Dear Diva: “Tequila or a Xanax calm me down!”

Making sense of the splatter when the shit hits the fan.

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Dear Diva,
I was paid a holiday bonus from work and made the mistake of telling one of my friends. He’s been constantly asking me to borrow money. I plan on taking a vacation and doing some renovations on my home. I’m not sure how to tell him.
Dear Bonus Babe,
Whose name was on the check your received? Yours! Not your friend’s. The money is yours. You don’t need to explain to that broke-ass bitch what you plan on doing with your money. You’ve learned a valuable lesson: don’t tell bitches about your business.

Dear Diva,
One of my friends asked for my help to finish a project he’s working on. We’ve been friends for over 10 years but when I started working with him I saw a different side. He’s vindictive and cruel to his staff. I can’t believe this is the same person. Should I reassess our friendship?
Dear Friend In Need,
You never really know a person until you live with them or work with them. Your friend could just be stressed-the-fuck-out over this project. We all react differently under stress. Or he could just be an asshole. Tell the motherfucker to take a shot of tequila or a Xanax. These usually calm me down.

More: Robbyne Kaamil is a relationship expert on TV, radio, and at Playgirl. She is also an actress, comedian and singer. Find her on FB, Twitter@theadvicediva, and email your confidential Dear Diva questions to: asktheadvicediva@gmail.com.

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