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Underwear Hottie: Darius Williams (28-Feb-2015)

Are you ready for today’s underwear hottie? Darius Williams shows off his ridiculous bod in these snaps by Brian Jamie.

Saturday Stud: Diego Miguel (28-Feb-2015)

The delicious Diego Miguel is our Saturday Stud this week. He’s the face of a recent Kevin.Murphy campaign.

In Bed with Alexander Andy Cruz (28-Feb-2015)

We wouldn’t mind getting sexy between the sheets with Alexander Andy Cruz. He strikes some poses in the bedroom in these shots by Dusty St. Amand.

Cole Monahan Returns (28-Feb-2015)

The hunky Cole Monahan returns to the DNA blog (finally). He’s striking some poses for Charlie by Matthew Zink.

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Insta-Stud: Martin Iv (27-Feb-2015)

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that Martin Iv likes to take a selfie. We came to this conclusion after checking out his Instagram page.

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Flashback Friday: Rodiney Santiago (27-Feb-2015)

Today’s Flashback Friday post is dedicated to #159 cover model Rodiney Santiago. He appeared in a sexy shoot by photographer Leo Castro.

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Abs of the Day: Lucas Garcez (27-Feb-2015)

Check out the six pack on this stud! His name is Lucas Garcez and we think he spends at least 15 hours at the gym every day.

Celso Colaco presents Goncalo Teixeira (27-Feb-2015)

Anyone else feel like hitting the showers with Goncalo Teixeira? Things always get steamy when the water is turned on!

DNA #182 - Available Now (26-Feb-2015)

The new red hot issue of DNA is available now! Our cover boy this month is Leo Rico. See his shoot with JP Santamaria inside.

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2015 February Mate of the Month

Who was the hottest guy on the DNA blog this month? Vote now!

Quick Click: Josh Truesdell by Brian Jamie (26-Feb-2015)

Josh Truesdell is so damn handsome. He looks great in a suit!

Insta-Stud: Nikolas Lee (26-Feb-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud is the hunky Nikolas Lee. He’s a hopeless romantic and a bestselling author.

And The Winner Is Logan (26-Feb-2015)

Congratulations to Logan who won last week’s round of Mate of the Month. He came out on top with an impressive 31% of the vote and sails through to our finals.

Dogma Attack!

The day after Islamic fundamentalists murdered twelve people at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, a friend of mine ran into some trouble at a train station in Sydney. It was morning peak hour, and the station entrance was partially blocked by two people, an older man and a young girl, who were talking.

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Lucas by Michael Dar

Photographer Michael Dar has treated the DNA blog to a guy he’s recently been working with. Give a warm welcome to Lucas.

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Christopher Murdock by Paul Henry Serres

The man of steel is back! Christopher Murdock shows off his ridiculous bod in these artistic shots by Paul Henry Serres.

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Stas Kryshtal by Ben Abarbanel (25-Feb-2015)

Where would you rather be today? We kind of wish we were hanging out on a rooftop with a guy wearing very little clothing.

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Insta-Stud: Evan Nelson

What makes a perfect Insta-Stud for you? Here’s a fella who comes pretty close for us.

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Josh Owens by Wadley Photography (24-Feb-2015)

If we looked like Josh Owens we’d probably spend 12 hours a day checking ourselves out in the mirror. He strikes some poses for Wadley Photography.

Insta-Stud: Lucas (24-Feb-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud is a hottie named Lucas. Other than that, we don’t know an awful lot about him.

Skater Boy: Joao Chiaffitelli (24-Feb-2015)

Disclaimer: We WERE NOT listening to Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne when we stumbled across these pictures. We do, however, want Joao Chiaffitelli to take us for a ride on his board.

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Ryan Bertroche Returns (23-Feb-2015)

Are you a fan of floral prints? We wouldn’t mind taking a look at Ryan’s Garden of Eden...

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Louis Klein by Riley-McFarlane Photography (23-Feb-2015)

We wish we were hanging out on a rooftop with Louis Klein. We’ll happily settle for these photos though!

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Man-ic Monday: Bobby Penney (23-Feb-2015)

It’s the start of another working week (boo). But we have an attractive shirtless fella to check out (yay).

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Cooper Dang for Randy Blue (23-Feb-2015)

Randy Blue has some of the hottest guys in the porn industry! This fella is no exception.

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Insta-Stud: Calum Winsor (23-Feb-2015)

If you like guys who have ripped bods, sexy smiles, handsome good looks and who love taking selfies, here's you should be following on Instagram. His name is Calum Winsor.

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Insta-Stud: Gregory Nalbone (22-Feb-2015)

Gregory Nalbone may be the most attractive guy we’ve seen on Instagram…today. He has an incredible 79.1 thousand followers and a ridiculous amount of sexy photos.

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Fresh Face: Saville Dorfman (22-Feb-2015)

Who is Saville Dorfman and why has he never appeared on the DNA blog before? He’s represented by Soul Artist Management and poses for photographer Greg Vaughan.

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Celebrity Crush: Calvin Harris (22-Feb-2015)

What do you guys think of Calvin Harris? He’s a famous DJ and now a certified hottie.

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Quick Click: Anatoli Goncharov (22-Feb-2015)

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Anatoli Goncharov on the DNA blog and we were getting a bit worried. Turns out he’s still a model and is as good looking as we remember.

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Saturday Stud: Brandon Anthony (21-Feb-2015)

Happy Saturday. We’re kicking off the weekend on the DNA blog with a model spotlight. Brandon Anthony is a male model, music artist and choreographer living in New York City.

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Underwear Hottie: Walter Savage (21-Feb-2015)

Walter Savage was our Insta-Stud just a few days ago and now we’ve been sent some fresh snaps of the model. He sips on a Slurpee and shows off his ridiculous bod in these shots by photographer Marco Ovando.

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Beach Babe: Johan Bruinsma (21-Feb-2015)

Life would be a beach if we were living with Johan Bruinsma. The Brazilian takes off his shirt and chills by the ocean in these pics by Tino Vargas.

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Insta-Stud: Christian McElveen (21-Feb-2015)

He’s got a cute smile, handsome face and a pretty impressive body! Yep, Christian McElveen definitely has what it takes to be a DNA Insta-Stud.

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2015 February Mate of the Month: Week Three

Who was the hottest fella on the blog this week? Vote now!

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Insta-Stud: Franky Cammarata

Are you ready for today’s Insta-Stud? Franky Cammarata has appeared on the DNA blog before and has quite a huge fan base on Instagram.

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Jesse Lapointe by Paul Henry Serres

Need some gymspiration? These photos of Jesse Lapointe should do the trick.

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Flashback Friday: Willie Gomez for DNA Magazine (20-Feb-2015)

One of our most popular cover boys in recent months has been Willie Gomez. He’s danced with Britney, Kylie and Kesha and has earned a loving gay following in the process.

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Daniel Gregson by Nige Rorbach

Say hello to Daniel Gregson who is a personal trainer and footballer from Preston. He’s 23-year-old and we’re told he has a killer personality.

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Smile of the Day: Jonas Sulzbach (19-Feb-2015)

Hands up if you like a guy who smiles! Well, you’re going to love Jonas Sulzbach.

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Wong Sim presents Igor Augusto (19-Feb-2015)

Us: Mirror, mirror on the wall. Who’s the fairest of them all? Mirror: Igor Augusto!

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And The Winner Is Felipe Izing (19-Feb-2015)

Congratulations to Felipe Izing who is our Week Two champ for February Mate of the Month. There were some seriously sexy guys up for the vote this week by Felipe came out on top with 27% of the vote.

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Boy Next Door: Arad Winwin (18-Feb-2015)

Now this is our kind of bar! An attractive fella wearing very little clothing sipping on fancy alcoholic beverages. What's not to love?

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Hayden Su presents Yohendry Suarez (18-Feb-2015)

Photographer Hayden Su has sent us some shots of a model in various stages of undress. They’re of a fella named Yohendry Suarez.

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Mark Robson by Nige Rorbach (18-Feb-2015)

This is Mark Robson. Here are some fun facts about him.

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Insta-Stud: Chris Harder (18-Feb-2015)

So there’s a guy on Instagram called Chris Harder and he’s very easy on the eye. He describes himself as a porn stud, rent boy and NYC boylesque performer and dancer. He should add DNA Insta-Stud to his profile!

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Jared Ferguson by Paul Henry Serres (17-Feb-2015)

You know what would be a fantastic career? Rubbing oil on models like Jared Ferguson during photo shoots.

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Trevor Green presents Ricardo Arroyo (17-Feb-2015)

Atlanta based photographer Trevor Green has sent us some snaps of a fitness model we think you’ll like. Ricardo Arroyo was born and raised in Guayaquil, Ecuador, but now lives in Georgia.

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Insta-Stud: Andrea Denver (17-Feb-2015)

Here’s a fella who has appeared on the DNA blog a few times before. Andrea Denver has over 390 thousand Instagram followers and plenty of shirtless pics to match.

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Kim David Smith by Tyler Dean King (17-Feb-2015)

We first featured Kim David Smith on the blog last month and we can’t get enough of him. Last time we said we wanted to wash clothes on his abs but we really just want to check out his fit bod.

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Encore: Marvin and Nelson (16-Feb-2015)

A few days ago we shared some shots of adorable couple Marvin Garcia and Nelson Marin. They’re back in some more shots by photographer Rich Mackey.

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Insta-Stud: Walter Savage (16-Feb-2015)

Forget the secret life of Walter Mitty, we want to know the secret life of Walter Savage. Luckily for us he’s very active on Instagram.

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Federico Sarandon by Algabo (16-Feb-2015)

There must be something in the water in Argentina. Look how damn attractive their guys are.

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Greg Vaughan presents Domenique (16-Feb-2015)

Mondays are a whole lot easier to deal with when we have attractive men like Domenique to check out. He flaunts his bod in these pics by Greg Vaughan.

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Daniel Chaves by Jorge Deirigo (15-Feb-2015)

We’re no experts but we’re pretty sure building a house in the nude breaches some sort of safety rule. Still, we want to know where we can hire a naked builder!

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Quick Click: Oran Katan (15-Feb-2015)

We want Oran Katan to take us for a ride on his motorcycle. Then we want him to take off his shirt and show off his fit bod.

Insta-Stud: Fabio Mancini (15-Feb-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud is Italian Stallion Fabio Mancini. He’s an Armani Model and his Instagram profile gives us an insight of his life. He has over 13.3k followers.

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Underwear Hottie: Jabel Balbuena (15-Feb-2015)

This shoot makes us wish we lived in the country. Jabel Balbuena channels his inner farm boy for this Replay campaign.

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Rich Mackey presents Nelson and Marvin (14-Feb-2015)

Happy Valentine’s Day! Yes, February 14 is that day where we give each other love heart shaped cards and overpriced chocolate.

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Ways To Wrap Your Package for Valentine’s Day (14-Feb-2015)

Our friends at Flash Avenue Studio have sent us some cheeky suggestions of how to wrap your package for Valentine’s Day. Who are we to say no to good looking guys in underwear?

Ronnie Braithwait by Claudio Harris (14-Feb-2015)

Claudio Harris has sent us some material from his second zine project. British boy Ronnie Braithwait strips in this edition of N.U.D.E Zine.

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WATCH: Valentine’s Day with Topher (14-Feb-2015)

Are you alone this Valentine’s Day? Have no fear because you can spend it with Andrew Christian model Topher!

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2015 February Mate of the Month: Week Two (13-Feb-2015)

Who was the hottest guy on the DNA blog this week? Vote now!

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Bobby Creighton by Armando Adajar (13-Feb-2015)

Did you know that today is Friday the 13th? Well it is, but there’s nothing scary or supernatural about this shoot!

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And The Winner Is Thomas Keal

Congratulations are in order for Thomas Keal who won our first weekly round of February Mate of the Month for 2015. Thomas came out on top with 34% of the vote and sails into our finals.

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Underwear Hotties: Marcus and Izaak (13-Feb-2015)

We’re not exactly sure what’s going down in this locker room but we want to be apart of it! Aussie fellas Marcus and Izzak at CSA wear gear by 2Wink.

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Tom of Finland by Rufskin (12-Feb-2015)

We interrupt your busy schedule for an underwear update. Rufskin has just launched their Tom of Finland range and we’ve got some saucy shots of Logan to celebrate.

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The Basement by Hot Pixel (12-Feb-2015)

We don’t know where this basement is but we want in! We’re guessing it’s somewhere Down Under.

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Insta-Stud: Paul Vandervort (12-Feb-2015)

Who are you loving in the world of pretty filters and shirtless selfies today? It’s all about Paul Vandervort for us.

Eric White by Joseph Bleu (12-Feb-2015)

Is it just us or does Eric White get more naked every time we see him? We’re definitely not complaining.

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Encore: Orri Helgason by Daniel Jaems (11-Feb-2015)

A few days ago we posted some shots from Daniel Jaems’ recent Obsession #11 series. We loved them so much that we have some more to share.

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Insta-Stud: Leo Ryan Burke (11-Feb-2015)

Do you guys miss watching Leo in the Big Brother house every day? Have no fear because he has an Instagram page and posts plenty of shirtless shots.

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Underwear Hottie: Alexandre Cunha (11-Feb-2015)

Do you think it would be hard being an underwear model? Alexandre wears an array of underwear in these snaps by Kai Z Feng.

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Model Spotlight: Jason Ray (11-Feb-2015)

CSA Models Australia have sent us a selection of photos of a guy we think you’ll like. Jason Ray shows off his fit bod for an array of photographers including Hot Pixel, Glamshot Photography and Ben Riches.

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DNA Cover Boy Enters I’m A Celeb Jungle (10-Feb-2015)

Tim wear Diesel underwear and vintage necklace worn as bracelet.

Things just got a whole lot sexier in the African Jungle. Former DNA cover boy Tim Robards joined the cast of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! last night with his girlfriend.

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Rick Day presents Josh Owens (10-Feb-2015)

You guys know the drill by now. Rick Day photographs attractive guy.

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Felipe Izing by Didio (10-Feb-2015)

Once again we find ourselves becoming increasingly jealous of a towel. Felipe Izing wears a towel in these pics by Didio.

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Insta-Stud: Tyson Mayr (10-Feb-2015)

Have you been tuning into I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here!? If so, you may recognise this stunning creature.

Danny by César Ochoa (10-Feb-2015)

Give a warm welcome to César Ochoa who is making his DNA blog debut today. He’s a Montreal based photographer and has sent us some shots of Danny.

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Orri Helgason by Daniel Jaems (9-Feb-2015)

Photographer Daniel Jaems has shared some special snaps from his recent Obsession #11 series. Orri Helgeson is a Versace catwalk star and is signed to Next in London, Elite in Copenhagen and 2Morrow in Milan.

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Ruben van Waas by Tatchatrin Choeychom (9-Feb-2015)

Tatchatrin Choeychom is a photographer based in Amsterdam who loves creating stories with a cinematic approach. He’s sent us his recent shoot with 21-year-old Ruben van Waas.

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Underwear Hunk: Cristiano Ronaldo (9-Feb-2015)

Cristiano Ronaldo just launched his Spring/Summer collection for CR7. Like a champ Cristiano models his own underwear.

Quick Click: Stephane and Kyle Get Flexible (9-Feb-2015)

We wouldn’t mind getting flexible and physical with these two. Stephane and Kyle are French acrobats from Les Farfadais.

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Hudson Blake Leogrande by Thomas Synnamon (8-Feb-2015)

Hudson Blake Leogrande totally has that “boy next door” charm about him. We’d be finding all sorts of excuses to visit him if he was our neighbour.

Insta-Stud: Jack Mackenroth (8-Feb-2015)

Jack Mackenroth is not just a pretty face (and pretty body). He is the creator of the HIV Shower Selfie Challenge which recently blew up on social media.

Wallis Ruiz takes a Shower (8-Feb-2015)

Need something to “wet” your appetite? How about some pics of a handsome man taking a shower?

Serge Lee presents Renato Freitas (8-Feb-2015)

We want to go into the bush with Renato Freitas. That sounded a little inappropriate but you know what we mean!

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Armando Adajar presents Andrej T (7-Feb-2015)

Andrej T is ready for his close up! He shows off some gear by Timoteo in these snaps by photographer Armando Adajar.

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Insta-Stud: Thomas Keal (7-Feb-2015)

Thomas Keal got us all hot and bothered and he first appeared on the DNA blog earlier this week. Turns out he has an Instagram account and posts heaps of selfies and modelling shots.

Photography Spotlight: Sherrod Bolden (7-Feb-2015)

Happy weekend everyone! Who are you having breakfast with? Sherrod Bolden has shared his recent shoot with us.

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Xavier Samre presents Rafael Licks (7-Feb-2015)

We wonder what would happen if Rafael Licks got wet and we fed him after midnight. We don't think he would into a Gremlin, but maybe we could take him out for a midnight snack and have a spa with him just to make sure.

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2015 February Mate of the Month: Week One (6-Feb-2015)

Who was the hottest guy on the DNA blog this week? Vote now!

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Carter Wilson by Michael Dar (6-Feb-2015)

Today’s gymspiration comes in the shape of blond babe Carter Wilson. He’s represented by Crew Models International and gets fitter every time we see him.

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January Mate of the Month 2015 - Quinton Wynn (6-Feb-2015)

The votes are in and we have a January Mate of the Month for 2015. Congratulations to Quinton Wynn who DNA readers have voted as our Mr January.

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Insta-Stud: Dan Rockwell (6-Feb-2015)

Need some gymspiration or a fit lad to follow on Instagram? Dan Rockwell is your guy.

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Travis H. Lane presents Ali Haidar (5-Feb-2015)

We want Travis H. Lane’s job! He gets to work with all the good looking guys.

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Ruben Santana Pumps It (5-Feb-2015)

Do you like bodybuilders? If so, here’s a fella who might take your fancy. His name is Ruben Santana.

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Joshua Trusty by Kevin D. Hoover (5-Feb-2015)

We’re not the jealous type but we wish we looked like Joshua Trusty when we woke up. Or when we were pulling down our singlet to cover our junk.

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Insta-Stud: Leon Araujo (5-Feb-2015)

He’s buff, sexy, shirtless and loves a good selfie. Say hello to Leon Araujo who is today’s DNA Insta-Stud.

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Enzo Carini by Alecandre Eustache (4-Feb-2015)

It’s getting hot in here so take off all your clothes. We wonder if that track by Nelly was playing during this shoot?

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Charlie Matthews by Sonny Tong (4-Feb-2015)

Charlie Matthews is back in some portfolio updates by Sonny Tong. He strikes some poses for all those armpit lovers out there.

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Chris Connor by Hayden Su

We’re thrilled to welcome Chris Connor back to the DNA blog. Chris is from Ohio and has teamed up with photographer Hayden Su for this shoot.

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Kyle Crain by Joseph Bleu (3-Feb-2015)

We have a couple of blank walls here at the DNA office. We were going to find some art to hang up but we might just get Kyle Crain to stand in front of them instead.

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Josh Truesdell by Joseph Lally (3-Feb-2015)

Is it just us or did you guys get hypnotised by Josh Truesdell’s eyes as well? Or was it his fit bod?

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Thomas Keal by Brian Jamie (3-Feb-2015)

Peace, man! Or girl power if you grew up in the nineties!

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Insta-Stud: Jeff (3-Feb-2015)

Today’s DNA Insta-Stud comes as a suggestion from DNA fan Arthur. Let’s just say Arthur has great taste in men.

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Abs of the Day: Demian Overduyn (2-Feb-2015)

So Demian Overduyn has a six pack that totally looks like an eight pack. We’ve had to look over these photos very closely to confirm the numbers.

Quick Click: Sebastian B (2-Feb-2015)

Are you ready for a Mexican model? This is Sebastian B.

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Underwear Hunk: Erasmo Viana (2-Feb-2015)

If you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere we hope you’re keeping warm in the freezing temperatures. These shots of Erasmo Viana are a reminder that winter will end and summer will be heading your way again soon.

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Sergio Marone by Marcos Serra Lima (2-Feb-2015)

We wonder what Sergio Marone is doing in the surf with his clothes on. If he gets caught in a rip we’d volunteer to give him mouth to mouth.

Insta-Stud: David Sanz (2-Feb-2015)

We wish someone as good looking and shirtless as David Sanz would cook us breakfast. He’s our Insta-Stud of the day.

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Fran Otero by Adrian C. Martin (1-Feb-2015)

If fairy tales have taught us anything it’s that nothing good usually comes from heading into the woods. They obviously didn’t see Fran Otero in the forest!

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Markus Ricci by Fabio Xavier (1-Feb-2015)

Smile: Tick Abs: Tick Handsome face: Tick Looks good in underwear: Tick DNA cover boy: Tick

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Tyler James by Jarrod Carter (1-Feb-2015)

Gold Coast photographer Jarrod Carter has treated the DNA blog to a model he recently worked with. This is Tyler James.

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Thymios Karagiannis by Nicolas Aristdou (1-Feb-2015)

We’re feeling lazy like a Sunday morning. Probably because it is a Sunday morning!

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