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2015 May Mate of the Month (28-May-2015)

Who should be crowned DNA’s May Mate of the Month for 2015? Vote now.

Insta-Stud: Ivan Scannell (28-May-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud is fitness model Ivan Scannell. He has over 29.3k followers and lots of sexy snaps to enjoy on his Instagram page.

And The Winner Is Jonas Sulzbach (28-May-2015)

Congratulations to Jonas Sulzbach who DNA readers voted as our Mate of the Month winner for the third week of May. He came out on top with an incredible 56% of the vote.

Underwear Hottie: Andre (28-May-2015)

Today’s underwear hottie is a gorgeous fella named Andre. He’s the body and face of a new campaign for Papi underwear.

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Ben Todd by Jesús Ortega Paz for Beautiful Mag (27-May-2015)

We can’t get enough of Ben Todd at the moment. With his hairy chest, hunky bod, stunning good looks and sexy six pack, what’s not to love?

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Insta-Stud: Pietro Boselli (27-May-2015)

Pietro Boselli is more than a pretty face. He has a PhD in Engineering at UCL.

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Smile of the Day: Ricardo Barreto (27-May-2015)

Today’s ‘Smile of the Day’ post is dedicated to the sexy Ricardo Barreto. He appears to be in some kind of jungle and seems really happy about it.

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Christos Artemiou for Modus Vivendi (27-May-2015)

We wish we were in Santorini right now! The seriously sexy Christos Artemiou shows off his hunky bod for a new Modus Vivendi campaign.

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Swimwear Stud: Xavier Serrano (26-May-2015)

Winter is just around the corner but we’re distracting ourselves from that with today’s swimwear stud. Today is all about Xavier Serrano.

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Scott Hoover presents Danilo Borgato (26-May-2015)

Tattooed hottie Danilo Borgato is back! He recently showed off his hot bod for photographer Scott Hoover.

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Two-For-One Tuesday: The Emerick Twins (26-May-2015)

We’re seeing double and we like what we see. Vitor and Vinicius aka The Emerick Twins show off their hunky bods for photographer Sergio Baia.

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Insta-Stud: Luciano Cunha Jr. (26-May-2015)

Where has Luciano Cunha Jr. been all our lives? We “accidentally” stumbled across his Instagram page and we knew we had to feature him as an Insta-Stud.

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Celebrity Crush: Travis Burns (25-May-2015)

Do any of you guys watch Neighbours? Travis Burns plays Tyler on the hit soap and he’s a hottie.

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Felipe Izing Returns (25-May-2015)

It’s been a while but the ridiculously good looking Felipe Izing is back! The 26-year-old has teamed up with Will Mendonca for the sexy shoot.

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Underwear Hottie: Jonas Sulzbach (25-May-2015)

Mondays are so much easier to deal with when we have underwear hotties to check out. The delicious Jonas Sulzbach rocks an array of underwear in these shots for Upman.

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Michael Bakh by Rick Saint and TNDY (25-May-2015)

Give a warm welcome to Russian hunk Michael Bakh who is making his DNA blog debut today. Michael currently lives in Pattaya, Thailand, and recently signed up with Crew Models International.

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Insta-Stud: Keith Carlos (25-May-2015)

Wanna be on top? You may recognise Keith Carlos as the first male winner of America’s Next Top Model.

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Theo Ford for Petit Q (24-May-2015)

Imagine if you worked in an office where this was acceptable attire. We don’t think we’d be very productive at all.

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WATCH: CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO. Runway Show (24-May-2015)

In the mood to check out some sexy fellas strutting their stuff down the runway? Look no further. CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO. recently featured their swimwear designs at the Style Fashion Week in Los Angeles.

Model Spotlight: Langston John Blaze (24-May-2015)

Today we’re putting a model spotlight on Langston John Blaze. He’s 27-years-old and is an entertainer and novelist.

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DNA Debut: Cory Lee (24-May-2015)

Say hello to Cory Lee who is making his DNA blog debut today. He’s from a small town in Central Texas called Burnet.

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Philippe Escalier presents Marcos (23-May-2015)

Sensitif Magazine editor and photographer Philippe Escalier has sent some sizzling shots our way to heat up our Saturday. They’re of a model named Marcos.

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Encore: Connor Menendez by Dylan Robinson (23-May-2015)

Connor Menendez is the man of the moment here on the DNA blog. He’s been appearing quite regularly lately and we’re totally fine with this.

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Insta-Stud: Brandon Wade Patrick (23-May-2015)

He’s buff, beautiful and today’s DNA Insta-Stud. Say hello to Brandon Wade Patrick.

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Rick Stockwell presents James Van Nostrand (22-May-2015)

New York based photographer Rick Stockwell has treated the DNA blog to a fella he’s been working with. Give a warm welcome to James Van Nostrand.

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Jeremy Fowler by Hayden Su (22-May-2015)

Today we’re putting a model spotlight on Jeremy Fowler who is also making his DNA blog debut. Jeremy is a school wrestling coach and recently signed on with Crew Models International.

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Insta-Stud: Pablo Hernandez (22-May-2015)

Pablo Hernandez was our DNA #184 cover boy and we’re not ready to say goodbye to him just yet. He’s also got a massive following online and it made sense for us to feature him as today’s Insta-Stud.

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Victor Melo in Teen Exposure (22-May-2015)

Victor Melo is making his DNA blog debut today! He recently teamed up with photographer Beto Urbano for a shoot titled Teen Exposure.

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DNA #185 Available Now (21-May-2015)

DNA #185 is our travel issue and it's available now!

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2015 May Mate of the Month: Week Three (21-May-2015)

Who was your favourite guy on the DNA blog this week? Vote now!

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And The Winner Is Pietro (21-May-2015)

The votes have been counted and we have a Week Two winner for May Mate of the Month. Congratulations to Pietro who came out on top as our champ.

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In Bed With Clauss Castro (21-May-2015)

We want to wake up next to someone as sexy as Clauss Castro every morning. The sexy model shows off his ripped bod and gets sexy between the sheets with photographer Wong Sim.

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Insta-Stud: Bobby Penney (21-May-2015)

It’s that time of day where we check out a sexy fella heating things up on Instagram. Today we’re putting a spotlight on Bobby Penney.

From The Editor: Drag Time

Out of the gay bars and onto the small screen! Lip-synching drag dolls are finding an international stage – and why not?  

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Sexy Eyes: Nicolau Gordeeff (20-May-2015)

Wow! Don’t you just love a guy with sexy eyes? This is Nicolau Dordeeff and we can’t stop checking him out.

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The Fabulous Fabian Steinmann (20-May-2015)

We’d be here all day if we were to list all the things we find fabulous about Fabian Steinmann. The hunky model recently teamed up with Fritz Yap for a sexy shoot.

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Insta-Stud: Allen Lovell (20-May-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud is Allen Lovell. He’s appeared on the blog a few times before and when we stumbled across his Instagram page, we knew we had to feature him as an Insta-Stud.

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Quick Click: Ben for Curbwear (20-May-2015)

Here’s a fella who needs no introduction. Ben is the resident model for underwear brand Curbwear.

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Henry for Curbwear (19-May-2015)

British underwear brand Curbwear recently celebrated their second birthday and the super hot Henry was on board to help with the festivities. He enjoyed some cake and birthday beer while wearing some designs by the popular underwear label.

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Jarrod Carter presents Damir (19-May-2015)

Are you guys ready for a hunky Aussie fella to spice up your Tuesday? Say hello to Damir.

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Connor Menendez by Dylan Robinson (19-May-2015)

Photographer Dylan Robinson has treated the DNA blog to some fresh snaps of Connor Menendez. Connor won our first weekly round of May Mate of the Month and has become quite popular on the DNA blog.

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Abs of the Day: Jae Rose (19-May-2015)

Today’s Abs of the Day post is dedicated to Jae Rose. He shows off his sexy six pack in these black and white shots by Sherrod Bolden.

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Red Hot Redhead: Iago Piccoli (18-May-2015)

Happy Monday! We’re kicking things off with a sexy ginger fella. This is Iago Piccoli!

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Sunday Stud: Jean Diego Visconti (17-May-2015)

Happy Sunday! We’re kickings things off on the DNA blog with our Sunday Stud. His name is Jean Diego Visconti and he’s all kinds of handsome.

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Insta-Stud: Collin Patrick (17-May-2015)

We may have mentioned it a couple of times before but there are some really adorable guys on Instagram. One who we’re loving at the moment is Collin Patrick.

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Quinton Wynn by KJ Heath (16-May-2015)

Our January Mate of the Month, Quinton Wynn, is back! He recently posed for KJ Heath is a sexy black and white shoot.

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Anderson Baby Bordoni by Beto Urbano (16-May-2015)

Things are quite nippy at the DNA office today. Lucky we have these hot shots to warm us up.

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Insta-Stud: Sean Andrew Sanders (16-May-2015)

It’s Insta-Stud time! Today is all about Sean Andrews Sanders.

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Swimwear Stud: Alexandre Cunha (15-May-2015)

The end of the working week is here and we’re celebrating with another swimwear stud. Alexandre Cunha hits the beach and shows off his fit bod for Golden Point.

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Underwear Hottie: Jonas Sulzbach (15-May-2015)

My Oh My. Jonas Sulzbach gets more attractive every time we see him.

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Insta-Stud: Jon Brownell (15-May-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud is former cover boy Jon Brownell. He has over 21.6k followers and constantly updates his account with sexy pictures.

Lucas Muller Returns (15-May-2015)

It’s been a while but the super sexy Lucas Muller is back on the DNA blog. He shows off his tight bod for photographer Kyle Springate.

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2015 May Mate of the Month: Week Two (14-May-2015)

Who was the hottest guy this week? Vote now!

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And The Winner Is Connor Menendez (14-May-2015)

Congratulations to Connor Menendez who DNA readers voted as our first Mate of the Month winner for May. There were some really cute guys up for the vote but Connor proved most popular with 34% of the total vote.

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Iztok by Jorge De Reval (14-May-2015)

If you’re in the mood to check out a fella with muscles, look no further. Iztok works in law enforcement and is also a mens physique competitor from Slovenia.

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Encore: Luis Giudice by Murlio Pozzi (14-May-2015)

We’ve got some more sexy snaps of Luis Giudice by Murlio Pozzi to share. We featured some photos a few days ago and we’re thrilled to see more.

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Aaron Hernandez by Jorge De Reval

We really need to take a trip to the Canary Islands some day soon! It’s home to lots of hotties including Aaron Hernandez.

Martin Fernandez presents Agustin (13-May-2015)

We wish we were chilling by the ocean with a hottie like Agustin right now. He flaunts his beach-ready bod in these snaps by Martin Fernandez.

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Aurelien Muller by Doug Inglish (13-May-2015)

The amazing Aurelien Muller is back on the DNA blog looking sexier than ever. He’s teamed up with photographer Doug Inglish for a smokin’ hot black and white shoot.

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Insta-Stud: Billy Reilich (13-May-2015)

Remember when Billy Reilich was Ellen’s sexy gardener? We were randomly thinking about him (and his abs) and thought it was time to feature him as an Insta-Stud again.

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Daniel Chan by Jorge De Reveal (12-May-2015)

How handsome is Daniel Chan? Almost too good looking to be competing in martial arts.

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WATCH: Ca-Rio-Ca 2015 Real Men Wear Sunga Campaign (12-May-2015)

Are you in the mood to check out some drop-dead-gorgeous hotties wearing very little clothing? Ca-Rio-Ca have dropped their 2015 campaign and it’s worth a watch.

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David Benjamin for CellBlock 13 (12-May-2015)

XXX model David Benjamin is back on the DNA blog and we have to say that he’s looking sexier than ever! He’s teamed up with Timoteo Ocampo for a new CellBlock 13 campaign.

Luis Giudice by Murlio Pozzi (12-May-2015)

Murilo Pozzi is back on the DNA blog with a stunning fella we think you’ll like. Say hello to Luis Giudice.

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Insta-Stud: Antonio Pozo (11-May-2015)

Sexy smile: Check Abs: Check Muscles: Check Army of followers: Check Hundreds of shirtless photos: Check

Two-For-One: Arthus and Nico (10-May-2015)

Stunning French couple Arthus and Nico are back! They’re the minds behind Petit Q underwear and they’re not shy when it comes to modelling their gear.

We Cum In Peace by Marek + Richard (10-May-2015)

Marek + Richard’s new lookbook has been released and it’s a little bit extra terrestrial. We Cum In Peace is for all those guys who wanted to be ass-tronauts (get it?) when they were younger.

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Connor Menendez by Esdras Santiago (10-May-2015)

The sun is shining and we’re heading outdoors for a shoot with the adorable Connor Menendez. He’s teamed up with photographer Esdras Santiago again!

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Insta-Stud: Will Schmarr (10-May-2015)

We’re kicking off our Sunday with Will Schmarr who shares some great photos of himself on Instagram. He’s got a hot bod, a handsome face and you should check out his Instagram page for more sexy pics.

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Arad W by Armando Adajar (9-May-2015)

Armando Adajar sure knows how to brighten up our weekend. He’s sent us some sizzling snaps of a hottie he’s been working with.

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Model Spotlight: Gianni Reyes (9-May-2015)

Today we’re putting a model spotlight on Gianni Reyes. He’s 20-years-old and we’re loving his long locks!

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Underwear Hottie: Pietro B (9-May-2015)

Wowza! Check out today’s underwear hottie! His name is Pietro B and he’s all sorts of sexy.

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Insta-Stud: Colby Lefebvre (9-May-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud will be familiar to a lot of DNA readers. Please welcome Colby Lefebvre back to the blog.

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Joel Devereux presents David Tomasic (8-May-2015)

Get ready fellas because Joel Devereux is back with a fella we know you’re going to love. Give a warm welcome to David Tomasic.

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Model Spotlight: Lance Syverson (8-May-2015)

Today DNA is putting a model spotlight on a lush fella named Lance Syverson. He’s a college student and works part time as a valet attendant.

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April Mate of the Month 2015 - Albert Ritort (8-May-2015)

Congratulations to Albert Ritort who DNA readers have voted as our April Mate of the Month for 2015. This was one of the hottest lineup of guys we’ve had in a while and Albert took out the title with 31% of the total vote.

Serge Lee presents Tim Arlovski (7-May-2015)

We think Tim Arlovski takes Perve Day Thursday to a whole new level. He’s a Russian hunk with an amazing bod.

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Matty by Hot Pixel (7-May-2015)

It’s time to check out another Aussie hunk. Say hello to Matty.

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Celebrity Crush: Charlie Puth (7-May-2015)

Today we’re crushing on the cute-as-a-button Charlie Puth. His song See You Again reached number one on the Aussie iTunes chart.

Swimwear Stud: Mariano Ontañón (7-May-2015)

The weather might be cooling down in Australia but things are just heating up for our friends in the Northern Hemisphere. As such, we think it’s about time to check out today’s DNA swimwear stud.

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Hairy Hottie: Jimmy Fanz (6-May-2015)

We love a guy with some fuzz on his chest and we know DNA readers do, too. We think you’ll love Jimmy Fanz.

Fritz Yap presents Calum Winsor (6-May-2015)

Here’s a fella who needs no introduction. Calum Winsor has graced the pages of DNA Magazine and has been on the blog more times than we can count.

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Seth Fornea by Leo Castro (6-May-2015)

Do we have any ginger fans out there? Here’s a red hot redhead you’ll enjoy!

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Insta-Stud: River Viiperi (6-May-2015)

The great thing about Instagram is that it’s full of sexy fellas sharing hot shots of themselves. When we came across River Viiperi we knew we had to feature him as an Insta-Stud.

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Insta-Stud: Austin Scoggin (5-May-2015)

The amazing Austin Scoggin is our Insta-Stud of the day. He has a following of over 93.k on Instagram and posts lots of sexy shots.

Swimwear Stud: Alessio Pozzi (5-May-2015)

What do you guys think of Alessio Pozzi? He’s wearing gear from Pull and Bear’s Summer Beachwear range.

SYTYCF Hotties (5-May-2015)

Apparently there’s a gay parody of So You Think You Can Dance called So You Think You Can Fuck. They’re currently up to their fifth season and it features an array of familiar hotties including Dylan Knight, Brandon Wilde, Theo Ford, Logan Moore and Billy Santory.

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Hayden by Hot Pixel (5-May-2015)

Happy Tuesday! We’re kicking things off with a sexy (and shirtless) Aussie fella. This is Hayden.

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Alexandre CK Photography presents Anatoly Goncharov: Part Two (4-May-2015)

As promised, here’s the second set of photos of the amazing Anatoly Goncharov. He flaunts his sexy bod in these pics by Alexandre CK Photography.

Insta-Stud: Eduardo Del Vechio (4-May-2015)

You know you’re doing something right on Instagram when you have over 147k followers. This is Eduardo Del Vechio and he’s our Insta-Stud of the day.

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Man-ic Monday: Caio Cesar (4-May-2015)

We’re kicking off the start of another week at DNA with the totally adorable Caio Cesar. He poses in Rufskin for photographer Michael Freeby with grooming by Devin Shay.

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Fritz Yap presents Mark Pighetti (4-May-2015)

Fritz Yap works with the sexiest men on the planet! This cutie is Mark Pighetti.

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Alexandre CK Photography presents Anatoly Goncharov (3-May-2015)

Anatoly Goncharov is the man of the moment here on the DNA blog. He recently travelled to Paris to work with Alexandre CK Photography.

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Celebrity Crush: Chris Mears (3-May-2015)

Today’s celebrity crush at DNA is Chris Mears. He’s a British Olympic diver, DJ, Producer and a total cutie.

Swimwear Sunday: Mr Turk Hotties (3-May-2015)

Wowza! Our Sunday just got a whole lot better. Shirtless guys in sexy swimwear with smiles…it doesn’t get much better than this.

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Insta-Stud: Aaron Frew (3-May-2015)

Anyone else in the mood to check out a sexy fella on Instagram? Today we’re putting a spotlight on Aaron Frew.

Glen Llanes by West Phillips (2-May-2015)

Are you guys ready for a fresh face hottie? Say hello to the gorgeous Glen Llanes.

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Drew K Photo presents Cody Tanabe: Part Three (2-May-2015)

They say good things come in threes which is definitely the case with this sexy photo shoot. It stars the totally cute Cody Tanabe.

Cameron by Hot Pixel (2-May-2015)

Are you guys ready for another Aussie fella. This is Cameron and he’s making his DNA debut today.

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2015 April Mate of the Month

Who will be DNA’s April Mate of the Month for 2015? Vote now!

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Drew K Photo presents Cody Tanabe: Part Two (1-May-2015)

Yesterday we posted some seriously sexy snaps of Cody Tanabe on the DNA blog. He’s been working with Drew K Photo and we think the results are totally hot!

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Gabriel Arocha by Adrian C. Martin: Part Two (1-May-2015)

As promised, here’s part two of Adrian C. Martin’s sexy shoot with Gabriel Arocha. Gabriel is a bodybuilder and wears gear by BoysGetWet.

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Insta-Stud: Valeriu Gutu (1-May-2015)

It feels like we haven’t featured an Insta-Stud in a while. Who better to get us back into the swing of things than Valeriu Gutu?

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