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Undies Week Day Two: Steven Watson (1-Dec-2015)

We’re celebrating underwear on the DNA blog this week and today is all about Steven Watson. He shows off his ripped bod and beautiful butt in this shoot by photographer Kevin D Hoover.

Hot Model Jeff Shows Off Sexy Bod In Underwear Shoot (1-Dec-2015)

Are you guys ready for another underwear hottie? Photographer Armando Adajar returns to the DNA blog with a hottie we know you’re going to love.

There’s A Reason This Guy Won The Asian Physique Model Search Last Year (1-Dec-2015)

Meet Josh Tay. He’s a physique model based in Singapore who is trying to make it big internationally.

We Can't Get Enough Of Nature Hottie Ramon Rodrigues (1-Dec-2015)

Our favourite nature hottie is back! Ramon Rodrigues shows off his hot bod and gets in touch with nature in this shoot by photographer Rafael Capella.

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Quinton Wynn Sizzles On The New Swimwear Edition Of DNA (30-Nov-2015)

DNA #191 is our Annual Swimwear Edition. Our cover model this month is Quinton Wynn. Check out his fun shoot with Hayden Su inside.

Gospel Of A Gay Folk Hero (30-Nov-2015)

The space where sprituality, sexuality and culture collide is fertile ground for novelist Mark Frew. In his latest, A Right To Love, a familiar character returns, and, could he find love against the odds?

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Undies Week Day One: Jamie Roche (30-Nov-2015)

If you love guys in underwear you’re going to love this hottie. Jamie Roche is helping us kick off Undies Week on the DNA blog.

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12 Sexy Shots Of Tony To Get You Through Your Monday (30-Nov-2015)

Mondays can be tough but they’re a whole lot easier to deal with when we have hunks like this to check out. 22-year-old Tony is a French model based in Marseille in the South of France.

We Wanna Go A Few Rounds In The Ring With Christopher Garcia (30-Nov-2015)

Meet Christopher Garcia. He’s the current European champion of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

All You Can Eat With Curbwear Hottie Ben (30-Nov-2015)

Wow! This sounds like an all you can eat offer we want to be apart of. Ben hits the streets of London for this sexy new shoot to promote Curbwear's new 'All You Can Eat' Brief.

From The Editor: Let’s waste $160 million!

Australia doesn’t need a marriage equality plebiscite; we need simple fairness.  

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Super Sexy Mr. Cáceres In Steamy Swimwear Shoot (29-Nov-2015)

Meet Antonio Pino. He was Mister Cáceres at the last Mister Spain beauty contest.

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We Want To Rock Out With Igor (29-Nov-2015)

We certainly wouldn’t mind having a jam session with Igor. We’re sure he’s got some very interesting instruments we could play with. These snaps were captured in a guitar shop in Moscow by photographer Amer Mohamad.

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Bad Boy Kevin Williamson Strips For Underwear Shoot (29-Nov-2015)

Bad boy Kevin Williamson is back on the DNA blog. He’s one of the original CellBlock 13 models and returns in these fresh snaps by Timoteo Ocampo.

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Meet The Male Model With Over 831 Thousand Instagram Fans (29-Nov-2015)

Say hello to Andrea Denver. He’s appeared on the DNA blog a few times before and has a HUGE following on Instagram.

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Ramon Rodrigues Gets In Touch With Nature (28-Nov-2015)

Say hello to Ramon Rodrigues. He shows off his hot bod and gets in touch with nature in this shoot by photographer Rafael Capella.

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We’re Man Crushing Hard On Ignacio Ondategui Today (28-Nov-2015)

Today we’ve got a big fat crush on this hottie. His name is Ignacio Ondategui and he’s certainly made our Saturday worth while..

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Hot Guys Heat Up Marco Marco Underwear Show (28-Nov-2015)

Wowza! Some of the hottest guys of the moment including Aydian Dowling, Billy Reilich, Wisco Folk and Steven Dehler recently heated up the runway at LAFW.

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Where Are They Now? DNA #134 Cover Boy Courtney Grant (28-Nov-2015)

At just 21-years-old, Courtney Grant graced the cover of DNA #134. He’s changed a bit since then but is still smokin’ hot.

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We Want To Grab A Coffee With Michael Spadino (27-Nov-2015)

We wouldn’t mind going on a coffee date with Michael Spadino. The sexy model proves he’s just as hot in clothes as he is out of them in these snaps by photographer B. Charles Johnson.

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Robbie Carrol’s Shirtless Bod Is Doing Things To Us (27-Nov-2015)

How has it been over a year since we featured Robbie Carrol as an Insta-Stud? He regularly posts hot shots to his Instagram page and his shirtless bod is doing things to us.

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Hairy Hunk Colin Ryan Takes a Shower (27-Nov-2015)

We suddenly feel like taking a shower. Hairy hottie Colin Ryan shows off his stunning bod in these snaps by photographer Marcos Domingo Sanchez.

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Beach Bod Week Day Five: Danny Dobson (27-Nov-2015)

Are you guys enjoying beach bod week on the DNA blog? We certainly are and have another cutie to check out.

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2015 November Mate of the Month (26-Nov-2015)

Who should be crowned DNA's Mate of the Month for November? Vote now!

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We Wish Our Doctor Looked This Sexy (26-Nov-2015)

Meet Brian Lim. He’s a doctor and part time model when he’s free.

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Beach Bod Week Day Four: Roger (26-Nov-2015)

A beachside paradise populated with god-like hunks… pack as little as possible, grab your passport head down to Copacabana Beach, Rio. Roger rocked our Brazil cover in 2012 and we're celebrating his beach bod today.

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Jim Thornton Voted This Week's Hottest Guy By DNA Readers (26-Nov-2015)

The votes have been counted and we have a champ for the third round of November Mate of the Month. Congratulations to Jim Thornton.

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Russian Hunk Shows Off Sexy Bod At Beach (25-Nov-2015)

We want to build sandcastles at the beach with this Russian hottie. Actually, we just want to check out his stunning bod.

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Colin Alexander Is The Cutest Guy We’ve Seen On Instagram Today (25-Nov-2015)

Say hello to Colin Alexander. He has to be the cutest guy we’ve seen on Instagram today.

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Beach Bod Week Day Three: Leo Ryan Burke (25-Nov-2015)

Wowza! Remember when this hottie appeared in the Big Brother house last year? Leo Ryan Burke is also a two-time DNA cover model and has a bangin’ beach bod.

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We Want To Train With The Sexy Zachary Hancock (25-Nov-2015)

We wouldn’t mind training with this hottie. Zachary Hancock is a personal trainer and has launched a website with training sessions and nutrition plans.

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We Want To Paint Erik Ramos’ Body (24-Nov-2015)

Who knew body paint could look this hot? 21-year-old Erik Ramos is making his DNA blog debut today in these snaps by photographer Christian Femat.

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Shirtless Stud Lionel Lopez Returns In Special Swimwear Encore (24-Nov-2015)

A few days ago we posted some racy snaps of Lionel Lopez. We loved him so much that he’s back for a special encore shoot.

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Beach Bod Week Day Two: Peter and Constantine

Today is the second day of Beach Bod Week on the DNA blog and we have two sexy fellas for your viewing pleasure. Peter Porte (Ford) and Constantine Rousouli posed in our Tahiti Honeymoon special for DNA #175.

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We’re Very Interested In What’s In Miguel’s Pants (24-Nov-2015)

We’re very interested in what’s in Miguel Basilio’s pants. It seems like he is, too.

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Six Shots of Alex Crockford’s Six Pack (23-Nov-2015)

Mondays are pretty swell when we have sexy lads with stunning six packs to check out. Alex Crockford shows off his abs in these snaps by photographer Jose Pope.

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Where Are They Now? DNA #93 Cover Boy Dennis Batbayli (23-Nov-2015)

Remember our stunning #93 cover boy Dennis Batbayli? He heated up DNA back in 2007 and he’s still smokin’ hot in 2015.

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Tattooed Hottie Mario Adrion Gets Sexy Between The Sheets (23-Nov-2015)

So, um, we can think of about 100 fun things to do in bed with this hottie. Mario Adrion gets sexy between the sheets in this Rick Day shoot.

Beach Bod Week Day One: Luis (23-Nov-2015)

Love a guy with a sexy beach bod? You're in luck because this week is Beach Bod Week on the DNA blog. Each day we'll take a look at a hottie who has graced the pages of DNA Magazine.

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Is Ed Huang Singapore’s Sexiest Male Model? (22-Nov-2015)

Is Ed Huang Singapore’s sexiest male model? He’s definitely in the running.

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Hairy Chest Week Isn’t Complete Without Eliad Cohen (22-Nov-2015)

Hairy Chest Week is coming to an end on the DNA blog but we wanted to go out with a bang. Eliad Cohen has been one of our favourites for quite a few years now and he’s all kinds of sexy.

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Justin Bieber Shows Off Toned Bod At Beach (22-Nov-2015)

Justin Bieber was recently spotted shirtless at a beach in Hawaii. The 21-year-old recently released his latest album and will appear in the upcoming sequel to Zoolander.

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Meet The Pole Dancer Heating Up Instagram (22-Nov-2015)

Where has Davide Zongoli been hiding? He’s possibly the sexiest guy we’ve ever seen on Instagram.

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Meet The Hunky Model Getting Us Excited For Summer (21-Nov-2015)

We certainly wish we were in the Canary Island with a hottie like this! Lionel Lopez is the latest model to pose for photographer Adrian C. Martin.

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A Dozen Of Derek Yates’ Hottest Instagram Pics (21-Nov-2015)

Remember Derek Yates? He’s appeared on the DNA blog a few times now and we never get tired of checking out his sexy bod.

Corbin Fisher’s Miller Is Our Porn Star Crush (21-Nov-2015)

Say hello to Miller. You may recognise him from some of his racy shoots with Corbin Fisher.

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We’re Having A Baywatch Moment Thanks To Vinicius Gomes (21-Nov-2015)

We kind of wish we were on a beach being rescued by someone as sexy as Vinicius Gomes. The Brazilian babe takes off his shirt and shows off his stunning bod in these snaps by photographer Binho Dutra.

Say Hello To The Sexiest Swimwear Model We’ve Seen Today (20-Nov-2015)

Say hello to Winson Lim. He’s a full time model in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and Hong Kong.

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Is Nyle The Hottest Guy To Come Out Of America’s Next Top Model? (20-Nov-2015)

Meet Nyle DiMarco. He appeared on the 22nd cycle of America’s Next Top Model and may just be the hottest guy to emerge from the show.

A Couple Of Shirtless Hotties Heating Up The DNA Blog (20-Nov-2015)

The end of the working week is nearly here and we’re celebrating with two shirtless hotties. Alex Schneider and Robert Kressin put their modelling skills to good use in this set by Kiet Thai.

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Hairy Chest Week Day Five: Bo Roberts (20-Nov-2015)

Former DNA cover model Bo Roberts is our fifth hairy hottie for Hairy Chest Week. Bo appeared on the cover of DNA #151.

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It’s The Perfect Day For A DNA Pool Party (19-Nov-2015)

The DNA Pool Party is just over a month away and this warmer weather is getting us excited. Celebrate summer with the DNA boys at The Ivy Pool Deck on December 19.

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2015 November Mate of the Month: Week Three (19-Nov-2015)

Who was the hottest guy this week? Vote now!

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We’d Be Happy If Diego Miguel Never Wore A Shirt Again (19-Nov-2015)

As far as shirtless hotties go, we’ll never EVER get sick of Diego Miguel. The hunky male model shows off his chiseled abs in these snaps for Charlie by Matthew Zink.

Ryan Hughes Voted This Week's Hottest Guy By DNA Readers (19-Nov-2015)

The votes have been counted and we have a Week Two champ for November Mate of the Month. Congrats to Ryan Hughes.

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Hairy Chest Week Day Four: Jaime Erben (19-Nov-2015)

Today is Day Four of Hairy Chest Week on the DNA blog. We're checking out a guy with the HHH Factor (hot, hairy, hunky) who heated up issue #165 of DNA.

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Sébastien Krakus Flaunts His Rock Hard Abs In New Shoot (18-Nov-2015)

Meet Sébastien Krakus. He’s a fighter with a smokin’ hot bod.

There’s A Reason Tyrone Wells Has Over 91 Thousand Instagram Followers (18-Nov-2015)

There’s a reason Tyrone Wells has over 91 Thousands Instagram followers. It’s his handsome face.

Alexandros’ Buff Bod With Brighten Up Your Day (18-Nov-2015)

There’s nothing like a buff babe to get our day started. Alexandros Kaltsidis is the new face (or should we say body) of Modus Vivendi’s Geo Lace line.

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Hairy Chest Week Day Three: Jonathan (18-Nov-2015)

Renowned photographer of the male nude, Dylan Rosser, spent the northern summer in Ibiza working on his latest project. He managed to keep some swimwear on model Jonathan Best long enough for a DNA cover shoot.

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12 Photos of Joss Mooney Being Adorable (17-Nov-2015)

Have we ever mentioned how much we love Instagram? We got stuck in a vortex checking out Joss Mooney’s page.

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We’re Currently Obsessed With Jonathan Tantype Toned Bod (17-Nov-2015)

Everyone, meet Jonathan Tantype. He’s a smokin’ hot model and we can’t get enough of him.

A Daily Dose Of DNA Dudes In Your Tumblr Dashboard (17-Nov-2015)

Did you know that DNA Magazine is on Tumblr? We upload hunky fellas every day to spice up your Tumblr dashboard.

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Hairy Chest Week Day Two: Rodiney (17-Nov-2015)

Here's a hairy hottie we'll never get tired of checking out. You'll recognise Rodiney Santiago as our stunning #159 cover boy.

Meet Cute Canadian CockyBoy Lev Ivankov (16-Nov-2015)

Meet Lev Ivankov, another CockyBoys model we’re loving at the moment. Lev is 19-years-old and is from Canada.

Tattooed Hunk Bares Beautiful Butt (16-Nov-2015)

Damien Michaels is one of the hotties at Next Door Studios and boy does he have a sexy butt! He flaunts his hot bod in these racy snaps.

10 Smokin’ Hot Shots Of Blond Babe Cory Lee (16-Nov-2015)

DNA’s Blond Week may be over but we’re still in the mood to check out another blond babe. The fabulous Cory Lee has appeared on the DNA blog before and it turns out he also has a sexy Instagram page worth checking out.

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Hairy Chest Week Day One: Pablo

It's 'Hairy Chest Week' on the DNA blog and we're kicking things off with Pablo Hernandez. He was our hunky #184 cover boy and we can't get enough of him.

This Hunky Calendar Boy Is Making Us Thirsty (15-Nov-2015)

We’re having a tough time decided which hunky calendar we want for 2016. The gorgeous Gael just made that decision ten times harder.

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Blond Beach Boy Fantasies Fulfilled Here! (15-Nov-2015)

We’d give anything to be hanging out in Playa del Carmen with DW Chase right now. The adorable model has been appearing on the DNA blog for a few years now and this could be his hottest shoot to date.

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Muscle Hunk Trevor Adams Shares Sexiest Shots (15-Nov-2015)

Here’s a hottie who needs no introduction. Trevor Adams has appeared on the DNA blog more times than we can count and he’s all kinds of sexy.

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CockyBoys Cutie Kody Stewart Makes DNA Blog Debut (15-Nov-2015)

Are you a fan of CockyBoys? We’ve been treated to one of their new performers.

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We Want This Hottie To Personally Train Us (14-Nov-2015)

Photographer Michael Dar recently worked with another hottie we think you guys will like. Say hello to Martin Gelbspan.

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Nolan Ritter Flaunts Sexy Summer Bod In Swimwear Shoot

It’s been a while but Carl Proctor is back on the DNA blog with another hottie for your viewing pleasure.

Cute Boy With The Dragon Tattoo (14-Nov-2015)

Today we’ve been treated to a sexy fella we think you’re going to love. Say hello to Mindaugas Grazys.

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Blond Week Day Six: A Blond Moment (14-Nov-2015)

Today is the final day of blond week on the DNA blog :( But we have one more bombshell to check out :)

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Jim Thornton's Sexy Smile Will Brighten Up Your Day

Are you guys ready for another hunk? Say hello to Jim Thornton.

Lucas Garcez Flaunts Sexy Six Pack In Black And White Shoot (13-Nov-2015)

The end of the working week is nearly here and we’re celebrating with a sexy six pack. Lucas Garcez and his abs have appeared on the DNA blog before.

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Ten Times Dustin McNeer Was Smokin' Hot On Instagram (13-Nov-2015)

Today we recommend following the delightful Dustin McNeer on Instagram. He appeared on the DNA blog last week and you’ll also recognise him from America’s Next Top Model.

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Blond Week Day Five: Sporty Blond (13-Nov-2015)

We suddenly feel like participating in sports. It probably has something to do with the sporty blond we're checking out today.

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2015 November Mate of the Month: Week Two (12-Nov-2015)

Who was the hottest guy this week? Vote now!

Texas Hottie Heating Up Instagram (12-Nov-2015)

Ant Barnes made his DNA blog debut just last week and he ended up being one of the most popular guys of the week! He’s back as today’s Insta-Stud.

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Blond Week Day Four: Dirty Blond (12-Nov-2015)

Today's Blond Week post is focusing on a fella with dirty blond hair. You may recognise him as a Bel Ami model.

Matt Grondin Voted Hottest Guy This Week By DNA Readers (12-Nov-2015)

The votes are in and we have a Week One winner for November Mate of the Month. Congratulations to Matt Grondin.

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Miami Model Rocks Red Underwear (11-Nov-2015)

Wow! How do we land a date with this hottie? 24-year-old Alfanzo Anthony is from Miami, Florida.

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Shirtless Hunk Proves Colour Block Patterns Are Fun (11-Nov-2015)

We have to say that Phillip Sharp is looking very sharp in these snaps. He shows off his handsome face and bangin’ bod in these snaps by Gavin Harrison for Modus Vivendi.

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Tattooed Hottie With Killer Abs (11-Nov-2015)

So we’re a bit obsessed with this hunk today. His name is Johnny Kane and he’s all kinds of gorgeous.

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Blond Week Day Three: The Urban Blond (11-Nov-2015)

We wouldn't mind waking up next to this hottie! Today is the third day of blond week and it's all about The Urban Blond.

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Pro Wrestler Strips Off For Sexy Shoot (10-Nov-2015)

Photographer Edmund Edwards is back on the DNA blog with a hunky fella you’ll love. Say hello to Paul.

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Hunk of the Day: Roman Khodorov (10-Nov-2015)

Hands up if you’re a fan of Roman Khodorov? The Russian hunk is one of our favourites here on the DNA blog and we never get sick of him.

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Underwear Hottie: Andre C (10-Nov-2015)

Today’s DNA underwear hottie is a fella named Andre C. He’s the face (and body) of a new Papi campaign.

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Blond Week Day Two: The Beach Blond (10-Nov-2015)

Today is the second day of DNA's Blond Week on the DNA blog. We're checking out a sexy beach blond.

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Man Crush Monday: Max Emerson (9-Nov-2015)

Here’s a lad who needs no introduction. Max Emerson is a favourite here on the DNA blog and he has an extremely sexy Instagram page.

Chris Mears’ Sexy 2016 Calendar (9-Nov-2015)

Damn those British divers! They’re all so good looking and adorable.

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We Want To Hang Out In The Woods With This Fella (9-Nov-2015)

We’re thinking about ditching work for the day to hang out in the woods with this hottie. His name is Tim Arlovski and we’ve got a bit of a crush on him.

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Blond Week Day One: The Classic Blond (9-Nov-2015)

Who loves blond guys? We do so we've decided to declare this week 'blond week' on the DNA blog.

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Spanish Stud: Bidari Garcia (8-Nov-2015)

Remind us to book a trip to Spain sometime soon. We want to hang out with the sexy locals like Bidari Garcia.

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Hottie Encore: Dakota Adan (8-Nov-2015)

Today we’re looking at some more snaps of underwear hottie Dakota Adan. Dakota is wearing gear from Timoteo in these snaps by Allen Zaki.

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Super Sexy Sunday: Jason and Adam in 'Temptation' (8-Nov-2015)

Today is Super Sexy Sunday and we've found a raunchy shoot from the DNA vault. Desire throws caution to the wind when it comes to love, sex and romance. One taste and you’re hooked.

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Jeff Thomas Rocking His Whitey Tighties (8-Nov-2015)

What is it about Whitey Tighties that’s so hot? The stunning Jeff Thomas shows off his built bod for photographer Joseph Bleu.

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Travelling Has Never Looked This Sexy (7-Nov-2015)

Why don't we ever look this sexy when we're travelling? Today we're checking out Thomas Whitfield and his vintage shoot with DNA. These snaps originally appeared in DNA #132.

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The Hottest Guy We’ve Seen On Instagram Today (7-Nov-2015)

We see a lot of hot guys here at DNA by Dan Rockwell may just be the hottest one today. He has a ridiculously sexy Instagram page with a following of more than 106 thousand.

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Constantine Dino by Rick Day (7-Nov-2015)

Today we’re checking out a hunky fella you will love. Constantine Dino recently worked with photographer Rick Day.

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Cutie of the Day: Dustin Mcneer (7-Nov-2015)

Who is your ‘cutie of the day’? We can’t stop checking out Dustin Mcneer.

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‘Cast Away’ by MiLo800 feat Aaron Ryker (6-Nov-2015)

We wouldn’t mind being stuck on a desert island with 22-year-old Aaron Ryker. He’s the new face of ONY Models International and recently posed for MiLo800 Photography.

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From The DNA Vault: Ryan Hughes (6-Nov-2015)

Today we're opening up the DNA vault and looking back at one of our sexy cover boys. Ryan Hughes heated up the cover of our mid-season fashion issue way back in 2011.

#FollowFriday: Mungkorn (6-Nov-2015)

Who are you guys following on Instagram? A sexy fella we think you’ll love is Mungkorn.

Cutie of the Day: Dima Gornovskyi (6-Nov-2015)

Today we can’t take our eyes off of Dima Gornovskyi. He’s a cutie.

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2015 November Mate of the Month: Week One (5-Nov-2015)

Who was the hottest guy this week? Vote now!

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MMA Fighter Talon Hammons Crowned DNA's October Mate of the Month (5-Nov-2015)

Congratulations to MMA Fighter Talon Hammons who DNA readers have voted as our October Mate of the Month for 2015. He’s appeared on the DNA blog before and looks sexier than ever in these pics by photographer Art Nguyan.

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Underwear Hottie: Dakota Adan (5-Nov-2015)

Today’s underwear hottie is the delicious Dakota Adan. Dakota is wearing gear from Timoteo in these snaps by Allen Zaki.

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Could Billy Reilich Be Any Hotter? (5-Nov-2015)

Could Billy Reilich be any hotter? The answer is yes (if he were naked), but our friends at Instagram don’t allow it. Still, Billy’s Insta-snaps are nothing to sneeze at.

Beach Babe: James Field (4-Nov-2015)

Anyone else in the mood to ditch work and head to the beach for the day? We certainly do after checking out these snaps by photographer Mladen Blagojevic.

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Hump Day Hottie: Aleksandr Dorokhov (4-Nov-2015)

We sort of wish we got to wake up to Aleksandr Dorokhov every day. Now’s our chance.

JR Christiansen presents Charley Santos (4-Nov-2015)

It’s Wednesday and we’re kicking off Hump Day with a fresh model to the DNA blog. Give a warm welcome to Charley Santos.

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Lad of the Day: Luke Casey (4-Nov-2015)

We’d like to introduce you guys to our future ex-boyfriend. This is Luke Casey and we’re a bit obsessed with his Instagram at the moment.

Quick Click: Nine Of Ninato’s Sexiest Instagram Pics (3-Nov-2015)

Need a sexy fella to check out? Look no further than Ninato.

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Hunk of the Day: Ant Barnes (3-Nov-2015)

Who is your hunk of the day? We can’t stop checking out Ant Barnes.

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French Hottie Sebastien Heating Up A Paris Rooftop (3-Nov-2015)

Are you in the mood to check out a hunky French guy? Alistair Havyt has shared a video of his new shoot with the DNA blog.

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Dude in Denim: Alex Crockford (3-Nov-2015)

Today DNA is checking out a sexy dude in denim. Say hello to Alex Crockford.

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Celebrity Skin: Scott Eastwood (2-Nov-2015)

We wouldn’t mind working out with Scott Eastwood. The sexy son of Clint was recently spotted shirtless while training in Santa Monica.

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Man Crush Monday: Quinn Biddle (2-Nov-2015)

Meet Quinn Biddle. He’s a super hunky fella and we’re totally crushing on him today.

Hunk Encore: Henrique Hansmann (2-Nov-2015)

A few months ago we featured Henrique Hansmann on the DNA blog. His ripped abs and stunning good looks had a speechless.

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Abs of the Day: Caio Cesar (2-Nov-2015)

Today we’re obsessed with Caio Cesar’s abs. The sexy model flaunts his hot bod in this set of photos by photographer Marco Ovando.

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Cutie of the Day: Caio Brum (1-Nov-2015)

Can you believe it’s been nearly a year since we last saw Caio Brum on the DNA blog? Turns out he’s gotten even hotter.

Hunk of the Day: Rogan Richards (1-Nov-2015)

Today’s Hunk of the Day is the ridiculously gorgeous Rogan Richards. He’s appeared in DNA before and you may also recognise him as an adult entertainer.

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Encore: Marcio Louzada’s Sexy Waterfall Shoot (1-Nov-2015)

Marcio Louzada is back on the DNA blog in a special encore post. The sexy actor shows off his fit bod in these snaps by photographer Lucas Apostolo with styling by Luiz Eduardo Petrone.

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Underwear Hottie: Juan Esteban (1-Nov-2015)

Juan Esteban puts his modelling skills to fantastic use in these campaign shots for Intymen. He’s got the hot bod and handsome face and we can’t wait to see more of him soon.

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