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5 Questions With Model – Josh Orozco

Our next model Q&A is with Josh Orozco, he was the most clicked on model on the DNA website in 2017 and as part of our interview with him, we get to see some exclusive pics of his next shoot with the talented photographer James Loy.

DNA: What goes through your mind when you’re being photographed?
Josh: I always think about the story that I’m telling, and also about the people who will be looking at the photos. It keeps me excited and in the moment.

DNA: What’s something that would surprise people to learn about you?
J: People are often times surprised to hear that I don’t play any sports. I get asked if I’m a swimmer or wrestler a lot. Nope, I’m just an artist who loves the gym.

DNA: What’s the strangest request or comment you’ve received from a social media follower?
J: Someone asked if I would pick up and move half way across the world with them. He must have had some big plans in mind for the two of us.

DNA: What do you stand for?
J: I stand for love. The light in me sees the light in you. How lucky we are to be given a chance to experience a tiny part of this divine universe. The cosmos works in perfect harmony, and we should strive for that too. We need more hearts to open. Love is the key, and love will always win. We can make this world a better place, but only if we do it together as ONE.

DNA: Finally, dick pics: yay or nay?
J: Stimulate my mind instead of sending me a dick pic 😉 The sexiest part on a man is right between his ears.


Follow Josh on his Instagram.
PHOTOGRAPHY: James Loy | Instagram


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