Bob Katter Delivers Bizarre Speech On Same-Sex Marriage

Late last night Queensland MP Bob Katter again joined the same-sex marriage discussion in parliament by suggesting that the LGBT community is a new phenomenon and that people are “genetically programmed” to be heterosexual.

“Down in the pub, in the real world, where I live and other people live, I walked into the pub and said, ‘Bobby, I’m going bush, mate, before they make it compulsory,’ and everyone roared laughing. But you don’t live in that world. You don’t live in that world where real people live. You live down here, where you listen to this incredible concoction of drivel.”

It was then that Katter left the subject of marriage to talk about genetic programming:

“The people advocating this proposition tonight, the LGBTIs, have maybe 60 years on their side. I have 3.5 million years of genetic programming on my side, because we human beings, they tell us, have been around for 3.5 million years,” he said.

“One thing that is absolutely certain is that we’ve all developed from heterosexual couples. That is one thing we know absolutely — up until the last 40 years, anyway.

“So, genetically, we are programmed that way.”

In his speech, Katter spoke about a conspiracy theory on gay blood donation, claiming that “72 children were injected with AIDS” and attributed the countries “highest male juvenile suicide” to the “extraordinary incidence of homosexual behaviour in Australia compared with other nations.”

There was more of crack-pot crazy spewed by Katter, including a plug for his book (“only $29 at all best-selling bookshops”) before he was eventually shut down by the Deputy Speaker Mark Coulton: “Order! The member’s time has expired.”

If you can stomach reading the entire speech, you can so here, or if you need further proof that Katter has officially lost the plot, watch (below) the time he ranted in a press conference that the country should focus more on crocodile attacks rather than the legalisation of same-sex marriage.

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