Ignore “How To…” Guides: We’ve Found The Best Way To Self Pleasure

For far too long, male adult sex toys have focused primarily on anal pleasure, and the ones that are designed for your dick are manually driven and not much better than switching from your right to left hand.

Because of this DNA has investigated, mostly after office hours, all of the available techniques and toys in order to find the BEST way to improve your solo sex life.

First, we went through all of the ‘how to masturbate’ and ‘try these new technique’ guides online and experimented with different styles, strokes, breathing, positions, edging, cupping and the rest. Then we went to the local adult sex-store and bought the basics toys and gave them a go. They were exciting for a bit and for while it was fun to imagine the adult film actors hole while using his branded Jack amongst all the other toys, but soon it became mundane.

We were looking for the BEST way to self pleasure and there was no ‘how to’ technique or basic toy that was doing the trick.

Things changed when we searched online stores and found the Pulse III Solo by AdamMale. It’s described as the world’s first Guybrator that, through its exclusive PulsePlate, has the ability to make a man ejaculate involuntarily and unlike a jack, you don’t even have to have an erection to use it! Plus you don’t even need lubricant!!

Conclusion: It works! (and DNA employee satisfaction is UP!)

Don’t leave your dick hanging!

Enter code DNA at checkout and get 10% off the Pulse III Solo and free shipping in the US. Or, take 35% off* almost any single other item on the site with free shipping in the US.

CLICK HERE to buy the PULSE III from AdamMale.

But if you don’t believe us, check out the super-sexy Isreal Zamora and Nick Mascardo demonstrating how the Pulse III Solo by AdamMale works in the video below.


*Some items may not be eligible for full discount

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