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Insta-Stud: Dean McCarthy (15-Feb-2016)

Aussie born Hollywood living, Dean McCarthy is today’s Insta-Stud. Not only is he stunning, he is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet.

Lucky 8 - Part 7 (15-Feb-2016)

Libra and Kevin are the dynamic duo on today’s DNA website. The seventh installment for Chinese New Year, these beautiful guys were shot by the talented West Phillips.

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Want to know a little secret about Justas?

Justas is back on the DNA website and looking hotter than ever! Want to know his secret to how he looks so fit?

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Insta-Stud: Brian (14-Feb-2016)

Brian is today’s Insta-Stud. He looks good in speedos, boardies in fact anything he puts on looks good.

The Lucky 8 - Part 6 (14-Feb-2016)

The Chinese New Year celebrations continue on the DNA website with this simple but elegant shoot by photographer West Phillips. Sean is coy, teasing us with just a hint of his slim but sculpted body.

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Get cosy with Kouri

Meet Kouri Letior the upcoming model/actor who is ready to break into the industry. The Puerto Rican model has done background work for TV shows and commercials and aspires to become a world recognised model.

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Insta-Stud: Landon Falgoust (13-Feb-2016)

Check out this hottie!! The beautiful Landon is today's Insta-Stud, we are sure you will agree why we've featured him. We’ve scrolled through his Instagram and found some of the most delicious pics of the much loved model.

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The Lucky 8 - Part 5 (13-Feb-2016)

We are LOVING the submissions from our photographers to celebrate Chinese New Year. Today we are treated to pics of the sexy Jason from photographer West Phillips.

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Roman from Russia

Famous ES underwear model Roman from Russia is going to be a winner on the DNA website today. With his beautiful body can intense eyes, he is everything that is the definition of the man we’d like to meet … and then take home!

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Big Boy Billy! (12-Feb-2016)

Check out Billy! Photographer John Bortolin, the man behind the photo books Manscapes, has kindly shared some of his amazing photography with us.

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LOVE is in the air for Ian Thorpe (14-Feb-2016)

After a troubled couple of years battling with depression and hiding his sexuality, it’s great to see Olympic Games champion Ian Thorpe happy and in love. Word is out that Thorpe is dating Perth based legal student and model Ryan Channing.

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DNA HashTag investigation #speedo (12-Feb-2016)

It’s summer all year round on the internet, and when it’s summer time, it’s speedo time! Yep those ever so tight hugging swim wear are this weeks DNA HashTag investigation.

POLL: What are you doing this Valentine's Day? (12-Feb-2016)

If you love it or hate it Valentines Day is upon us again. We’re interested in finding out what you’re up to on the much celebrated day.

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DNA MOTM February 2016 Week Two (11-Feb-2016)

Here we go again, another week of picking your favourite hottie! There is so much muscle on the website this week, it’s hard (giggles) to choose a favourite.

DNA MOTM February 2016 Week One Winner! (11-Feb-2016)

There was no competition this week, Derek is by far your favourite DNA Mate Of The Month for week one in Feb 2016. Although, we think Derek had some help from his social media followers ;)

What are you doing this Valentine's Day?

What are you doing this Valentine's Day?



From The Editor

Confession time...

For all its 22 seasons, I only ever watched one episode of America’s Next Top Model. I remember one aspiring girl astride an elephant that sprayed her with water from its trunk. She clung ...

For all its 22 seasons, I only ever watched one episode of America’s Next Top Model. I remember one aspiring girl astride an elephant that sprayed her with water from its trunk. She clung to a wet sarong that threatened to reveal more than even her gynaecologist had seen, while an off-screen fashionista urged her to “find the sexy” and “bring something special” and “make it her own”. more


Let’s waste $160 million!

Australia doesn’t need a marriage equality plebiscite; we need simple fairness.  


Taylor Swift who?

Making the grade in our Entertainment Issue. The DNA office went quiet. No one could look me in the eye. Suddenly everyone remembered important things they were supposed to be doing elsewhere. What had I done?


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It's Time To Go, Tony

If only it were this easy… “Australia, to the diary room.” “Hello Big Brother.” “Australia, who do you nominate for eviction?”


Our Messy Alphabet Soup (20-Aug-2015)

Or, why there’s no “me” in LGBT.


DNA Forum - more...

Eliminate the 'gay panic' defence from Queensland law #gaypanic

A loophole in Queensland common law allows for people accused of murder to defend themselves in ...

  13-Feb-2016 20:09 replies: 0


Gotta ask - why no Asian men on the cover?

  13-Feb-2016 18:04 replies: 0

Wrestling Hunks

Whatever you think of pro-wrestling there is no doubt a bevy of magnificent bodies, wearing very ...

  13-Feb-2016 18:02 replies: 2

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