George Takei On Trolls, Comedy And Ageism

Legend George Takei is visiting Australia for live shows.

Legendary Star Trek actor and social media master, George Takei is about to arrive in Australia for a series of live shows in Melbourne and Sydney. He spoke to DNA…

You’ve been called the funniest man on Facebook; what makes a great Facebook post?

Truth put in the context of fallible human beings trying to be something they are not always makes a great Facebook post.

Is comedy good for one’s mental health?

Humour makes our fallibilities seem so ridiculous and the laughter is great for hearty breathing and filling our lungs with healthful good air. Comedy is good for both mental and physical health.

Many LGBTI people are troubled by trolls on social media and could use your advice on how to deal with them. What do you suggest?

We have in our midst, alien life forms filled with envy or jealousy or anger who inflict their hateful evil on others under the cover of anonymity. I suggest the only way to deal with these cowardly trolls is to completely ignore them. They will eventually go away for lack of response. 

You have millions of social media followers. Do you feel that comes with some responsibility?

Most certainly. Those followers have given me the gift of an amplified voice. With that gift comes gratitude and the acceptance of respect and accountability for my statements. 

Who do you enjoy following on social media?

My hubby, Brad Takei.

You’ve experienced a lot of negativity in life – racism and homophobia – do find you are now experiencing ageism?

I myself have not been on the receiving end of ageism, thank God, but know of incidents where senior citizens have experienced discrimination because of their age. President Barak Obama said, “Justice grows out of the recognition of ourselves in others.” The fact is, we are all on the same road to eventually becoming elderly. Ageism is the stupidity of not recognising one’s own future.

You are still making film and television and doing voice-overs – do you love your job?

I passionately love acting and feel blessed to be able to continue working. In the performing arts there will always be roles for “old codgers.”   

Is it true you can do 100 push-ups?

Two weeks ago, I had a hip replacement operation and have been making good progress getting back on my feet. I work with my physical therapist conscientiously and look forward to getting back to my daily 100 push-ups and 50 sit-ups. 

What can we expect from your live shows when you come to Australia?

In show business, we never give away our act before the performance. Stay tuned and hold your breath.

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