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LAST CHANCE: $40 Tickets To DNA Pool Party (19-Dec-2014)

The DNA Pool Party is tomorrow and this is your last chance to secure the cheaper $40 ticket online. The DNA store will close at 10pm tonight but tickets will be available on the door for $50.

12 DNAs of Christmas - Day Seven: Ryan Greasley (19-Dec-2014)

DNA #174 was our very first Reader Made Issue. Ryan Greasley was our cover star and got lots of people excited on social media. We’re checking out some snaps from his shoot with photographer Simon Le.

Hotties of 2014: Lorenzo (19-Dec-2014)

Back in May we met a beautiful fella named Lorenzo. He showed off his sexy bod in a shoot by photographer Michael Craft.

ICYMI: 10 Smiles to Brighten Up Your Day (19-Dec-2014)

We know how much DNA readers love a guy who smiles, so we've decided to look back at one of our most popular posts on the DNA blog this year. Here are ten smiles that will brighten up your day.

Meet the Mates: Mike Stalker (19-Dec-2014)

Voting is currently open for our 2014 Mate of the Year. Representing February is Mike Stalker.

DNA #180 - Available Now (18-Dec-2014)

DNA #180 is our travel issue and it's available now. Our cover model this month is fashion designer Brent Wilson.

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12 DNAs of Christmas - Day Six: Todd Sanfield (18-Dec-2014)

Todd Sanfield is possibly one of the most popular cover models we’ve ever had. His recent #173 cover was one of the fastest selling issue of DNA…ever!

Hotties of 2014: Karl Simon (18-Dec-2014)

Karl Simon appeared on the DNA blog back in May and quickly went on to feature as one of our Sexiest Men Alive for 2014.

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Poll: Is It OK To Regift A Christmas Present? (18-Dec-2014)

With the holiday season in full swing, we want to know if DNA readers think it’s acceptable to regift a Christmas present. Is it really as bad as people make it out to be?

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James Hatchel by Sherrod Bolden (18-Dec-2014)

Give a warm welcome to photographer Sherrod Bolden who is making his DNA blog debut today. He’s treated us to some photos of a sexy fella named James Hatchel.

From The Editor: Damned If They Do

The Australian government’s policy of refoulement is killing genuine refugees Christopher Isherwood, author of Goodbye To Berlin, knew when the party was over.

The Countdown is On - Three Sleeps Until The DNA Christmas Pool Party (17-Dec-2014)

Can you believe there are only three sleeps until this year’s DNA Christmas Pool Party? It’s shaping up to be one of our best events to date with DNA cover boys Ryan Greasley, Willie Gomez and Matthew Clark, DJs Dan Slater and Wayne G, sexy Santas, prizes, gift bags and more.

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12 DNAs of Christmas - Day Five: Adam Phillips (17-Dec-2014)

We still think that Adam Phillips is the hottest thing to come out of Plymouth…ever! Yes, Adam was our DNA #172 cover boy and we’re still coming to terms with how sexy he is.

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Hotties of 2014: Mathieu (17-Dec-2014)

Mathieu appeared on the DNA blog earlier this year and even went on to feature in the 2014 Sexiest Men Alive issue of DNA. These shots were captured by photographer Edmund Edwards.

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Encore: The Naked Rowers (17-Dec-2014)

Due to popular demand the Naked Rowers are back on the DNA blog. The lads from Warwick get people talking every year with their raunchy calendar shoot.

Meet the Mates: Sebastien Garcia (17-Dec-2014)

Voting is currently open for our 2014 Mate of the Year. Representing January is Sebastien Garcia.

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12 DNAs of Christmas - Day Four: Justin Leonard (16-Dec-2014)

You may recognise Justin Leonard as our hunky DNA #171 cover boy. He’s also the fourth hottie of Christmas.

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Hotties of 2014: Taylor (16-Dec-2014)

If you love skater boys, Taylor won't disappoint. He shows off his beautiful bod in these snaps by The CP Studio. It originally appeared on the blog earlier this year.

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ICYMI: 10 Swoonworthy Silver Foxes (16-Dec-2014)

Earlier this year we posted a list of some of our favourite silver foxes. Going grey doesn’t mean you instantly become unattractive, as these gorgeous guys prove.

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Poll: Which 2014 DNA Cover Was Your Favourite? (16-Dec-2014)

We’re at the end of the year and we’d love to know which 2014 DNA cover was your favourite.

Prizes Galore At This Year’s DNA Christmas Pool Party (15-Dec-2014)

The DNA Christmas Pool Party is this Saturday and we’re excited to announce that we’ll be giving away more prizes than ever before. Santa has unloaded his sack of goodies to the DNA office and there’ll be plenty of on the spot prizes on the day.

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12 DNAs of Christmas - Day Three: Andrea Giuliani (15-Dec-2014)

We wouldn’t mind kissing this hunk underneath the Christmas tree! Who could forget Andrea Giuliani who was our amazing #170 cover model?

Christmas Gift Ideas from Mitchdowd (15-Dec-2014)

Who says undies are a daggy Christmas present? If you’re struggling to find a present for the man in your life or need a sexy secret Santa gift, check out some of the products at Mitchdowd.

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Hotties of 2014: Chad (15-Dec-2014)

Earlier this year, Photographer Sophia Renee shares a sneak peek of one of her editorial layouts. Show Me Your Trunk features Chad, a 6'4, 217 lbs model who we think is a total hottie.

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Just Because: 20 Times Tom Daley Was Shirtless (15-Dec-2014)

Tom Daley is shirtless…a lot. Not that we’re complaining.

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Insta-Stud: Thom Evans (15-Dec-2014)

The insanely attractive Thom Evans is today’s DNA Insta-Stud. He’s appeared on the DNA blog a few times before and he’s totally fit.

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12 DNAs of Christmas - Day Two: Jonathan Cannaux (14-Dec-2014)

Today is the second day of our 12 DNAs of Christmas. Jonathan Cannaux was our sexy #169 cover boy.

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Hotties of 2014: Ripp Baker (14-Dec-2014)

Who could forget Ripp Baker who made is DNA blog debut back in April? Ripp is currently a student at the Minnesota State University and is pursuing a degree in Exercise Science.

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ICYMI: Todd Sanfield - Virgin Island (14-Dec-2014)

Can we just start off by saying we will NEVER get sick of Todd Sanfield?

Underwear Hotties by Underwear News Briefs (14-Dec-2014)

Happy weekend! We’re continuing our Sunday with an array of underwear hotties. Photographer Ignacio Rivera Jr. recently worked with Derek Yates, Nathan Mckellips, Michael Macro, Chandler Smith and Charles Owo for a recent underwear News Briefs.

Bernardo Velasquez by Felipe Pilotto (13-Dec-2014)

Photographer Felipe Pilotto has treated the DNA blog to a hunky fella he’s been working with. This is Bernardo Velasquez.

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12 DNAs of Christmas - Day One: Markus Ricci (13-Dec-2014)

The holiday season is well and truly here and we’re celebrating by checking out each of our sexy cover models from 2014. Today is all about #168 cover boy Markus Ricci.

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Hotties of 2014: Shawn Alexander (13-Dec-2014)

We're looking back at some of the most popular guys on the blog in 2014. Kicking things off is Shawn Alexander.

WATCH: Jared For DNA Magazine (13-Dec-2014)

Remember that super sexy shoot in DNA Magazine featuring Jared? We’re looking back at the behind-the-scenes video with photographer Fernando Barraza (videography by Pauly Maybury).

Insta-Stud: Kevin Benoit (13-Dec-2014)

We need to talk about Kevin…and how hot he is! He’s today’s DNA Insta-Stud.

You Know You’re At The DNA Pool Party When…

You know you're at the DNA Pool Party When...

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Dean by Ed Olen

Ed Olen returns to the DNA blog with a super sexy fella he recently worked with. Say hello to Dean.

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Dato Foland Takes A Shower (12-Dec-2014)

Wow! We need a shower to cool down after checking out these hot shots. Dato Foland shows off his incredible bod in these snaps for Lucas Entertainment.

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Lionel André presents Jess Vill (12-Dec-2014)

We can now add birds to the list of things we’ve been jealous of. The super sexy Jess Vill poses with some feathery friends in these snaps by photographer Lionel André.

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Insta-Stud: Jorge Ilich (12-Dec-2014)

Say hello to Jorge Ilich who is today’s DNA Insta-Stud. Jorge is also one of the newbies at Andrew Christian so expect to see a lot more of this guy all over the interwebs.

Three Cover Boys To Appear At Pool Party (11-Dec-2014)

With just over a week until this year’s DNA Christmas Pool Party, we’re very excited to announce some special guests. Not one, not two, but three DNA cover boys from this year will be in attendance.

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DNA Mate of the Year 2014

Who should be crowned DNA’s Mate of the Year for 2014? Vote now!

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Ben - A Proper Christmas Cracker! (11-Dec-2014)

British boy Ben is getting into the Christmas spirit and we wouldn’t mind kissing him under the mistletoe! The sexy model wears gear by Curbwear in these shots and clips.

Insta-Stud: Kacey Carrig (11-Dec-2014)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud is the seriously sexy Kacey Carrig. We can totally see why he has over 37k followers on Instagram.

Underwear Hotties: James Laurens and Kylani (11-Dec-2014)

Today’s DNA underwear hotties are James Laurens and Kylani. These hunky fellas wear gear by Modus Vivendi in these campaign shots by photographer Lionel André.

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Insta-Stud: Barrett Pall

Who are you “double-tapping” on Instagram today? Our Insta-Stud is the seriously sexy Barrett Pall.

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Sylvain Norget presents Charles Caget (10-Dec-2014)

Wow! How sexy is Charles Caget? He shows off his fit bod in these snaps by photographer Sylvain Norget.

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Eric Arantes by Vand Rodriguez (10-Dec-2014)

Eric Arantes takes hump day hottie to a whole new level. The sexy model strips down to his swimwear in these pics by photographer Vand Rodriguez.

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Underwear Hottie: Daniel Velasquez Zuluaga (10-Dec-2014)

Today’s underwear hottie at DNA is Daniel Velasquez Zuluaga. The attractive model shows off his beautiful bod in these campaign shots for Clever Underwear.

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Insta-Stud: Cole Monahan (9-Dec-2014)

Our November Mate of the Month Cole Monahan is today's DNA Insta-Stud. As you can see from his Instasnaps below, he posts lots of sexy photos.

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WATCH: Andrew Christian’s Jingle Bells (9-Dec-2014)

Our friends at Andrew Christian are getting into the Christmas spirit! Topher DiMaggio, Rocky Santos, Steven Andrade, Murray Swanby, Cheddy Oakafor, Jonny Manzanares and Pablo Hernandez shake their candy canes in a magical AC winter wonderland.

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Matthieu Chartraire by Daniel Garcia (9-Dec-2014)

Say hello to Matthieu Chartraire who returns to the DNA blog in another sexy shoot. These shots were captured in Montpellier in the south of France.

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Jay Kilpatrick by Ray John Pila (9-Dec-2014)

Say hello to Jay Kilpatrick who is making his DNA blog debut in these exclusive shots by Ray John Pila. Jay is an aspiring actor and model.

Insta-Stud: Ken Bek (8-Dec-2014)

The red hot Ken Bek is today's DNA Insta-Stud. He's one of the hotties who appeared in Thomas Knights' Red Hot 100 book.

Joseph Bleu presents Andrew Lewandowski (8-Dec-2014)

How have we never featured Andrew Lewandowski on the DNA blog before? The sexy model shows off his fit bod in these shots by photographer Joseph Bleu.

Beach Babe: Romulus Neto (8-Dec-2014)

Summer is in full swing here in Australia. Here’s another hottie we wish we were chilling at the beach with.

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Man-ic Monday: Bruno Mooneyhan (8-Dec-2014)

Happy Monday! While we wish we were at the beach with a hottie like Bruno, we'll settle for these awesome snaps. The sexy model shows off his fit and fab bod for photographer Jeff Segenreich.

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The Sexy Steven Dehler (7-Dec-2014)

We will never get tired of this hottie. Steven Dehler has appeared on the DNA blog more times than we can remember and we always get excited to see him.

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Smile of the Day: Ryan Bertroche (7-Dec-2014)

Who is making you smile on this fabulous Sunday? Perhaps it's male model Ryan Bertroche.

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Blond Babe: Maxim Nazarov (7-Dec-2014)

The hotness continues on the DNA blog today with blond babe Maxim Nazarov. He's with NEVS London and we think he's a cutie.

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Marlon Teixeira Returns (7-Dec-2014)

We want to go to the Bahamas with Marlon Teixeira. The sexy model poses in these Agua De Coco campaign shots by photographer Eduardo Rezende.

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Insta-Stud: Connor Menendez (6-Dec-2014)

How cute is Connor Menendez? He's our Insta-Stud of the day.

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Fritz Yap presents Nic Palladino (6-Dec-2014)

So it turns out we have a new crush. His name is Nic Palladino.

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Encore: Paolo Bellucci (6-Dec-2014)

Last month we had a massive crush on Paolo Bellucci. We also had a massive something else for him, but that's a different story ;)

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Daniel Rosenthal presents Patrick Frost (6-Dec-2014)

What are you guys up to this weekend? We wish we were hanging out with Patrick Frost.

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Marco Rubi by Dylan Rosser for tMf Magazine

We would NEVER get out of bed if a hottie like this was next to us! Give a warm welcome to Marco Rubi.

Underwear Hottie: Cody Schnepp (5-Dec-2014)

What is your favourite kind of underwear? We’ll take whatever Cody Schnepp is (or isn’t) wearing.

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Walter Delmar by HNS Imagery (5-Dec-2014)

Lumbersexual Walter Delmar is back on the DNA blog looking sexier than ever! He shows off his hot hairy bod for HNS Imagery (Nick Hernandez).

Marcio Regaleira by Felipe Pilotto (5-Dec-2014)

Batter up! We wonder if Marcio Regaleira would bat for our team…

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Witold Lewis presents Andrew Morrill (5-Dec-2014)

Photographer Witold Lewis returns to the DNA blog with Andrew Morrill. You may remember a sexy shoot featuring Andrew appearing on the DNA blog last month.

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Mr November 2014 - Cole Monahan (5-Dec-2014)

It's official - DNA readers have voted Cole Monahan the hottest guy on the DNA blog for November 2014 and have crowned him our November Mate of the Month. It was a tough round but Cole nabbed 34% of the total vote.

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Two Weeks Until DNA's Pool Party

The countdown is on! With just over two weeks until the 2014 DNA Christmas Pool Party, we're getting excited. Grab your togs, towel and get your tan on for the hottest party in town.

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Cristian Romero by Adrian C. Martin (4-Dec-2014)

Looks who is back on the DNA blog! Cristian Romero is a popular model and is also Mister International Cadiz 2014.

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Andrew Corvin by David Vance (4-Dec-2014)

Who could forget DNA #154 cover boy Andrew Corvin? He's teamed up with photographer David Vance for another sexy shoot.

Insta-Stud: Garret Taylor (4-Dec-2014)

He's a model, actor, musician, personal trainer, chemist and is today's DNA Insta-Stud. Give a warm welcome to Garret Taylor.

Blokes in Underwear (4-Dec-2014)

Are you in the mood to check out a few blokes wearing nothing but underwear? This is the blog post for you.

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Aussie Underwear Hotties

On the third day of Christmas my true love gave to me…. Three Aussie underwear hunks!

Calvin Brockington present Adam Gumula

We wish we looked as sexy as Adam Gumula does when he wears underwear. The gorgeous Soul Artist model wears gear by Todd Sanfield's underwear range and Rounderbum.

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Insta-Stud: Antonio Stephan (3-Dec-2014)

Today's DNA Insta-Stud is the totally handsome Antonio Stephan. We just stumbled across his Instagram page and it is full of sexy snaps.

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Skater Boy: João Victor Ribeiro (3-Dec-2014)

Are you into skater boys? Brazilian hottie João Victor Ribeiro strikes some poses for photographer Felipe Pilotto.

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Model Spotlight: Dax McClannahan (2-Dec-2014)

Today DNA is putting a model spotlight on 21-year-old Dax McClannahan. He's straight but is an advocate for the LGBT community. He’s from Orlando, Florida.

Victor Santiago presents Santiago Ferrari (2-Dec-2014)

We must say that this cat has excellent taste in men. Santiago Ferrari appeared on the DNA blog last month and we’re thrilled to see more of him.

Omar Sanchez by Jose Martínez (2-Dec-2014)

Here’s a handsome fella to kick off your Tuesday. This is Omar Sanchez.

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Insta-Stud: Levi Jackman Foster (2-Dec-2014)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud comes as a suggestion from Facebook fan Ryan. Say hello to Levi Jackman Foster.

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Brock Cooper by Ed Olen (1-Dec-2014)

Are you guys ready for another beach babe? This is Brock Cooper.

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William Munoz by Joseph Smileuske (1-Dec-2014)

Happy Monday! We’re kicking off another working week at DNA with William Munoz. William is 20-years-old and is Venezuelan.

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Davide Zongoli by Joan Crisol for Modus Vivendi (1-Dec-2014)

Have you guys seen the latest campaign for Modus Vivendi’s 2015 range? It features a sexy fella named Davide Zongoli who we don’t think has ever appeared on the DNA blog before.

Devon Spence Returns (1-Dec-2014)

It’s been a while but Devon Spence is back on the DNA blog. The cheeky model strikes some poses for photographer Filbert Kung.

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