Grayson Boyd: Just Two Aussie Boys Making Some Swimwear

In DNA #216 we speak to two Aussie boys who leapt straight into the big league of the men’s swimwear market by debuting the first range of their brand, Grayson Boyd, at Miami Swim Week in the US.


“People love nostalgia… If you can recreate something iconic from the past but bring a new flavor to it then why the hell not?”

Michael Boyd (dancer) and Sam Gray (swimmer): you come from different but not unrelated fields. How did your different experiences converge to create Grayson Boyd swimwear?

We both have a deep appreciation for good-looking sportswear and fashion. It became natural for us to want to create our own gear that moves with the body and functions when it needs to… There’s a saturated market out there but we knew what we wanted to bring was a vibe that we couldn’t get elsewhere. We are just two guys doing what we love!

You headlined Miami Swim Week in the US in 2017, debuting the brand. Was it daunting being up there with more established brands?

Miami Swim Week was unreal. The show went very well and it was special for us to have Calum Winsor (a good friend of ours, and former DNA cover model) walk for us in the show. It was a well-received show and the coverage that came from it was awesome, too. 

What makes the brand unique?

Grayson Boyd comes from art. Our prints come from paintings, drawings, photos and graphic illustrations that we create ourselves. These artworks are then dropped into our designs and become our prints. When we were conceptualizing the brand we decided that external “high-vis” branding on our pieces was something we were going to avoid. The voice of our brand is in our prints. We also like to flaunt our colour palette. Push some boundaries. Give people something that adds to their character.

You reference the  ’70s as one of your inspirations – were you tempted to do a racing speedo-cut or do you feel that’s been well covered by other brands already?

People love nostalgia. I’d say we’ll do a speedo-style cut down the track with a Grayson Boyd twist… If you can recreate something iconic from the past but bring a new flavor to it then why the hell not?

What were you wearing to the beach in the ’70s? And, um, surely neither of you were actually there!

Michael was born in 1979 so we are pretty sure he was naked at the beach as a kid, ha ha! Sam, on the other hand, born on the tail end of the ’80s, rocked a Hawaiian print swim short at that stage in his early years. Nothing too outrageous. But on point, of course.

Which celebrities would you most like to see wearing Grayson Boyd?

We’ve been lucky to have a few already and one of our favs has been Ryan Kwanten.

Our dream girl would be Rihanna. Our prints are just so poppy so Riri’s skin tone would do all the prints justice. Our dream boy would be Brad Pitt but from the Fight Club era, just boxing shit up in his Noosa Swim briefs, ha ha. Harry Styles is also one of the most stylish celebs kicking around and we think he’d look amazing in some Grayson Boyd shorts and gear.

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