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COVER BOY Matt Walch on being a sexy, firefighting cowboy!
COLTON FORD From porn to pop.
DESPERATE HOUSEMAN Meet Marc Cherry of Wysteria Lane.
ROBERT LUKETIC Is he the new king of high camp?
OUT COUNTRY Tony Eales breaks the mould of country music.
BOYS GRAMMAR The horrors of bullying exposed.
BODYROCKERS "We like the way gay men move!"
TARNATION MAN Redefining the biographical documentary.
COWBOYS AND ANGELS Out and about in gay Limmerick.
BUTTERBOY You won't believe what he's making his lube out of.
ANDY QUAN Mastering the smart-but-sexy one-handed read.
AUGUSTEN BURROUGHS A revealling interview with the writer.
LOVE ONLINE Meet five couples who found love in cyberspace.
OUTBACK DAN The lovable, unlikely hero of Outback House.
HOT COPS ...and why we love them!
BOBBY CANNAVALE And speaking of hot cops, here's Bobby!
INDIA The photographer's paradise.


CRIMINAL ACCESSORIES Belts, bum bags, jewellery and, er,
fresh white undies!
FORMAL AFFAIR Dressing up to get down and dirty.


BURNTTOAST DNA readers have their say.
SMS BOYS Download your favourite DNA model to your phone.
SAMPLES Rocket science, sci-fi and Motorola phones to win!
STYLE Pink! A celebration of the new black.
BOOKS The latest gay fiction reviewed.
OUR STRAIGHT MATES Rodger Corser from Last Man Standing.
MUSIC Coldplay, Armand Van Helden, Cheezy Cuts, Benassi
Bros, Telepopmusik, Black Eyed Peas.
DVD Serial Mom, Morrissey live In Manchester, Happy Together,
Bjork, Boat Trip, Mary J Blige live from the House Of Blues.
URBAN HOMO Is he the new George Michael? Probably not!

Ryan wears D2 belts.

Justin smokes pipe from The Hollywood Smoke Shop, LA.

Brandon wears Ben Sherman bag, 3 Skin belt and C-in2 briefs.

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Rusty wears Energie belt pack.