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Best Of 2016: Montana Volby (31-Dec-2016)

Talented photographer Noel Dahl submitted a series of hot guys for us on the DNA website, back in August.

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Best Of 2016: Taylor Bradley (31-Dec-2016)

Talented photographer Noel Dahl submitted a series of hot guys for us on the DNA website, back in August.

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Best Of 2016: Kevin Cote (31-Dec-2016)

Photographer Vincent Chine shared with us this beautiful shoot of model Kevin Cote back in August Of the shoot Vincent wrote this:

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Best Of 2016: Thomas Gielen (30-Dec-2016)

Photographer Stef Lohstroh along with male model Thomas Gielen are featured in this photo series from July.

Best Of 2016: Martin Atanasov (30-Dec-2016)

Photographer Juliana Soo’s underwear fashion photo shoot of model Martin Atanaso wearing a variety of clothing was a HUGE hit in July this year.

Best Of 2016: Travis Benson (30-Dec-2016)

The super sexy Travis Benson was back on the DNA website thanks to the fine work of photographer Carlos Salaza in July.

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Best Of 2016: David Gaffney (29-Dec-2016)

We love a photo shoot and book that donates to charity, Perth based photographer Richard Matias worked on a male model photo book with money going to male cancer research.

Best Of 2016: Daniel Luna (29-Dec-2016)

Personal trainer and fitness model Daniel Luna joined us on the DNA website back in July, he was featured over several days due to the numerous photos that photographers sent us of the physique stud!

Best Of 2016: Dan Jones (29-Dec-2016)

Male Fitness Model and WBFF Personal Trainer Dan Jones stepped things up the game on the DNA website back in July in this stunning Gold Coast beachside shoot.

Best Of 2016: Aaron Renfree (28-Dec-2016)

London-based dancer and choreographer Aaron Renfree joined us on the DNA website back in June thanks to the amazingly talented photographer Hayden Su.

Best Of 2016: Daniel Medina (28-Dec-2016)

There is so much to model Daniel Medina than just looking HOT whilst drinking coffee, we featured the stud on the DNA website back in June and he has joined us again for the best Of 2016.

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Christmas All Over Again! (28-Dec-2016)

The colour of Christmas is Festive Red. Here’s some sexy shots of Todd Sanfield in the Xmas colour.

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Best Of 2016: Justin Servais (27-Dec-2016)

Photographer Allan Spiers was missing in action on the DNA website for a while but was BACK with this amazing photo shoot of the super sexy Justin Servais in June.

Best Of 2016: Nico Gonzales (27-Dec-2016)

Photographer Lalo Torres is the creative mind behind this sexy photoshoot of model Nico Gonzales that was featured on the DNA website in June.

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Best Of 2016: Jonah Fontana (27-Dec-2016)

There is no whaling about Jonah, he is sexy in this photo shoot from photographer Ross Haley of RSH Photo.

Happy Boxing Day! (26-Dec-2016)

How was your Christmas?

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Best Of 2016: Sean Andrews (26-Dec-2016)

London based freelance fashion portrait photographer Jose Pope has shared this beautiful shoot with model Sean Andrews back in June.

Best Of 2016: Charlie Matthews (26-Dec-2016)

London based freelance fashion portrait photographer Jose Pope has shared this beautiful shoot with model Charlie Matthews with DNA back in June.

Best Of 2016: Xavier Mckinnon (26-Dec-2016)

One of or favourite photographers Juliana Soo treated us to this amazing shoot featuring the sexy Xavier Mckinnon back in June.

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Sexy Santa In The Sack! (25-Dec-2016)

HO HO WOAH! Check out this super sexy Santa! Canada’s very own Kevin Côté as photographed by the talented Vincent Chine.

Best Of 2016: David Calderon (25-Dec-2016)

London based freelance fashion portrait photographer Jose Pope from Jose Pope Photography sent us this great shoot of model David Calderon back in June.

Best Of 2016: Ben K (25-Dec-2016)

He is the gift that keeps on giving!

Merry Christmas from DNA (25-Dec-2016)

Til the season to be jolly and jingle your baubles while making out under the mistletoe … or so we think that is how the seasons greeting should go! As we check out the latest from Canadian photographer Tim Campbell.

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Best Of 2016: Fran Fitch (24-Dec-2016)

DNA photographer Christian Scott from Studio Christian Scott shared this shoot with us back in May of this stunning photo set of model Fran Fitch.

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Best Of 2016: Sam Melian (24-Dec-2016)

Super sexy Sam featured on the DNA website back in May! When photographer Adrian C. Martin sends us photos we know we are in for a treat! Not only because he has an eye for his art, nor because he always shoots stunning guys, mostly it’s because they are shot on location in the Canary Islands.

Best Of 2016: Attila Toth (24-Dec-2016)

Attila is one of the most famous fitness models with huge experience for his age. he is a professional bodybuilder, fitness trainer and nutrition specialist.

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Best Of 2016: Sergio Vital (23-Dec-2016)

It’s hard to believe that model Sergio Vital from Chicago, is only a part-time model. This beauty should be doing it full time! We featured Sergio on the DNA website back in May.

Best Of 2016: Nico (23-Dec-2016)

We’re LOVING Nico. Shot by the talented photographer GP IMAGERY back in may, this exclusive shoot features the very beautiful model down by the water.

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Loving… Todd Sanfield (23-Dec-2016)

Todd is one of DNA’s most popular cover models ever! Any idea why? Here’s Todd from DNA #121, just chilling in his own range of underwear. Not just a pretty face, Todd’s a qualified pharmacist and an underwear designer. Sigh!

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Best Of 2016: Patrick Luvise (22-Dec-2016)

A best of 2016 list has to include the super sexy Patrick Luvise. Brazilian based photographer Gustavo Bastos treated us to these photos.

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Best Of 2016: Oran Katan (22-Dec-2016)

Photographer Daniel Jaems has a real treat for us back in May the form of this photo set titled Obsession No. 16.

Best Of 2016: Yanos Kocsis (22-Dec-2016)

Winner of the 2016 DNA Male Model search, Yanos has been sought out by the talented photographer Gun for this VERY sexy and VERY revealing exclusive shoot.

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Best Of 2016: Jason John (21-Dec-2016)

Australian actor and model Jason John joins us at DNA as shot but the talented Photographer Hayden Su.

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Best Of 2016: Sam Wey (21-Dec-2016)

Sam Wey got a few reader’s blood pressure up back in May. He is a native of San Francisco as captured by the talented photographer Alex Hilbert.

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Best Of 2016: Joe Pace (21-Dec-2016)

Delicious fitness model Joe is back and in front of the camera for Timoteo. We featured this shoot back in May.

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Best Of 2016: Julius (20-Dec-2016)

Earlier in the year, Island Male Graphics sent us a series of their male physique photographer that really caught the eye of DNA readers.

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Best Of 2016: Neil Smith (20-Dec-2016)

Fitness model Neil Smith teamed up with the talented photographer Jarrod Carter back in May for this stunning outdoor shoot.

Best Of 2016: A Little More Of Scott Gardner (20-Dec-2016)

There were so many photos supplied of the hunk of a model Scott Gardner, that we had to split the posts up over several days, so it is only fair that we feature the rest of the photos as part of our Best Of 2016 series.

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Best Of 2016: Miles Tann (19-Dec-2016)

There was a lot of stirring in the pants at the DNA office when we checked out the beautiful Miles Tann in this stunning location photo editorial back in October.

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Best Of 2016: Francesc Gascó (19-Dec-2016)

Model Francesc Gascó joined us on the DNA website in October.

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Best Of 2016: Bryce Stiles (19-Dec-2016)

The bulging Bryce featured on the DNA website mid October, you guys liked him a lot! So did we, so here is as part of our ‘Best Of 2016’.

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Best Of 2016: Faisal (18-Dec-2016)

The DNA website was a popular place to be when we featured Faisal back in October. we’re sure it had nothing to do with the sizeable package between his legs!

Best Of 2016: Nate Jus (18-Dec-2016)

WOW! Was the reaction in the DNA office when this photo set of model Nate Jus by photographer JC Candanedo came across our desk back in October.

Best Of 2016: Tyler James (18-Dec-2016)

More from photographer Daniel Jaems as we feature the stunning Tyler James who we featured on the DNA website back in October.

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Best Of 2016: Mark Keerati (17-Dec-2016)

Thailand business analyst and international fitness model Mark Keerati joined us on the DNA website in October, thanks to photographer Jarrod Carter.

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Best Of 2016: Rodrigo Rezende (17-Dec-2016)

Brazilian-born Rodrigo Rezende moved to New York city to start his career as a model after he was scouted in his hometown.

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Best Of 2016: Zakar Twins (NSFW) (17-Dec-2016)

Twin brothers born and raised in Troy, Michigan. Zach and Michael made their first appearance on the DNA website in September.

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DNA Mate Of The Month 2016 FINAL! (16-Dec-2016)

UPDATE - Unfortunately the results couldn’t be verified, so no winner will be announced. Our site detected irregularities in the voting and, as verification of the authenticity of the results can’t be confirmed, we have decided it is unfair to announce a winner.


Today's rain in Sydney may look grim, so we’ve checked with the weather man and tomorrow we should have a 32-degree day with that high chance of rain and thunder to take place overnight.

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Best Of 2016: Matthew Stephen Herrick (16-Dec-2016)

The super sexy Matthew Herrick joined us at DNA in September with this body hair-a-licious photo shoot by photographer Kevin D. Hoover.

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Best Of 2016: Rejis Balcasse (16-Dec-2016)

When ever photographer Cobalto submits a photo set for us to feature on DNA we get excited. In September, we shared this very popular photo set of model Rejis Balcasse.

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Best Of 2016: Nick Perillo (16-Dec-2016)

Nick and photographer Armando Adajar teamed up for the DNA website with this alluring underwear fashion shoot in September.

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Best Of 2016: Casey Comans (15-Dec-2016)

Please raise your right hand and say after me, “I promise that I will do bad things if left alone with Casey” … and the Jury is STILL out from when we featured Casey on the DNA website back in September.

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Best Of 2016: Alberto Vargas (15-Dec-2016)

The beautiful smile of Alberto Vargas joins us again on the DNA website as part of our ‘Best Of’. Vaclav Zabransky sent us this muscle bound bulge-tastic photo shoot of sexy model Alberto in September.

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Best Of 2016: Osama Mobayed (15-Dec-2016)

We’re still in LOVE with Osama! What a body! We featured Osama back in September and he was an instant reader favorite. Osama is a personal trainer from Ottawa, Canada. He's also a bodybuilder who's won the title of "Mr. Ottawa".

Best Of 2016: Dion Nucifora (14-Dec-2016)

Weekend photographer Sam Sharm of Sam's Clicks has shared this great photoshoot of DNA favourite, Dion Nucifora, back in September.

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Best Of 2016: Sean Alexander (14-Dec-2016)

In September we featured the beautiful Sean Alexander. The photo shoot was part of photographer Armando Adajar’s trip to New York where the pair met up.

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Best Of 2016: Mariano Jr (14-Dec-2016)

Brazilian actor and model, sport, nature and martial arts lover Mariano Jr was featured on the DNA website back in September, thanks to the talented traveling photographer Cobalto.

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Best Of 2016: Cameron McElroy (13-Dec-2016)

One of our favourite models this year was the beautiful Cam! He’s a personal trainer and a model for Aronik swimwear.

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Best Of 2016: Ben Cameron (13-Dec-2016)

Meet Ben, he is regarded as one of the best male talents in Perth Australia and is highly sort after. He is professional in all fields from the runway to swimwear and underwear modelling, implied nudes, live events, and is a topless waiter.

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DNA #203 OUT NOW! (12-Dec-2016)

As the temperature soars Down Under we showcase the best men's swimwear for 2017 with 26 pages of Banging’ Beachwear For Blokes. We also check out the latest in leather and fetishwear from Aussie brand, Army Of Men.

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Best Of 2016; Jay (12-Dec-2016)

Dreamy eyed Jay was a crowd favourite back in August! Photographer GP Imagery has shared with this smoking hot photo shoot of 19-year-old model Jay.

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Best Of 2016: Jonatas Mozer (12-Dec-2016)

There was something about Brazilian hunk Jonatas Mozer, that sent DNA readers into a tailspin! Jonatas Mozer (22) is a Brazilian model represented by Guarana Models in Brazil. Originally from Marilia, a smaller city outside Sao Paulo, Jonatas is now living and working in Sao Paulo. Jonatas stays fit working out every day at the gym.

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Best Of 2016: Daniel Peyer (12-Dec-2016)

Daniel broke internet servers in July of this year when we featured him on the website and the social medias.

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Best Of 16: Jakub Šmucr (11-Dec-2016)

Another Fitcasting model makes the best of ’16 list!

Best Of 2016: Rafael Medina (11-Dec-2016)

The ridiculously good look model Rafael Medina was a massive favourite on the DNA website in ’16. The talented fashion & fitness photographer Cody Kinsfather shared with us this STUNNING shoot of Rafael Medina back in July.

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Best Of 16: Zack Thomas (11-Dec-2016)

We featured Zack a few times on the DNA website in ’16, every time we did, our website near crashed. This was the first time we featured the beautiful hunk of a man! Even now we still can't help but check out the beautiful actor, model and personal trainer based in NYC.

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Best Of 2016: Americo Neto (10-Dec-2016)

A favourite on the DNA website in ’16 was Cobalto’s private travel diary. Cobalto’s polaroid travel diary took us to Italy in July as admired the beautiful Americo Neto.

Best Of 2016: Eian Scully (10-Dec-2016)

Another ‘Obsession’ photo series that was one of the DNA reader favourites was this shoot of the stunning model Eian Scully.

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Best Of 2016: Tomás Pérez (10-Dec-2016)

If we could pick the DNA office and move to the Canary Islands, we’d be there tomorrow. This year we featured so many attractive men from the region and Tomás was one of your favourites.

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Best Of 2016: George Muchuli (9-Dec-2016)

It’s not often we get to feature a ripped hunk of a man with a beautiful beard that is the envy of most men.

Best Of 2016: Justin McNairn (9-Dec-2016)

Photographer Andrew Stubbersfield sent us this great photoshoot of model Justin McNairn back in July.

Best Of 2016: Julian Gil (9-Dec-2016)

The big, beautiful and bold body if Julian is the latest hunk to be featured again as part of our best of 2016. Check out model and personal trainer Julian Gil from Sao Paulo.

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Best Of 2016 - Adam Davenport (8-Dec-2016)

Chicago-born actor and model Adam Davenport is the next to be featured as one of the Best of ’16 thanks to photographer Rick Stockwell.

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Best Of 2016 Steven Dehler (8-Dec-2016)

Photographer Hayden Su is a talent behind the camera, the beautiful Steven Dehler is an American model, actor, and dancer.

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Best Of 2016: Justas Jes (8-Dec-2016)

We LOVE 19-year-old Justas Jes! The Lithuanian fitness model is a DNA favourite.

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Best Of 2016: Jim Thornton (7-Dec-2016)

It’s not often that our art director spits out his morning coffee in surprise when he sees a photo that pops up in his email inbox. But the talented photographer Jarrod Carter has accused this with his submission of model Jim Thornton.

Best Of 2016: Derick Johnson (7-Dec-2016)

Ready to have things all over your body move and moisten as we feature the beautiful Derick again as one of our Best Of 2016?! Photographer Ivan Sanchez has shared with us today this body beautiful photoshoot of model Derick Johnson wearing Etnos clothing.

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Best Of 2016: Anthony Sanchez (7-Dec-2016)

His HUGE body and tight buns were VERY popular in June, that’s why we have Anthony in our best of ’16 list!

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Best Of 2016: Jordan Anderson (6-Dec-2016)

Do you remember Jordan from June? We do! We still have a major crush on him!

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Best Of 2016: Karl Henriksen (6-Dec-2016)

We’re still in love with Karl, and by the looks of things so are you, as the popularity of Karl’s post in May, see’s him featured as one of the best of 2016.

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Best Of 2016: Quinn Biddle (6-Dec-2016)

Cover model and DNA online Favourite was a HUGE hit back in May, that’s why he’s made our best of 2016 list.

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DNA Mate Of The Month November 2016 Final (5-Dec-2016)

We’re at the end of the month, which means we’ve collected your favourite DNA men from the Mate Of The Month comps, and are asking you to vote on an overall favourite.

DNA Mate Of The Month November Week Three WINNER! (5-Dec-2016)

We have two winners of the DNA Mate Of The Month competition for week three of November … JOSH AND RYAN! Both with 20% of the votes.

Best Of 2016: Cooper (5-Dec-2016)

We met Cooper at the Sydney Mardi Gras earlier this year, around the time we first published these photos on the DNA website. Not only is he beautiful, but he is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet!

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Best Of 2016: Oran Katan (5-Dec-2016)

Obsession No.16 debuted on the DNA website in May. Photographer Daniel Jaems is the man behind the photo series.

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Best Of 2016: Ben Todd (5-Dec-2016)

Back in May, photographer Hayden Su sent us this photo shoot of the stunning Ben Todd. Needless to say, it took some time before we could pick our jaws up off the floor.

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Best Of 2016: Scott Gardner (4-Dec-2016)

This gym shoot of model Scott Gardner was a huge DNA online reader favourite.

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Best Of 2016: Timothy Pinches (4-Dec-2016)

We featured him in the magazine, and we were lucky to publish some extra behind the scenes of Tim back in April, Queensland-based Aussie, Tim was a DNA reader favourite!

Best of 2016 - Jakub Šmucr (3-Dec-2016)

Early in March we started to feature the Fitcasting models on the DNA website and social media, and it has been a beautiful relationship with you, our readers, the main beneficiary!

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Best Of 2016: Giovanni (3-Dec-2016)

A DNA favourite from 2016 was the impressive Giovanni, we’re not sure why, it must be his personality that really struck a cord with everyone…

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Best Of 2016: Gianni Reyes (3-Dec-2016)

Another one of the DNA reader favourites from this year was the long haired Gianni Reyes. Fitness model, Gianni Reyes, teamed up with photographer Adrián C. Martín for a show-stopping session shot on location in the Canary Islands.

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Best Of 2016: Dan Rodrigues (2-Dec-2016)

In March we published a two-part photo series of Dan, he ranked one of the most viewed web posts for 2016 to date, he even made it into the 2016 ‘Sexiest Men Alive’ issue!

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Best of 2016: Austin Armacost (2-Dec-2016)

Earlier in March photographer, Hayden Su shared this stunning photo shoot of Austin Armacost. We featured it on the DNA website, much to everyone's enjoyment.

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Best of 2016: Esko Bladin (2-Dec-2016)

In March this year we featured Esko Bladin as photographed by Island Male Graphics. This was the first time in front of the camera for the newcomer.

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Best Of 2016: Tom Connah (1-Dec-2016)

From February photographer Andrew Hammond sent us this photo shoot of Tom Connah that went viral! When you think Aussie beach bum this is exactly what you want to see. As confident Tom looks, we found out that he is a very shy guy.

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Best Of 2016 - Guillermo Angulo (1-Dec-2016)

In February we featured the massive Guillermo Angulo with his defined body and sexy facial hair! The Spanish model, athlete, and model has wanted to be featured on our site for a while, and his debut was massive.

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Best Of 2016 - Tob (1-Dec-2016)

In February we featured the super sexy Tob on the DNA website and social media. We think we are in LOVE with Thai movie actor and model Tob!