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Things are heating up (again) in the Canary Islands (9-Feb-2016)

Set in the Maspalomas Dunes, in the island of Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands, model Jorge Betés is packing in his speedos for this photo shoot for Teamm8. Shot by photographer Adrian C. Martin these photos are sure to make you thirsty.

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Insta-Stud: Travis Burns (9-Feb-2016)

Aussie hottie and Neighbours actor is today’s Insta-Stud! Travis Burns plays the character Tyler Brennan on the popular Australian show. Apart from acting Travis is an accomplished sportsman playing basketball, football, baseball and swimming.

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The Lucky 8 - Part Two (9-Feb-2016)

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! To celebrate Chinese New Year we’ve gone to some of our photographers and asked them to submit their favourite photo sets of Chinese models.

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YEE-HAHHH!! (8-Feb-2016)

From his tight whities to hanging out on the farm, model Tony Model Fr. shows off everything his mother gave him in this shoot by the talented Lionel Andre. If it's inside or outside, Tony is sure to be a favourite on the site this week.

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Insta-Stud: Luis Fernando (8-Feb-2016)

Check out Insta-Stud Luis Fernando. The Miami based “Web Cam Performer” is all things booty-licious and a crowd favourite for his near 800k followers on Instagram.

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The Lucky 8 - Part One

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! To celebrate we’ve asked some of our photographers to submit their favourite photo sets.

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Meet Fernando Miro by Mateo Armand (7-Feb-2016)

Hello sexy. This fine looking man is Fernando Miro and he was just the thing we needed to get us through the day. He shows off his incredibly athletic body in this shoot by Mateo Armand.

Insta-Stud: Benn Chuaa (7-Feb-2016)

Check out today’s Insta-Stud! It’s Singapore’s WBPF Nationals 2015 Athletic Physique Champion winner Benn Chuaa.

Lovely in leather (7-Feb-2016)

The amazing people at Charlie by Matthew Zink have sent us this latest collection of photos from their new leather range. The leather pieces feel sensual and exciting. Each Leather Chest and Leg Harness is handcrafted in New York City and boasts a choice of gold or matte black custom hardware.

All things that sparkle (6-Feb-2016)

Model Tro Griffith is hot in the latest photo shoot from Sean Higgins. The underwear series for Charlie Bymz underwear was shot in studio. Water was sprinkled all over the model throughout the shoot in an artistic element you don’t often see in male physic photography.

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Insta-Stud: Bryant Wood (6-Feb-2016)

Delicious is spelt Bryant Wood. The half Aussie, half Italian model is featured as today’s Insta-Stud on the DNA website.

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Aussie studs - Part two (6-Feb-2016)

Yesterday we had part one, today (funnily enough) we have part two of our Aussie studs thanks to the New Urban Male underwear collection. And just like yesterday we still believe that if you want to heat up things up on a photo shoot, hire hunky Aussie men!

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Aussie studs - Part One (5-Feb-2016)

The photo set we are featuring today is so hot, sexy and large that we’ve had to split it into two posts. This is part one of the New Urban Male underwear collection.

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Insta-Stud: Stefan James Brydon (5-Feb-2016)

We haven’t seen one of our favourite cover models on the DNA website for a while. So it is only fitting to feature him as an Insta-Stud.

Hot Aussie Guy Flaunts Junk On Sydney Harbour (5-Feb-2016)

From the stunning backdrop of the Sydney to the sexy CoxSox underwear. Model Chris Noffke is beautifully preppy in this photo shoot set on the back of a yacht in one of the greatest harbours in the world.

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Behind the scenes of a fitness shoot (4-Feb-2016)

19-year-old Akelsandr Kalmykov is the latest fitness model from the amazing crew at Fit Casting. For something different, we have worked with Fit Casting to show a behind-the-scenes look at one of their shoots.

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Insta-Stud: Brodie Andrew Green (4-Feb-2016)

Today’s Insta-Stud is Brodie Andrew Green from the Gold Coast in Australia. The sun-licked hottie is all things stunning with his amazing locks of hair, to his pearcing eyes and a tan that covers him from head to toe.

From The Editor: Confession time...

For all its 22 seasons, I only ever watched one episode of America’s Next Top Model. I remember one aspiring girl astride an elephant that sprayed her with water from its trunk. She clung to a wet sarong that threatened to reveal more than even her gynaecologist had seen, while an off-screen fashionista urged her to “find the sexy” and “bring something special” and “make it her own”.

Aussie Hunk!

Check out Perth hottie Marcus! When we asked for a little information about Marcus, we were told he worked for a company called ‘All Stripped’.

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Instad-Stud: Andrea Denver (3-Feb-2016)

Today’s Instad-Stud is Andrea Denver. The Soul Artist Management Model has previously appeared in music videos for Jennifer Lopez and Taylor Swift.

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No pants are the best pants

Ellen’s temporary gardener Derek Yates is back up on the DNA website. He’s and actor, model, singer and dancer and we are honored to have him with us on the site.

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Insta-Stud: Brandy Martignago

Australia is just oozzzinggg with hot guys who hang out at the beach in summer. Today’s Insta-Stud Brandy Martignago is sexy on the DNA Website, oh and good news he is a self proclaimed cuddle enthusiast.

The biggest project in life is yourself (2-Feb-2016)

Inspirational model Aaron Valenzuela believes that the biggest project in life is yourself. The fashion model also designs his own clothing and art.

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Insta-Stud: Collin Joseph (1-Feb-2016)

Today’s Insta-Stud is online fitness coach Collin Joseph from Canada. Starting out as a football player, the fitness model moved onto brazilian jiu jitsu and kickboxing.

Strip tease! (1-Feb-2016)

We had model Garrett Westton on the website recently as an Insta-Stud and now we have a photo series of him from the talented photographer Travis Lane. The casual strip tease from the LA model is all things irresistible.

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Summer body all year round! (1-Feb-2016)

Check out model Miguel Aguel and his 365 day a year summer body! With his exotic good looks and flawless skin, Miguel is bound to be a favourite for those who like a guy with a tight fit body.

Thruple Relationships- Yay or Nay?

POLL: Which best describes your thoughts on a thruple relationships? (three-way relationship)

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