How Many Is Too Many?

In the latest video from comedian Michael Henry, alongside model Max Emerson and mate, Brandon Rogers discuss the number of men they’ve hooked up with, slut-shaming, temple-entering and $1000 Instagram cum facials.

DNA spoke with Henry about his latest video:

DNA: What was it like working with Max?
Michael Henry: Max is a dream, he’s the sweetest most professional guy ever.

DNA: Is his real number 7?
M: He told me he’s still saving himself for marriage actually.

DNA: Do you feel as though gay men who are more sexually adventurous are shamed because of their ‘number’?
M: I do think that if you’re more sexually active you’re looked at as a little more sleazy, unfortunately, and I find that gay men are more embarrassed to talk about sex lives with their straight friends if it’s very active.

DNA: What about the reverse, do you think gay men feel the need to sleep around to fit in?
M: I think gay men want affection and to be noticed. I know I do. And the easiest way to get that in the gay scene is with sexual behaviour.

DNA: Ultimately, how many is too many?
M: Skies the limit. Have sex with five people a day if you want. Just make sure you’re valuing yourself at the same time and not substituting casual sexual behaviour for love.

Watch the clip below:

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