5 Questions With DNA Photographer – Jarrod Carter

Jarrod Carter is by far one of Australia’s most talented male physique photographers, every time he emails us with new photos there is a sudden buzz in the DNA office as anticipation takes over in preparation for the delight our eyes are about to see. This is why Jarrod is our first photographer to join us as part of this ongoing interview series as we get to know the photographers behind the lens.

1. How or why did you get into male physique photography?

I guess it all began when I was young, my dad was the coach for the Australian Olympic Hockey team so I’ve always been surrounded by incredible athletes. For as long as I can remember I’ve been obsessed with cameras and how people present themselves in photos. When I bought my own camera I shot with an upcoming actor and he needed a photo of his body for his portfolio, he had a very average body but was blown away by with the images. From there each shoot I did the guys kept getting bigger and more muscular till basically, my entire portfolio consisted of incredible athletes and models.

2. What makes a good physique model?

A good body is a great start but most importantly someone who is confident, charismatic and trusts your vision.

3. What gear do you usually use for a shoot?

Baby oil, baby oil and more baby oil. I’m a natural light canon shooter and it’s generally just the model and myself. If I’m lucky I’ll have an assistant with a reflector.

4. What has been the most interesting experience to happen during a shoot?

I was in Byron Bay shooting at the nude beach around sunset, we had the entire place to ourselves except for one man. About 20 minutes into the shoot, the man, who had been watching us the entire time pooped into his esky. The model and I had no idea what to do, we were basically frozen in confusion. After he was done he ran away. Some things you just can’t unsee.

5. It’s hard to ask a photographer which one photograph is his favourite, so which three are your favourite male physique photos that you’ve taken and why?

The watermelon shot with the brilliant Joshua Dows (@joshua_dows) is definitely what people talk to me about the most. It had been pouring down with rain and we were so close to cancelling the shoot. Joshua almost got wiped out by multiple king tide waves, the watermelon kept blowing away and I guess when you go through so much for a shoot and you get exactly what you had envisioned it makes even more rewarding.


My shoot with Scottish muscle competitor, Murray Calcutt (@m.a.c_fit) was at the end of an extremely busy weekend of way too many shoots for both Murray and myself. Just as the crazy fatigue was hitting us, a crowd of spectators gathering and created an amazing energy and atmosphere. I love how looking back at certain images can inspire you to keep pushing through.


I like to think of my photography style as “fun, masculine and summery” and I think this shot of the gorgeous Finnish model, Benjamin Ahlblad (@fitbeny) is the perfect representation.



Jarrod Carter
Jarrod Carter Photography
Website: www.jarrodcarterphotography.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/jarrodcarterphotographer
Instagram: @jarrodcarterphotography
Gold Coast, Australia

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