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ON THE COVER Matthew Clarke, photographed by Elvis De Fazio.   Comments.





GEORGE PERRIS A crooner for swooners.
LOUDLY UNSPOKEN Messages received.  
TROYE SIVAN Everything you need to know.
PRIDE! The movie review you have to read!


JUST NOT CRICKET! When did this sport get so sexy?
ON THE COVER Could cover guy Matt Clarke get any sexier? Yes, as it turns out!



  • PROVNCETOWN Is it all just a bit snoozy for an international gay party boy like Marc Andrews?



  • ANDY BELL As part of Erasure, he's an elder statesman of electro-pop, but there's more than meets the eye to this enduring musician.
  • BATMAN Holy subtext, Batman, it looks like we're gay as! Why is pop culture so intent on outing the Caped Crusader and his Boy Wonder?
    DRAWN THAT WAY They're here, they're queer and they're not even real! How cartoon characters are emerging from the animation closet.
    MR GAY WORLD The beach! The pool! The national costumes! Highlights from the finals, held in Rome last September.  
    AND THE WINNER IS... Meet Stuart Hatton Jr, the winner of Mr Gay World 2014. How did this ginger, ballroom dancing sci-fi geek beat the pack?
    DNA VS MR GAY WORLD What happens when DNA takes seven hot Mr Gay World finalists to the beach in swimwear and says, "You better work!"
    BARON CORVO Historic homo alert! Jesse Archer reports on this obnoxious, ungrateful but undoubtedly genius literary figure.
    COCKY BOYS Meet the Morecocks – a sexy throuple (three-way relationship) making some of the hottest and most critically-acclaimed porn around.



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