Gym Etiquette Tips with Simon Dunn

Simon Dunn | Studio Christian Scott.

Everyone knows and understands gym etiquette, yet it seems to be one of those topics that need a timely reminder. DNA cover model Simon Dunn shared some important tips on his website and with DNA.


DON’T JUDGE  There’s nothing worse than a judgmental lifter, we all need to realize that everyone in the gym is at different skill levels. Rather than judging someone for trying to better themselves health wise, how about going over and offer them some advice.


PUT YOUR NIPPLES AWAY No matter how great you (think) they look, please put your nipples away. Too many people think a tank top that shows off their nipples is acceptable gym attire. It’s not!

DON’T LINGER IN THE CHANGE ROOMS NAKED Change rooms are for exactly that, getting changed! Please spare others with your stories about the football or your new promotion until you’ve covered up your bits!


DON’T CREEP It’s the gym, not Grindr or Tinder. Save the long drawn out stares or creepy pick up lines for the apps. Let other people train.



PUT YOUR EQUIPMENT IN THE RIGHT PLACE AFTER USING Yes you’ve put your equipment away, Congrats! How about we make sure its in the right place. All gyms have a specific location for each piece of equipment, so tucking a foam roller away in the corner or putting the 5kg dumbbells with the 40kgs actually hasn’t helped!


USE A TOWEL AND WIPE DOWN EQUIPMENT Ok sweaty Betty, Cleanliness is next to godliness and I can promise you if I have to use a sweaty piece of equipment after you, I’ll be praying you don’t get into heaven! It’s a gym, people sweat but gyms aren’t the place to share bodily fluids please wipe up after yourself!


LIMIT YOUR MOBILE PHONE USAGE You’re at the gym to train your muscles not your thumbs, spending the entire time looking at your phone texting or playing games is really inconvenient for those waiting on the piece of equipment you’re using.


HAIR DRYERS ARE FOR HEADS You would think the name would be self explanatory, but no one wants to see you drying off your privates in front of the vanity, your testicals flapping around in the wind like a flag is not appealing nor do I want to dry my hair with something that has been inches from your junk.


LEAVE THE EGO AT HOME Gyms are intimidating places already, so you strutting around like a peacock looking for a mate isn’t helping! Intimidating others doesn’t make you look tough, nor is it impressing anyone!


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