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From DNA #197

Rogan Richards isn’t shy about his porn career – or his other passions from art direction to bodybuilding. Maxim Boon discovers there’s more to the Aussie sex god than a good root!

DNA: You’re one of the biggest gay porn stars on the planet. How does it feel to be world famous?

Rogan Richards: I don’t feel very famous, but you tell me!

You’re definitely famous! Wherever there is gay porn, there is Rogan Richards! It’s all an illusion! In reality, porn makes up the smallest part of my career and life, but when I do it I make sure people know about it. People think I have done a lot more, or do a lot more, than I actually have. It’s called self-promotion and social media today makes it easy.


Photography by Sam Gatsby Lim

How did you get into porn? I was kind of an awkward kid, so it started as a way to boost my confidence. I applied online – it’s not a very glamourous or exciting answer but that’s exactly how it happened. It wasn’t always great. The first few films I did I hated the experience, which I think is because I did it to prove something to myself for all the wrong reasons. I swore I’d never go back to porn, but we all know how that turned out! Two years later I had the chance to work with a website called Men At Play, so that’s when I prefer to think my porn career started.

“My career took off as soon as I flopped my cock out, and I’m proud of my cock and my journey…”

It must be a lifestyle that has a lot of pros and cons. What are the best things and the worst things about your porn career? Doing porn has definitely changed my life. I get to be Rogan Richards full time. I get people buying me heaps of shit. I get to travel the world. I get to meet amazing people and have amazing adventures. But the best thing the porn industry did for me was open doors to allow me to pursue all my other aspirations and passions in life. Okay, the worst thing is having people feel they have the right to judge you or belittle you.  The stalkers. The time wasters. Being typecast and boxed in. But the worst is nowhere comparable to the best and I wouldn’t change a fucking thing!


Photography by Sam Gatsby Lim

Rogan Richards is your porn alter-ego and it’s a name that you’re known by all around the world. Are you a different person off-camera when you’re not “Rogan”? It’s an interesting question because many of my close friends would say I am two different people whereas I believe I’m just being me; it’s just that I emphasise certain characteristics when I’m on show. Many other porn stars keep their work separate, but I can’t live like that. What you see is what you get with me – and you get to see everything! I think people respond to honesty and seeing the real you and that suits me fine.Obviously, this makes you more vulnerable and gives your haters more ammunition to attack you with, but fuck them, they only have as much power over me as I give them.

Haters gonna hate! Do you find people underestimate you? All the fucking time. People assume my talents lie solely in the bedroom. To be fair, it’s a justified misconception!

Being an international porn icon, it helps that you have an insanely good bod, but you’ve stepped that up a few notches recently. Yeah, I did my first bodybuilding competitions recently which was a really important achievement for me. At first, I convinced myself I was doing it for my career, but the more work I put into it, the more I realised it was bigger than that. My dad, who passed away in 2005, was a competitive bodybuilder, and I realised I was doing it for him, for his memory. I was very close to my dad when I was a kid, but when I came out, he had a problem with it, so it caused a big rift between us. I was a real brat for a while, so I left home and wasn’t the best son in the world. I had just started to reconnect with my dad when he died. He’d finally accepted my sexuality, and it was so amazing to have my dad back in my life again. So it was pretty devastating when I lost him. So, in some way, getting into competitive bodybuilding was for him.

“People assume my talents lie solely in the bedroom. To be fair, it’s a justified misconception!”

And you won your first regional comp and placed second in your first national. That’s an amazing achievement! Your dad would have been proud. If he was still alive, I reckon we’d be best mates now, especially with the level of focus and commitment I’ve put in with my training and diet. He would have been a big part of that prep. Like Madonna says, “No fucking regrets!” But there’s definitely a few mistakes and one of those is that I didn’t spend more time with my dad.

Will you keep doing competitive bodybuilding now you’ve got some trophies on the mantelpiece? Preparing for the comp is so hard and takes a really long time, so if I compete again it won’t be until next year. But there are so many other things I’m passionate about, so if I’m performing or getting more photography and art direction work, then that’s going to come first.


Photography by Sam Gatsby Lim

I know that’s something you’re building a name in. Tell us about Rogan Richards: the photographic art director. I’ve always been obsessed with imagery. Be it film, stills, design, art – the list goes on. I’ve always played around with photography and recently I have had the opportunity to develop that side of my career and been able to run with it.

What is it about photography that excites you? Like everything I do, I try to have fun with it. You live life once so spend it doing what makes you happy! I’ve managed to make a career out of doing all the things that I love. A lot of my creative inspiration comes from the ’80s – a truly great decade!


Photography by Sam Gatsby Lim

Your work recently featured in The Company Of Men group exhibition, which showed in both Melbourne and Sydney. Tell us about those shots. The Victorian AIDS Council asked me to create six images about issues facing the gay community: HIV Stigma, Ideal Body Image, Sexual Discrimination, Viral Load, Masculinity, and PrEP. I try not to tell people what to look for or lead them too much, but that’s the great thing about art, everyone can get something different from an image. I love that!

So there’s a lot more to Rogan Richards than a good root! There is! It gets annoying sometimes that people don’t always see that, but you get what you put out so if I tell everyone I’m a sex god then everyone will expect me to be a sex god! And at the end of the day, my career took off as soon as I flopped my cock out and I’m proud of my cock and my journey to where I am and who I am today.

More: Visit www.RoganRichards.com


Photography by Sam Gatsby Lim


Photography by Sam Gatsby Lim


Photography by Sam Gatsby Lim

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