight, but you can speed up the process. You tell me your goal, food likes/dislikes, and I will personally design you a plan with your macros calculated, so you can start sculpting the best version of yourself possible? (link in bio) #PersonalisedMealPlans #KayneLawtonPhysique #TeamKLP

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Feeling fresh after my first surf in a long time?? #ShakasBra #KellySlater

A photo posted by Kayne Lawton (@kaynelawton) on

Just wanted to let you guys know i never photoshop my pics. I dont see the point. I am not trying to have the perfect physique. It is purley false advertising. There was a time when I competed in a bodybuilding competition and i thought having a better physique than my competition was what it was about. Always comparing myself to people and never being satisfied. Even though i was and always have been natural, I would compare my body to world class bodybuilders like arnold, phil heath knowing that they are on steroids but still thinking I could do it without taking them. I would look at myself and find the faults everytime. Then once I had a break I realised what I was thinking!!! The past 18 months and the future, all I want is to be healthy, and continue training because I love the challenge of pushing myself harder and trying to be better than I was yesterday. Some people that train will relate. It’s not to impress other people, it’s purely for the mind, body and soul.

A photo posted by Kayne Lawton (@kaynelawton) on

(IMAGE SOURCE: Instagram. Photographers credited in models embedded posts)

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