Anal Massage: Feels Good And Is Probably Good For You!

The male “P-spot” is increasingly becoming a topic of interest for straight and gay men alike due to its recognised health benefits. Once considered a kinky bedroom activity, regular stimulation of the prostate through massage has shown to release prostatic fluid, which can enhance blood flow to the area, improve urinary flow, promote stronger erections, reduce painful ejaculations and intensify pleasure sensations during intimacy.

It’s also considered to improve the integrity of the prostate tissue, which in turn can reduce the likelihood of cancer-causing cells. Prostate massagers, apart from being fun adult toys, may just have potential health benefits.

The prostate is a mysterious and often misunderstood organ of the male anatomy. Found between a man’s bladder and rectum, the prostate is a walnut-sized gland that is responsible for producing fluid that lubricates the urethra during ejaculation and is combined with sperm cells to make semen.

According to Cancer Australia (2017), prostate cancer is the most common form of male cancer in Australia. In fact, this year alone, there have been 16,665 new cases confirmed – and over 3,450 deaths in the last 10 months.

Sales of prostate massagers has increasing by 56 percent in the last 5 years reports Naughty Boy, an Australian online destination for male sex and wellness products. The company says they have recognised the growing interest in prostate massage and has curated a comprehensive range of professional massagers that promote sexual and bodily sensations and benefits. C’mon boys, it’s good for your health!

Check out Naughty Boy’s prostate massagers.

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