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ON THE COVER Kayne Lawton, Photographed by Ian Chang   Comments.








  • Leading Man Candy It was once presumed that to have a big voice you needed to be big around the middle. Not anymore. Welcome opera’s new breed of belter – fit and fantastic.
  • Fit At Any Age Why is it harder to do now what you did easily at 16, and yet a middle-aged man can still outrun you? Learn the mysteries of the male body and your best strategy for keeping up.
  • A Tale Of Mud And Ice Transitioning from rugby to the bobsleigh isn’t heard of every day in Australian sports. Then again, Simon Hargrave isn’t your everyday Aussie sportsman.
  • Out Of Bounds The Australian Football League is the only all-male institution where gay men supposedly don’t exist. What’s behind this conspiracy of silence and when will we be able to come out and play?
  • The Great Eight Don’t follow those fickle fads in the weight room – get back to basics and look your best naked, with Francis Mossman.
  • Are We Cool Yet? Serbia is known for its brutal history, brawny men and Baltic wars. Twenty years after the last conflict, Belgrade is billing itself as a bastion of new European cool. Is it true, asks Marc Andews.




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