Business Suing Church For Forcing It To Discriminate Against Gay Community

The downside to the uprise in support for LGBT rights has been the push for religious freedoms to legally discriminate against same-sex couples based on selective doctrine believes.

The ‘Christian bakers’ case has been the basis of global argument to support faith-based rights to not service gay weddings, deny gay education, employment and argue against gender identity issues.

This argument has now taken a bizarre twist as Portland business, Ambridge Event Center is suing the Holy Rosary Church for $2.3 million after they were told they could not do business with an LGBT group.

Reported by The Oregonian, Ambridge Event Center, a business run on property owned by the Holy Rosary Catholic Church, were not allowed rent its space to PFLAG Portland Black Chapter for an LGBTQ event under a “morals clause” in its contract with the church that stops them from renting out their space to the gay and lesbian community.

The lawsuit against the Holy Rosary Church claims that “government agencies and businesses not associated with the LGBTQ community wanted nothing to do with the event centre” after reports of the refusal to do business with the LGBT group was made public.

After the PFLAG group began filing a discrimination claim against Ambridge Event Center and a series of bad press, the Center publically apologised and agreed to hold their event for free.

The Church then told the Ambridge Event Center to vacate the premises within weeks after holding the PFLAG group’s party for “(choosing) to associate itself with the LGBTQ community.”

According to Oregon state law, a church can disallow a group use of their facilities based on sexual orientation if “the use of facilities is closely connected with or related to the primary purposes of the church … and is not connected with a commercial or business activity that has no necessary relationship to the church or institution.”

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