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ON THE COVER Chris Glebatsas by Kevin McDermott


The Ed’s Letter What’s he on about this month?
Burnttoast Readers’ sex lives revealed!
Month In A Minute Have you been paying attention?
Loving Tatts, crime, trans teens…!
Boy’s Toys Introducing “Bam Bam” Bamford.
Music reviews Beyonce, Taylor, Mary J…
Book reviews Bare Strength, Gay Berlin and more.
Nuttier…Dedicated to “Dr Chaps”.
Dear Diva Gay dilemmas, solved!
Straight Mate Glamorous Eddie Izzard.
Common Mortals You can’t make this up!
Opinion Ari Gold on tops and bottoms.
Destination Design Cool in Cape Town.
Grooming Popping Jesse’s day spa cherry.
Grooming Fragrances reviewed by Lee Kynasten.
DNA PT Mike Campbell on core strength.
The Back Passage Bianca Del Rio plays nice.
Urban Homo The ghost of underwear past.


Imitation Game The Alan Turing film reviewed.
Matthew Garwood That tattooed tenor.
Boystown The sexy serial, killing it.
At The Movies Coming soon for Mardi Gras.
Sarah McKenzie… may make you love jazz.
DJ Mason Andrews Rock the discotheque!


The Big Picture Sydney Mardi Gras in wide frame.
Let’s Go Outside Ethan James’ field research.


The Bigger The Better? Anabolic steroids are all the rage for the gay gym set, but the allure of more muscles masks something stronger. Personal Trainer Francis Mossman takes a look in the mirror.
A Gay Man Walks Into A Bar… From hysterical blindness to outrageous visibility, John Richards traces the history of the gay comedian.
Big Time With his partner in life and love, Chris Glebatsas is the face of his own, award-winning men’s skin care range, has a daughter and a legion of social media fans. He knows how to rock a pair of briefs, too!


Under_Score! Your guide to good undies.
Psyched Make a splash in your smalls.
Photography by Marco Ovando.


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