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Junior Franch presents Rodrigo Moraes (31-Jan-2015)

Where has this fella been hiding? His name is Rodrigo Moraes and he looks pretty happy to be on the DNA blog.

Encore: Alec Leddy by Drew K Photo (31-Jan-2015)

A few days ago we posted some snaps of male model Alec Leddy. He’s originally from New York but now lives in Los Angeles.

Richie Kul by Fritz Yap (31-Jan-2015)

What are you up to this weekend? We want to hang out by the pool with Richie Kul.

Ricardo Muniz presents WHYTboy (31-Jan-2015)

Ricardo Muniz is back with his latest shoot. WHYTboy features male model Joe Kavitski and appears in the current issue of Mascular Magazine.

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2015 January Mate of the Month Finals

Who has what it takes to be DNA’s Mate of the Month for January? Vote now!

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Drake Abshire by Travis H. Lane (30-Jan-2015)

Remember Drake Abshire? He was our Insta-Stud a few days ago. He’s a personal trainer and signed model who lives in Los Angeles.

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Sanjay by Edmund Edwards

Who could forget Sanjay? He was the hottie who made cricket look sexy (see DNA #179 for more) and we’re pumped to see him back on the DNA blog.

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And The Winner Is Davis (30-Jan-2015)

The votes are in and Davis is our Week Three champ for January Mate of the Month. He actually won by a landslide, securing 49% of the vote.

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Alec Leddy by Drew K Photo (29-Jan-2015)

Wowza! Check out the smile on Alec Leddy. He’s originally from New York but now lives in Los Angeles.

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Insta-Stud: Steven Dehler (29-Jan-2015)

Here’s a fella who isn’t shy to show off his body. Steven Dehler’s shirtless snaps have gained him over 83.5 thousand followers.

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Marlon Teixeira for Osmoze (29-Jan-2015)

Jeans at the beach isn’t usually the best look. We guess when you’re Brazilian model Marlon Teixeira, you can pull anything off.

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Julian Schneyder by Kosmas Pavlos (29-Jan-2015)

Justin Bieber’s recent Calvin Klein campaign caused a bit of controversy and it didn’t exactly sit well with a lot of people. Do you think Julian Schneyder would be a better choice?

Encore: Troy Schooneman (28-Jan-2015)

Last week we featured some work by Troy Schooneman on the DNA blog. He works with foreign Muay Thai fighters for his new series of portraits.

Smile of the Day: Eduardo Coutinho (28-Jan-2015)

If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. If you’re happy and you know it clap your hands. If you’re happy and you know it and you really want to show it, if you’re happy and you know it clap your hands.

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Marc Pumps It (28-Jan-2015)

Canadian model Marc Andre Lapare is the latest model to pump it for Rick Day. Rick Day must be a pretty busy guy, so we’ll happily volunteer to audition his models, dress them, fetch them drinks, help them try on underwear, etc.

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Encore: Javier Cabrera (27-Jan-2015)

Remember yesterday how we asked what inanimate object you’d be if you had to be one? We originally said a pair of Javier’s underwear but we’d also settle for his towel.

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Insta-Stud: Drake (27-Jan-2015)

Meet Drake. He’s a celebrity trainer, fitness model, actor and life coach.

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Kim David Smith by Rick Day (27-Jan-2015)

Do any of you fellas have some clothes that need to be washed? We’ll do them on Kim David Smith’s six pack!

Gus Benusa by David Apeji (27-Jan-2015)

Did you know it’s important to stretch before you take on physical activity? Kind of like Gus Benusa in these photos.

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Guy Hecht presents Haim Tor (26-Jan-2015)

Window shopping is fun but it’d be so much better if the windows were filled with naked guys. Someone like Haim Tor is exactly what we had in mind.

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Angel by Algabo (26-Jan-2015)

Someone call heaven because there’s an angel missing. Angel Zardanetta, that is!

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Insta-Stud: Jeramel (26-Jan-2015)

If you’ve got it, flaunt it! Jeramel Condado follows this advice and posts lots of sexy snaps to his Instagram page.

Javier Cabrera by Adrian C. Martin (26-Jan-2015)

If you had to live your life as an inanimate object, what would you be? After seeing these shots, a pair of Javier Cabrera’s underwear is tempting.

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Vaughan Stewart presents Ben Todd (25-Jan-2015)

Vaughan Stewart is back on the DNA blog with a Canadian fella named Ben Todd. He’s a fashion and fitness model and is signed with Crew Models International.

Julian Gil by Ronaldo Donizeti (25-Jan-2015)

We wanna go a few rounds in the ring with Julian Gil. We don’t actually know how to box and we don’t wanna get punched in the neck, but surely there’s some sexy body contact involved?

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Avi Zabag by Ran Yehezkel (25-Jan-2015)

We’ve officially found our outfit for Mardi Gras this year! A glitter covered Avi Zabag poses in these arty shots by photographer Ran Yehezkel.

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Makus and Vasil for Cellblock 13 (25-Jan-2015)

We don’t endorse criminal activity but what do we have to do to spend a night in lockup with these two? Makus and Vasil appear to be a couple of bad boys in these shots by Timoteo for CellBlock 13.

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Caio Brum by Marcio Farias (24-Jan-2015)

They say God made Adam and Eve. Others reckon he made Adam and Steve. It appears he also made Caio Brum.

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Jeff Olyarnyk by Mike Carter (24-Jan-2015)

Check out this INKcredible model. His name is Jeff Olyarnyk, he’s Canadian and he’s also the lead singer of a band.

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Leigh Pitchford by Rudi Yap (24-Jan-2015)

It’s the Australia Day long weekend so what better way to celebrate than with an Aussie hottie? Leigh Pitchford models some Bonds undies for photographer Rudi Yap.

WATCH: Roman and Diego Calendar Shoot (24-Jan-2015)

Got a spare 43 seconds? You may want to check out the clip below. Blog favourites Diego Arnary and Roman Dawidoff do things like chin-ups and push-ups…in their underwear.

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2015 January Mate of the Month: Week Three (23-Jan-2015)

Who will win the third round of January Mate of the Month. Vote here to tell us.

Photography Spotlight: Troy Schooneman (23-Jan-2015)

Today we’re putting a photography spotlight on Troy Schooneman. He’s been working on a series of portraits of foreign Muay Thai fighters.

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And The Winner Is Quinton Wynn (23-Jan-2015)

DNA readers have voted Quinton Wynn as our week two winner for January Mate of the Month. As well as his stunning physique, we also discovered that Quinton is a student, pursuing a degree in Public Safety Management and a minor in Criminal Justice.

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Smile of the Day: Bernardo Velasco (23-Jan-2015)

Do you like singlets? They can be really comfortable but not everyone can pull them off.

DNA #181 - Available Now (22-Jan-2015)

If you're a fan of underwear and men wearing them, you're in for a treat. DNA #181, The Underwear Issue, is available now!

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Insta-Stud: Josh Truesdell (22-Jan-2015)

If you like your men buff, shirtless and adorable, here’s a fella you should consider checking out on Instagram. Josh Truesdell posts lots of sexy shots to his 10 thousand followers.

Quick Click: Franky Cammarata (22-Jan-2015)

Hello Sailor! Super hottie Franky Cammarata poses in this sexy shoot by photographer Doug Inglish.

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Adam Phillips by Nick Andrews (22-Jan-2015)

Who could forget DNA #172 cover boy Adam Phillips? The sexy model returns to the blog in a sexy shoot with Nick Andrews.

Les Fleurs du Mâle: Part Two (22-Jan-2015)

We have some more sexy shots from Lionel Andre’s 2015 calendar, Les Fleurs du Mâle. Famous French floral designer Clément Petit produced the jewellery for the shoot.

Les Fleurs du Mâle by Lionel Andre (21-Jan-2015)

Photographer Lionel Andre returns to the DNA blog with some shots from his 2015 calendar, Les Fleurs du Mâle. He worked with famous French floral designer Clément Petit to produce the jewellery for the shoot.

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Fred Goudon presents Samuel (21-Jan-2015)

Photographer Fred Goudon is back with another sexy fella. This is Samuel.

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Joao Victor Returns (21-Jan-2015)

We wish we looked as good as this when we woke up in the morning! Joao Victor has appeared on the DNA blog a few times before and seems to get hotter each time we see him.

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Sean Cody’s Davis

Are you guys familiar with the lads from Sean Cody? If so, you may recognise this good looking fella.

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Eric White by Joseph Bleu (20-Jan-2015)

Here’s a hottie who needs to introduction. Eric White has been featured on the DNA blog a few times now and we always get excited to see new shots of him.

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Janis by Algabo (20-Jan-2015)

Have you ever been stuck in an elevator? We wouldn’t wish it upon anyone - unless you were stuck with someone as sexy as Janis!

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Quick Click: Tyler Lough (20-Jan-2015)

It’s been a while but Tyler Lough is back on the DNA blog. The sexy model shows off his stunning smile and bangin’ bod for photographer Michael Brager.

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Insta-Stud: Chris Marchant (20-Jan-2015)

Say hello to Chris Marchant who is today’s DNA Insta-Stud. Chris has over 15.6 thousand Instagram followers and more sexy photos than you can poke a selfie-stick at!

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Caio Cesar for Mr Turk (19-Jan-2015)

Yes!!!! Brazilian babe Caio Cesar is finally back on the DNA blog. He poses in gear by Mr Turk in these snaps by photographer Jonathan Skow.

Insta-Stud: Eian Scully (19-Jan-2015)

Eian Scully is the man of the moment here on the DNA blog. He appeared in a Brian Jamie shoot last week and after checking out his Instagram page, we knew we had to feature him as an Insta-Stud.

California Dreamin Part Two by Ezekiel Robianes (19-Jan-2015)

Yesterday we featured the first part of California Dreamin, a new shoot by photographer Ezekiel Robianes. Part Two also features Thomas Adisi and Brandon Crowder who star as the leads in Branden Blinn’s upcoming series, Derek and Cameron.

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Sergio Baia presents Rafael D’Avila (19-Jan-2015)

Fact: We would NEVER get out of bed if we shared with Rafael D’Avila. The sexy model poses nude in these stunning black and white snaps by photographer Sergio Baia.

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DW Chase by KJ Heath (18-Jan-2015)

Super hottie DW Chase is back on the DNA blog with his first appearance for 2015. He’s sent us some exclusive snaps from his recent shoot with photographer KJ Heath.

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Encore: Carlos Guillen (18-Jan-2015)

As promised, here is the second part of Carlos Guillen’s shoot with photographer Adrian C. Martin. It took place at the Maspalomas Dunes in Gran Canaria.

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Sunday Stud: Janino Maciel (18-Jan-2015)

And on the seventh day he rested…in his underpants. How’s your Sunday going? Ours got a lot better when we saw these shots of Janino Maciel.

California Dreamin by Ezekiel Robianes (18-Jan-2015)

Photographer Ezekiel Robianes has sent us a recent shoot he did with the lead guys from Branden Blinn’s upcoming series, Derek and Cameron. Thomas Adisi and Brandon Crowder posed in Malibu!

Joey Thurman by Rick Day (17-Jan-2015)

We officially want Rick Day’s job! The lucky photographer works with some of the sexiest men on the planet.

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Underwear Hottie: Quentin Hubert (17-Jan-2015)

Today’s DNA Underwear Hottie is a cutie named Quentin Hubert. He’s French and is represented by Elite Paris.

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Cutie of the Day: Connor Menendez (17-Jan-2015)

Remember Connor Menedez? He was one of our Insta-Studs last month and we were keen to see more of him on the DNA blog.

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Carlos Guillen by Adrian C. Martin (17-Jan-2015)

Are you ready for another beach hottie? Photographer Adrian C. Martin has teamed up with Carlos Guillen.

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2015 January Mate of the Month: Week Two (16-Jan-2015)

Who was the hottest guy this week? Vote now!

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Brian Jamie presents Eian Scully (16-Jan-2015)

How fun is this shoot? It’s by photographer Brian Jamie and features the extremely good looking Eian Scully.

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AD by Fred Goudon (16-Jan-2015)

French photographer Fred Goudon is back on the DNA blog with a gorgeous guy he’s been working with. This is AD.

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And The Winner Is Ronnie McNaughton

The votes have been tallied and Ronnie McNaughton is our first Mate of the Month champ for 2015. He came out on top with an impressive 19% of the vote.

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Insta-Stud: Tro (15-Jan-2015)

Melbourne hottie Tro is our Insta-Stud of the day! He’s a model, acrobat and paramedic. Talk about triple threat!

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Xavier Samre presents Marc Bz (15-Jan-2015)

We want to go swimming and it has nothing to do with the sexy swimmer in these shots. We lied. It has everything to do with the swimmer in these shots!!!

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Hairy Chest: Daniel Gavrilov (15-Jan-2015)

Love a guy with some fuzz on his chest? Look no further!

Quick Click: Dorian Reeves (15-Jan-2015)

The stunning specimen that is Dorian Reeves is back on the DNA blog. He strikes some poses for photographer Harol Baez.

Aussie Fellas Pump It! (14-Jan-2015)

Do you need some more Aussie hunks in your life? Simeon, Chris, Marcus and Royce of CSA Models Australia model some PUMP underwear in these shots by Hot Pixel.

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Insta-Stud: Jeff Allen (14-Jan-2015)

The seriously sexy Jeff Allen is today’s Insta-Stud here at DNA Magazine. He first appeared on the blog last week and we can’t get enough of him.

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Swimwear Stud: Erasmo Viana (14-Jan-2015)

Erasmo Viana is looking mighty fine! He’s appeared on the DNA blog a few times before and we never get sick of him.

Greg Vaughan presents Bart Grzybowski (14-Jan-2015)

There’s something seriously handsome about Bart Grzybowski. He struts his stuff in this shoot by photographer Greg Vaughan.

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AB-Stract by Andrew Christian (13-Jan-2015)

We don’t know about you guys but we’re in the mood to paint after checking out Andrew Christian’s latest video, Ab-Stract. Some of the hottest AC models including Pablo Hernandez, Murray Swanby, Peter Le and Topher DiMaggio have some fun with body paint!

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Thiago Fortunato by Leo Castro (13-Jan-2015)

So, um, do you think we could take a day off work to hang out at the beach with this sexy lad? His name is Thiago Fortunato and he’s smokin’ hot!

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Underwear Hottie: Julian Gabriel (13-Jan-2015)

It’s always great to see what our DNA cover boys have been up to. #152 cover boy Julian Gabriel poses in a new campaign for Ilde Swimwear.

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Insta-Stud: Alejandro (13-Jan-2015)

Question: Is there such thing as an unsexy Alejandro? We think not.

Andrea Bielsa photographs Ferran Calderon (13-Jan-2015)

Here’s a hottie we don’t think we’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing on the DNA blog before. His name is Ferran Calderon and he’s represented by Sight Management.

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Alexander Timohin by Serge Lee (12-Jan-2015)

Wow! Coming in to work this morning just got a whole lot better! Fitness model Alexander Timohin shows off his ripped bod for photographer Serge Lee.

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Xavier Sanchez by Armando Adajar Photography (12-Jan-2015)

Armando Adajar Photography is back on the DNA blog with his first submission for 2015. It features a gorgeous guy named Xavier Sanchez.

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Sly Collective Hotties (12-Jan-2015)

Can’t get enough of Aussie hunks? This blog won’t disappoint!

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Insta-Stud: Javie Castill (12-Jan-2015)

Wow! We need to get over to Miami. Pronto! Javie Castill is one of the hottest guys on Instagram at the moment.

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Encore: Ronnie McNaughton by Drew K Photo (11-Jan-2015)

Earlier this week we posted some sexy snaps of Ronnie McNaughton by Drew K Photo. We loved them so much that we’re posting some more sexy snaps of Ronnie.

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Sexy Sunday: Adam Ayash (11-Jan-2015)

Here’s a hottie we’ll never get sick of. Adam Ayash shows off his beautiful bod and impressive package for this Undergear Hardwear shoot.

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Sylvain Norget by Dimitri Petrowski (11-Jan-2015)

My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns hun! Sylvain Norget shows off his booty and sexy bod in these black and white shots by Dimitri Petrowski.

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Lick Underwear Hotties (11-Jan-2015)

Are you ready for some more Aussie hotties wearing very little clothing? Some of the fellas from CSA Models Australia pose in a new Lick campaign by Hot Pixel.

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Saturday Stud: Alejandro Gonzalez (10-Jan-2015)

I know that we are young and I know that you may love me. But I just can’t be with you like this anymore…Alejandro! Yes, Alejandro Gonzalez is our Saturday Stud!

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Jeff Allen by Drew K Photo (10-Jan-2015)

Drew K Photo is back with another hunky fella. Give a warm welcome to Jeff Allen.

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Insta-Stud: Levi Michaels (10-Jan-2015)

Are you one of the 16.2k people following Levi Michaels on Instagram? He posts lots of hot shots to his page.

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Underwear Hottie: David Gandy (10-Jan-2015)

Hands up if you love a hot guy wearing underwear? David Gandy has appeared on the DNA blog a few times before and we never get tired of seeing his face.

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Model Spotlight: Quinton Wynn (9-Jan-2015)

Today we’re putting a model spotlight on Quinton Wynn! As well as signing to Crew Models International, Quinton is also a student, pursuing a degree in Public Safety Management and a minor in Criminal Justice.

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Lago Labarta by Adrian C. Martin for ST33LE (9-Jan-2015)

Photographer Adrian C. Martin is back with another fella he’s been working with. Lago Labarta poses in Tenerife, Canary Islands for ST33LE.

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Andrew Morrill by Claudio Harris (9-Jan-2015)

Super hottie Andrew Morrill has teamed up with photographer Claudio Harris for a sexy new shoot! He strips in the first edition of N.U.D.E Zine.

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Justin Bieber The New Face Of Calvin Klein (8-Jan-2015)

Calvin Klein has a new poster boy! Yep, the Biebs blew up the internet yesterday when his campaign shots hit the web.

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Bryant Wood Crowned DNA’s 2014 Mate of the Year

Congratulations to Bryant Wood who is officially DNA’s Mate of the Year for 2014. All our 12 finalists were worthy of the title, but DNA fans voted Bryant as our champ.

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Kelly Kilpatrick by James Loy (8-Jan-2015)

Who knew wearing an eyepatch could make anyone look this hot? Actually, scrap that! The body on Kelly Kipatrick is what makes him sexy.

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Two-For-One: Arthus and Nico (8-Jan-2015)

Adorable couple Arthus and Nico have sent us some pics from their recent shoot with Fab Photographie. They wear gear by their Petit Q underwear collection.

Chris Connor by John Douglas of DejaView Photography (8-Jan-2015)

We’ve never been to Ohio but we might book a trip after checking out this hottie. Chris Connor is a roof worker and recently signed to Crew Models International.

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Marty Pappas by Joel Devereux (7-Jan-2015)

Brisbane-based photographer Joel Devereux is back with a hunky fella we think you’ll love. And he’s wearing DNA swimwear!!!

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Stepan Pereverzev by Serge Lee

Oh my gosh! We feel the need to hit the gym after checking out these shots of Stepan Pereverzev. As you may have guessed by his stunning physique, Stepan is a fitness model.

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Travis H. Lane presents Sëamus Kaminski (7-Jan-2015)

LA-based photographer Travis H. Lane has treated the DNA blog to a hottie he recently worked with. This is Sëamus Kaminski and these stunning photos were captured in Malibu.

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Tattoo Hottie: Adan Gonzalez (7-Jan-2015)

*This post contains a guy with tattoos. If tattoos aren't your thing, do not click this article* Now that we’ve got rid of the ink haters we can focus on how hot Adan Gonzalez is.

Quick Click: Felipe Anibal (6-Jan-2015)

Got a moment to spare? Check out these sexy snaps of Felipe Anibal.

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Julien Leo by Fred Goudon (6-Jan-2015)

So…We have a new crush. This is Julien Leo and he’s all kinds of amazing.

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Dylan James Photography presents Jordan Loewenstein (6-Jan-2015)

We’re only a day back from holidays but we want to head to the beach with Jordan Loewenstein. He’s the stunning chap in these photos and is an aspiring actor in New York City.

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Ronnie McNaughton by Drew K Photo (6-Jan-2015)

We’re loving this work by Drew K Photo. He’s a Los Angeles based photographer who works with male physique competitors and fitness and underwear models.

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Rick Day presents Evan Taylor (5-Jan-2015)

Happy Monday! We’re starting our working week with a sexy fella named Evan Taylor. The 22-year-old shows off his ripped bod for photographer Rick Day.

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Underwear Hottie: Cody Schnepp (5-Jan-2015)

What is your favourite kind of underwear? We’ll take whatever Cody Schnepp is (or isn’t) wearing.

Marcio Regaleira by Felipe Pilotto (5-Jan-2015)

Batter up! We wonder if Marcio Regaleira would bat for our team…

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Fred Goudon’s Dieux Du Stade 2015 Outtakes (5-Jan-2015)

Fred Goudon has treated the DNA blog to some special outtakes from his 2015 Dieux Du Stade calendar. Naked guys throwing water on each other - what’s not to love?

Reality Hottie: Charlie King (4-Jan-2015)

Who is your favourite reality tv star? A hottie who has been on our radar recently is Charlie King.

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Beach Babe: Chad Logan (4-Jan-2015)

Chad Logan is a total cutie so we're looking back at his last DNA appearance.

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Hunk Encore: Will Clark (4-Jan-2015)

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! In this case we’re talking about Will Clark.

Cutie of the Day: Sergey (4-Jan-2015)

Who is your cutie of the day? Ours is a sexy fella named Sergey.

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Diex Du Stade 2015 Calendar (3-Jan-2015)

Haven't got your 2015 calendar yet? Here's one you might want to consider.

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In Bed With Dimitri Genco (3-Jan-2015)

We would NEVER get out of bed if we shared with Dimitri Genco. This shoot originally appeared on the DNA blog last year but we thought we'd bring it back for a special encore in case you missed it (or in case you wanted to see Dimitri again just because).

Jungle Boy: JP Prado (3-Jan-2015)

Today we're looking back at a sexy shoot featuring jungle boy JP Prado. He posed for photographer Paul Smollen.

Insta-Stud: Jeff (3-Jan-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud comes as a suggestion from DNA fan Arthur. Let’s just say Arthur has great taste in men.

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ICYMI: Who Says Glasses Aren't Sexy? (2-Jan-2015)

Who says glasses can't make a guy look hot? A popular post on the DNA blog last year listed ten guys who looked sexy wearing glasses.

Cutie of the Day: Renan Grassi (2-Jan-2015)

Who are you finding "as cute as a button" today? We're crushing on the adorable Renan Grassi.

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Hunk Encore: Zachary Hancock (2-Jan-2015)

Today we're looking back at Zachary Hancock and his shoot with photographer JR Christiansen. He's represented by Red Models.

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Insta-Stud: Ryan Greasley (2-Jan-2015)

Say hello to Ryan Greasley who is today’s DNA Insta-Stud and our first for 2015. You may recognise Ryan as our #174 cover boy.

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ICYMI: 8 Blond Babes To Brighten Up Your Day (1-Jan-2015)

They say blonds have more fun so we're looking back at some of our favourite blond hotties. These guys have hot bods, handsome faces and of course, beautiful blond hair.

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Andrew Morrill by Troy Wise (1-Jan-2015)

Photographer Troy Wise teamed up with Andrew Morrill recently for another sexy shoot. These shots appeared in Archaic Press #3.

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Encore: Cevaz Silvela presents Facundo Romani (1-Jan-2015)

It may be a new year but we're still going gaga for some of the hotties of 2014. One guy who we hope to see a lot more of in 2015 is Facundo Romani.

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