Breedwell: Unique, Dirty, Sexy-As Party Gear

Breedwell is more than a brand. We represent the light and energy of nightlife itself.

Our gear illuminates bodies across the darkest underground dance floors. We innovate and create our own unique style by being trailblazers of light in a world of dark.

We designed the products, firstly, for ourselves, so we put our heart and soul into creating something unique that no one had done before. When you wear our gear out at night and you’re feeling sexy-as-fuck all lit up, you will understand what we’re about. It’s not just the gear, it’s about the feeling you get when you’re dancing in a crowd half naked and all eyes are on you. In that moment it doesn’t really matter what you’re wearing – it’s about living in the present.

Breedwell is great for parties because we don’t care what anyone else thinks. We came here to live, to be free, and be as dirty as we want to be without apology.

“It’s about the feeling you get when you’re dancing in a crowd half naked and all eyes are on you…”

What makes Breedwell harnesses unique? 

Our harnesses and products are unique because they allow the wearer to custom adjust to fit their own body shape. Who the hell likes to replace batteries? We made ours USB rechargeable. Our lights are bright and last a long time, which gets you through a full circuit night out and even into the after party if you’re on flashing mode.

Our gear is beefy and constructed to be firm, not just cheap fashion apparel. We built our gear to be fucked in, just like any leather harness you would own. The only big difference is your leather harness won’t light up that gym body you’ve spend the last six months working on. So if you want to get lit and be a part of this movement, check us out.






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