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ON THE COVER Omar Betancourt by Abel Cruz  Comments.







  • GAY GROOMING GUIDE 2015 Top-to-toe tips, hot-or-not trends, and the year’s closest shaves. Will Fennell’s comprehensive grooming guide keeps the modern gay man looking his finest – with silver foxes at the front of the pack!
  • FRESHEN UP! Tired of looking tired? Follow Dr Zac's five steps to a fresher, more youthful looking complexion.
  • TAN-JECTIBLES For an all-over tan the DIY prick of a peptide is growing in popularity, and it beats skin cancer!


  • ADDICTION’S ICE AGE To play a man addicted to crystal meth, actor Francis Mossman wasn’t about to go method. But he injected his role with what he learned mining the trappings of this gay pandemic. He meets Josh and Henry, two gay men who have experienced the dark depths of the “Devil’s rug” – and lived to tell.
  • SPACEBOY KEEPS SWINGING David Bowie was the bisexual alien rock superstar who sold genderfuck to the world. It’s also claimed he was the first pop star to declare that he was gay – even though he wasn’t. But in embracing his “otherness” Bowie changed music, art, media and the very nature of fame. Ahead of a retrospective exhibition on his career, Steve Pafford explains why “Dame David” remains the most relevant, reinvented and revolutionary pop artist alive today.
  • MESSAGE OF LOVE Tolerance, acceptance and respect became the unofficial themes of the Mr Gay World 2015 competition held in South Africa. And the winner is… Klaus Burkhart, Germany!
  • MASTER STROKE A 10 question quickie for New Zealand’s out and proud Olympic rower, Robbie Manson.



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