Anthony Unplugged!

Back with a haunting new single, Anthony Callea speaks candidly to DNA about life with husband Tim Campbell, having “work” done and why a good cocktail can fix any of life’s problems!

 DNA: You’ve been “unfiltered and unplugged” for a while now on tour. How’s that going? 

Anthony: [Laughs.] I’m pretty unfiltered in my everyday life with friends and family so it’s been fun to bring that to the stage on this tour. No rules or boundaries and I have totally over-shared about my life on- and off-stage! Performing these songs stripped back has been an absolute joy. There’s nothing better than singing totally live with my musicians and getting to the core of the lyrics and melodies. The messages I have received from fans who came to these concerts has been overwhelming. I’m very lucky. But, hey, when you’re 36 and you’ve been doing this for over 15 years, you make up your own rules! 

You’re 36 now? 

Yeah, though in my head and mirror I look 32 thanks to Dr Tass! 

Madonna appears to have borrowed your concept for her Madame X tour. 

What can I say? I like to give back to the community and help fellow performers, especially ones with not a lot of experience in touring. [Laughs.] 

Your new single What’s Wrong With Me? is sexy, contemporary and you wrote it, too. 

I wouldn’t call it sexy. What I would say is it’s inherently personal, deep and meaningful. I also hope it’s a song many will be able to relate to. Telling a story through music is in my DNA and when I close my eyes and get behind the mic I feel like I’m home. It’s an honour to share this song with Australia and the world. Self-discovery is a beautiful yet confronting and scary process. I hope that when you hear this song you connect with me and we share a moment together, a moment of honesty, purity and respect. I also hope when you see the video clip, you see and feel the story through my eyes. 

Is there a whole new album coming soon? 

Whether it’s an album or EP I haven’t made that decision as yet, but there is definitely more music I need and want to share. I have been writing solidly for the past year and am totally involved in not only the writing but production and video clip vision. It’s the right time for me personally and professionally to now share what I’ve been working on. 

Your last album, 2017’s ARIA Number One Hits In Symphony went to #1. Is that a tough act to follow? 

It’s an album I’m extremely proud of and one that took a while to make, but do I see it as a hard act to follow? No, not really. This is a fresh start for me. It’s my music, my lyrics, my vision, totally independent and I’m not driven by sales or chart positions. I’m driven by advancing myself as a person, as an artist, as a partner in life. I want to be better as a whole, first and foremost. I want to own what I do and be accountable. Yes, I’ve been fortunate in my 15 years to attain some great results and that’s thanks to the love and support of my loyal fans, but now this is me giving back to them a bigger slice and insight into me… a me that has taken a bit of time to understand and share. 

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