To view your subscription details:

You can view all your subscription details in your Account including:
- your subscription duration;
- the date your issues were shipped.
- your access instructions for any subscription offers;
- the current shipping address your subscription is being sent to;
- messages from DNA confirming address changes;



To change your subscription address:

All subscription address changes must be done through DNAsupport - changing your address online in MyDetails will not change your subscription address.

The cut-off date for subscription address changes for DNA #211 is:-

    Thursday 13th July 2017.



To view when each issue of your subscription was sent:

We update your Account with the date we mail out each individual issue of your subscription.

If an issue is returned to DNA as Undeliverable, we will notify you through DNAsupport as well as updating your Account with a message.

The next issue to be mailed will be
DNA #211 which will be mailed on:-

Friday 14th July 2017.


To report a missing issue:

Whilst each issue will arrive within days of printing each month -  postal and/or customs delays may occasionally occur.

Please allow the following time to pass before reporting a missed issue to DNA:-

Australian subscribers: 21 business days
International subscribers: 28 business days

If your issue has not arrived after this time frame, please let us know by clicking below:



To renew a subscription:


You can renew a subscription at any time, even if it has yet to expire.

If you are renewing and you do not know when your subscription expires, select the following option when subscribing:

Subscription starting issue: 209 or when my existing (or lapsed) subscription expires (or expired).




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United Kingdom Toll Free:
0808 1648 DNA
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All other countries:
+61 2 8999 1DNA
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*Our business hours are
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