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5 Questions With Model – Eamon Mulgrew

DNA: What makes a popular Instagram post?
Eamon Mulgrew: I find there are usually two things that make a popular Instagram post, for me personally it’s what people can relate to, it’s always nice seeing someone else in similar if not the same situations you are in yourself. The second being unobtainable whether it’s a holiday, car or person you want everyone loves what they cannot have.

DNA: What’s something that would surprise people to learn about you?
E: People usually expect me to be really up myself and have a whole “I’m better than everyone” attitude but in reality, I’m quite self-conscious and scared to be the centre of attention. People are always surprised by this when they meet me in person.

DNA: What’s the strangest request or comment you’ve received from a social media follower?
E: The strangest request I have ever received, (laughs) well let’s just say it definitely wasn’t PG rated. But other then that The strangest thing someone had asked me to do was sticky tape a photo of my face to my feet and put a lemon between my big toe, then take a photo to send to said person.

DNA: What do you stand for?
E: What I stand for is becoming the best you can be, it’s all too often I see people I have grown up with fall down and not be able to pull themselves back up out of a hard place because of the company they keep. The universe has a law of attraction and assimilation, if you are being negative and think negative, you will attract negativity into your life. If you are a positive person and have a positive attitude life becomes a whole lot easier. Trust me, the people you associate with also have a big role in your life. If you hang out with successful people you yourself will be successful, but if you hang out with people who are lazy and quite happy doing nothing you to will eventually go down that road. So be the best you can be!

DNA: Finally, dick pics: yay or nay?
E: To be honest I’m a YAY and a NAY, haha, I have sent my fair share of dick pics in the past it was fun and got me receiving pics I wanted from others, there’s nothing like a little give and get! I just don’t see why so many people are uptight about sending nudes or private photos if you trust the person 100% then share your beautiful body with them!


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