5 Reasons To Start Wearing Jockstraps

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OK. We know what you’re thinking.  Does anyone actually still wear those things?  Once a common feature in North American locker rooms, they seem to have faded out of mainstream use just like shutter shades and parachute pants.

But there’s a few great reasons why the humble jockstrap is making a comeback, and you should get on the bandwagon.

1. Support
The first jockstrap was manufactured in the late 1800s for bicylce delivery boys or ‘jockeys’ for one primary reason – to keep that junk in its place!  Bouncing around all day meant that those pioneering under-pant porters needed to make sure everything stayed where it should and didn’t get in the way, and most sportsmen since wanted the same!  Whether you’re running to your next meeting or around the track, you’ll want all the support you can get.

2. Comfort
We’ve all had that pair of briefs or trunks that ride up, scratch between your legs, and grab in all the wrong places.  Not the jockstrap!  A thick waistband and elastic under-butt straps keep do the job of your ordinary underwear, without those extra bits that cause you err…headaches.

3. Room
There’s nothing worse than a sweaty backside.  Thankfully with the jockstrap, you’ve got all the room to breath you need!  Go on. Set those cheeks free…

4. Cost
It always seems like the cost of men’s underwear keeps going up.  Even a pair of basics can set you back more than a few bucks!  Understandably, with less fabric comes a lower cost product, so no doubt your next pair of jockstraps will be your most economical underwear purchase yet.

5. Sex Appeal

Gone are the days of the boring, dirty white jock.  These days there are tonnes of companies like PUMP!, 2eros, and Supawear that are producing fun and sexy lines of jockstaps to suit every taste and style.  Next time you’re caught out wearing one of these you’re bound to get more than a few compliments.


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