Anthony Callea: “Our government should be ashamed!”

Anthony Callea

Three years ago, entertainers Anthony Callea and Tim Campbell married in New Zealand because Australian law did not allow same-sex couples to marry. It still doesn’t, and Anthony, one of Australia’s top-selling recording artists, says our government ought to be ashamed of that fact.

“I’m more embarrassed, and extremely disappointed, than angry,” he says in an up-coming interview with DNA magazine. “That marriage equality is still even a topic of discussion in this country… Our government, people who have been put in these positions to represent all Australians and the welfare of human rights, they should be ashamed of themselves.”

The Australian Idol singer, who has several number one albums to his name and can boast the fastest-selling single by an Australian artist ever (The Prayer), speaks out on the marriage equality debate and is uncharacteristically political in the interview.

“Tim and I were married in New Zealand and to us, our friends, family and peers, our marriage is just as legitimate and honest and truthful as any heterosexual married couple’s marriage. We have been together for nearly 10 years and married for nearly three years and no one, including our government, will take that away from us and make us feel unworthy of celebrating that love. Our government just needs to catch up and stop these political games; their poor leadership is damaging.”

Asked if he and Tim would remarry in Australia if it became legal, Anthony says no. “But it would be nice for our marriage to be legally recognised in this country, as it already is in many countries around the world.”

Anthony acknowledges the activism in the LGBTI community’s history that has allowed he and Tim to enjoy their marriage. “I don’t take this for granted,” he says. “I owe a lot of my happiness and the growing tolerance and understanding of LGBTI people to the pioneering advocates and crusaders who, for decades, have been fighting for equality. So many beautiful and selfless individuals and groups who, not only then but still today, constantly stand up and fight for equality and love. I know it’s not easy for some, and people struggle everyday with just wanting to be accepted and loved, but we are all certainly heading in the right direction. No one is born a hater or with prejudice. The younger generation will have the greater power and strength in years to come.”


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