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Ryan Ciser by Ryan E Wibawa (1-Mar-2015)

Sunday is finally here and we’re celebrating with a lad who is very easy on the eye. His name is Ryan Ciser.

Glitter by Andrew Christian (1-Mar-2015)

The Andrew Christian Trophy Boys are back in their latest video. An array of our favourites get touchy-feely with each other.

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Rick Day presents Quentin Bruno (1-Mar-2015)

Rick Day is back with another handsome lad. This is Quentin Bruno who we don’t think has ever appeared on the DNA blog before.

Quick Click: Karl Simone presents Bobby Penney (1-Mar-2015)

Bobby Penney looks like he needs some help taking off his pants. We volunteer!

Underwear Hottie: Darius Williams (28-Feb-2015)

Are you ready for today’s underwear hottie? Darius Williams shows off his ridiculous bod in these snaps by Brian Jamie.

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Saturday Stud: Diego Miguel (28-Feb-2015)

The delicious Diego Miguel is our Saturday Stud this week. He’s the face of a recent Kevin.Murphy campaign.

In Bed with Alexander Andy Cruz (28-Feb-2015)

We wouldn’t mind getting sexy between the sheets with Alexander Andy Cruz. He strikes some poses in the bedroom in these shots by Dusty St. Amand.

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Cole Monahan Returns (28-Feb-2015)

The hunky Cole Monahan returns to the DNA blog (finally). He’s striking some poses for Charlie by Matthew Zink.

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Insta-Stud: Martin Iv (27-Feb-2015)

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that Martin Iv likes to take a selfie. We came to this conclusion after checking out his Instagram page.

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Flashback Friday: Rodiney Santiago (27-Feb-2015)

Today’s Flashback Friday post is dedicated to #159 cover model Rodiney Santiago. He appeared in a sexy shoot by photographer Leo Castro.

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#PashFest Campaign Hits Social Media (27-Feb-2015)

Have you guys seen the #Pashfest movement on social media yet? It’s about sending a message that it’s ok to have images depicting same-sex attracted guys and gals kissing in the public domain.

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Poll: What Colours Do You See On This Dress? (27-Feb-2015)

What colours do you see on this dress? This photo is currently doing the rounds on the interwebs and people looking at the exact same picture are seeing different colours. Is it black and blue or white and gold?

WATCH: The Feed - Why Aren’t There More Men Kissing On Tv? (26-Feb-2015)

Did any of you guys catch The Feed on SBS2 last night? Marc Fennell and the crew wanted to know why there weren’t more man-on-man kisses on television shows.

WATCH: Modelling for Ross Watson Nude Painting (25-Feb-2015)

Have you ever wondered what it would be like modelling nude for an artist? Two of Ross Watson’s models, Jamieson and Nathan, describe their experiences in this new clip.

WATCH: Bromance by Bertil Nilsson (25-Feb-2015)

Here’s a three-way bromance you’ve probably never seen before. Bertil Nilsson’s short film explores “the intimacy of physical interaction between guys”.


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Irony of Ironies

After seeing the cover of #182 I couldn't wait to see the spread inside. A big smile ...

  20-Feb-2015 18:32 replies: 0

Stephen Fry's Engagement

Lots of chatter (much of it negative) about Stephen Fry's engagement to his 27 year old ...

  8-Jan-2015 12:14 replies: 0

Thought police

I just finished reading the opinion piece regarding "offensive words". It seems to me that this has just gotten out of hand. The article provided a list of words that GLAAD has deemed defamatory. It doesn't seem to me that any organization has the responsibility to mandate what is acceptable and what is not. Their list of unacceptable terms includes "homo", "homosexual", and "gay lifestyle" among others. I can't find anything offensive about those words or phrases. I find the frequent use of the word "queer" to be offensive, yet I recognize that other people do not. Should I be offended every time I read or hear that work? I think the alphabet soup of letters (ie., LGBTQQIA) that are sometimes used to identify us is ridiculous, should I be bothered by that?

  29-Dec-2014 8:04 replies: 1

From The Editor

Dogma Attack!

The day after Islamic fundamentalists murdered twelve people at the Charlie Hebdo office in Paris, a friend of mine ran into some trouble at a train station in Sydney. It was morning ...


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Changing Times

A few years ago, I shared an apartment with someone who was in the process of transitioning from being a girl to being a boy. When I interviewed prospective housemates, this young man asked me, “Do you have a problem with transsexuals?”...


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Damned If They Do

The Australian government’s policy of refoulement is killing genuine refugees Christopher Isherwood, author of Goodbye To Berlin, knew when the party was over.


My Mr Gay World Madness!

“To present the next award, please welcome to the stage the Editor of DNA magazine, Andrew Creagh.” WTF? It’s nice to be asked to present something at an awards ceremony, but it’s also nice to be asked in advance. And it’s kinda nice to be ready backstage to go on, rather than be sitting in the audience when you’re announced!...


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All About Africa

And now for a little good news… Regular readers will be all-too familiar with the bleak stories of gay and lesbian oppression that come out of Uganda, Nigeria, ...

And now for a little good news… Regular readers will be all-too familiar with the bleak stories of gay and lesbian oppression that come out of Uganda, Nigeria, Zimbabwe and Egypt. So when I heard that the government of Botswana had called for greater human rights recognition across Africa – including LGBTI rights – I thought it would be a great opportunity to write something positive for a change. more