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5 Questions With DNA Photographer – Paul Van Der Linde

DNA Magazine: How or why did you get into male physique photography?
Paul Van Der Linde: A friend asked me to do some pics of him because he wanted to apply for a modeling agency. Those pics turned out to be quite good and I liked doing it, so i got the idea to improve myself in this style.

DNA: What makes a good physique model?
Paul: This is hard to answer, because also personal preferences are part of that opinion. In my opinion the good proportions – small hips, long legs, broad shoulders and chest. There should be good definition, without being so ripped that it looks unhealthy. Generally, the body has to look healthy, fit, natural. I don’t prefer the real bodybuilders, but more the natural athletes. For example: Cristiano Ronaldo is quit perfect.

By the way, for shooting the expression of the model is more important then a sixpack or eightpack. Some guys think only muscles or veins makes them a model.

DNA: What gear do you usually use for a shoot?
Paul: I work with Canon EOS 5D/Mark III and some basic objectives. In my studio I use several flash installation. Outside I prefer natural light, and just a reflection screen. For portraits I go to F2.8 or something like that to get real focus on the eyes.

DNA: What has been the most interesting experience to happen during a shoot?
Paul: Hard to answer. I did hundreds of shoots. And met so many amazing guys. Because a shooting is a proces: getting to know the model and find his best parts to show to the audience. I never work with moodboards. I always ‘go with the flow’. I really like when guys get excited when they see what a professional shoot can get out of them. That enthousiasm and energy is the best experience. It is such a great feeling when a shoot ends and the model is excited. And I am too.

DNA: It’s hard to ask a photographer which one photograph is his favourite, so which three are your favourite male physique photos that you’ve taken and why?
Paul: This is my all time favorite. Not only because the picture is technically OK, also the model, the expression, the composition, the sex-appeal: everything is in it. It was a covershoot for a French magazine, starring Giovanni Bonamy.


Paul van der Linde
Paul van der Linde Photography
Website: www.paulvanderlinde.com
Facebook: facebook.com/paul.vanderlinde
Twitter: @pctvdlin
Instagram: @paulvanderlindephotography

Country: The Netherlands
City: Apeldoorn


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