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WE (HEART) ANTHONY CALLEA All you need to know. MEN OF AUSTRALIA Revealling the hottest Aussie spunks. QUEER EYE'S WILL FENNELL "I'm hot for hunky, older men!" MARDI GARS MOMENTS Sexy studs, daring dykes and
demented drag - a gallery of great Mardi Gras parade pics. IT STARTED WITH A RIOT Diane Minnis was at the first Mardi
Gras in 1978 and she recalls how the peaceful parade erupted
into a violent street battle with the police. DJ, DRAG QUEEN, TOURIST Meet the stars of our fashion story. BOYS KEEP SWINGING Why many gay couple choose to swing
and how they handle the extra men in their lives. DAVID WENHAM Diver Dan is our straight mate of the month. THE PROMISED LAND Jerusalem is to host World Pride in
August this year. We look at gay life in Israel and Palestine. DOING THE DARWIN DUDES In search of the Top End's sexy,
straight-acting gay breed... and finding them! POPSTAR/PORN STAR His name is J and he's simultaneously
launching two very different showbiz careers.


PARTY PEOPLE Welcome to DNA's Mardi Gras fashion party. KNOTTY BUT NICE Show a little restraint in the bedroom.


BURNTTOAST DNA readers have their say. SAMPLES The erotic couch inspired by DNA, SpongeBob - is he
queer?, funky kilts, the Melbourne Queer Film Festival. HEALTH What exactly is Special K and what is the K hole? BOOKS The latest gay fiction reviewed. MUSIC The Chemical Brothers, Cafe Latte, Departure Lounge,
Robert Downey Jr, Bloc Party, Bent. DVD Saved!, Evita, Daddy And The Muscle Academy, The
Celluloid Closet, Nowhere, Father And Son. URBAN HOMO The gym, the trade, the pool man... the truth!
Daniel wears Twisted Sister briefs by Will Munro, rope and tape from Mr S.

Neal wears jeans from Chetcuti, Premonition T-shirt and Aussie Bum underwear.

Mathias wears Bike jockstrap from Aussie Boys, Joe The Taxi Driver mesh top and CEO wrist cuffs.

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Cham wears Jacques Tchong camouflage hot pants.