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5 Questions With Model – Hayden Monteleone

Photos by Paul Jamnicky

DNA Magazine: What makes a popular Instagram post?
Hayden Monteleone: Personally, what makes a successful Instagram post is the quality of the photo, sex appeal, trendy content (internet challenges), fun/funny, inspiring, relative motivational insight.

DNA: What’s something that would surprise people to learn about you?
Hayden: How quiet, laid back, approachable, reserved and simplistic I am.

DNA: What’s the strangest request or comment you’ve received from a social media follower?
Hayden: The oddest request I’ve received is someone asking if I could pass gas in their face.

DNA: What do you stand for?
Hayden: I stand for, Love! Self-empowerment, self- actualization; discovering your personal happiness. The psychological warfare within ourselves, knowing yourself, your value, loving yourself. Reaching and maximizing ones full potential in all facets, understanding there are no limits, there are no such things. Living in your light, expressing yourself shamelessly and not allowing yourself to be shaded, while living in harmony with all life, flowing like water, or wind through moments of experience.

DNA: Finally, dick pics: yay or nay?
Hayden: Hell yeah! I’ll send them, why not! It’s hot! It’s always okay to send them to someone of interest! I’m straight, so I won’t be receiving upon request, but that surely doesn’t stop folks! Ha!


Hayden Monteleone
Instagram: www.instagram.com/hayden_monteleone
Only Fans: onlyfans.com/supernovasteele


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