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Russian Hunk Shows Off Sexy Bod At Beach (25-Nov-2015)

We want to build sandcastles at the beach with this Russian hottie. Actually, we just want to check out his stunning bod.

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Colin Alexander Is The Cutest Guy We’ve Seen On Instagram Today (25-Nov-2015)

Say hello to Colin Alexander. He has to be the cutest guy we’ve seen on Instagram today.

Beach Bod Week Day Three: Leo Ryan Burke (25-Nov-2015)

Wowza! Remember when this hottie appeared in the Big Brother house last year? Leo Ryan Burke is also a two-time DNA cover model and has a bangin’ beach bod.

We Want To Train With The Sexy Zachary Hancock (25-Nov-2015)

We wouldn’t mind training with this hottie. Zachary Hancock is a personal trainer and has launched a website with training sessions and nutrition plans.

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We Want To Paint Erik Ramos’ Body (24-Nov-2015)

Who knew body paint could look this hot? 21-year-old Erik Ramos is making his DNA blog debut today in these snaps by photographer Christian Femat.

Shirtless Stud Lionel Lopez Returns In Special Swimwear Encore (24-Nov-2015)

A few days ago we posted some racy snaps of Lionel Lopez. We loved him so much that he’s back for a special encore shoot.

Beach Bod Week Day Two: Peter and Constantine

Today is the second day of Beach Bod Week on the DNA blog and we have two sexy fellas for your viewing pleasure. Peter Porte (Ford) and Constantine Rousouli posed in our Tahiti Honeymoon special for DNA #175.

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We’re Very Interested In What’s In Miguel’s Pants (24-Nov-2015)

We’re very interested in what’s in Miguel Basilio’s pants. It seems like he is, too.

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Six Shots of Alex Crockford’s Six Pack (23-Nov-2015)

Mondays are pretty swell when we have sexy lads with stunning six packs to check out. Alex Crockford shows off his abs in these snaps by photographer Jose Pope.

Where Are They Now? DNA #93 Cover Boy Dennis Batbayli (23-Nov-2015)

Remember our stunning #93 cover boy Dennis Batbayli? He heated up DNA back in 2007 and he’s still smokin’ hot in 2015.

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Photographer Dylan Rosser To Release Naked Ibiza Book (24-Nov-2015)

One of DNA’s favourite photographers is set to release an incredible, large scale photography book featuring some of the hunkiest men on the planet. Naked Ibiza by Dylan Rosser includes male nudes photographed on location in Ibiza over the last four years.

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Modern Family Star Casually Reveals He’s Gay (24-Nov-2015)

Do we have any Modern Family fans out there? Reid Ewing who plays Dylan on the hit show casually came out on Twitter.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt Pashes James Corden (23-Nov-2015)

Oh. My. God. James Corden is one lucky man.

Hot Models Shows You How To Extend The Life Of Your Swimwear In Hot New Video (20-Nov-2015)

Looking for some ways to extend the life of your swimwear? Danilo Borgato has teamed up with CA-Rio-Ca for a sexy new clip.

Durex Is Campaigning For A Condom Emoji (20-Nov-2015)

Durex just launched a campaign to get the official Emoji makers to include a condom in their next update. They tell us that 84% of 16-25 year olds say they are more comfortable talking about sex using emojis.

The People Have Spoken

Who Should Have Been Named People Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive Instead Of David Beckham?



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'Closet Cases'

I am perplexed by the responses from gay posters who cry 'foul' whenever one posts a comment that they think some celeb hunk is gay! Their reaction is 'how dare you suggest that so and so is gay! He is an ally of ours (oh yeah, they post (celeb) that they are'  friends of  Dorothy' and want to show their support of the gay community !) and we should respect their empathy for us and not try to suggest that they might be gay! The 'posters' responses seem to suggest that being gay is a mark of shame and we must not vilify these poor souls by suggesting that they are gay! Has anyone else come to this conclusion?...

  25-Nov-2015 3:12 replies: 0

PLEASE HELP-WHat is it????

HI Can any one tell me what is the name of the shoes fromthe cover of magazine #188??? ...

  22-Nov-2015 3:32 replies: 1

Current Survey re Holidays

Having voted in the curent survey I am reminded of the time some friends asked me to go camping ...

  5-Nov-2015 13:23 replies: 0

From The Editor

Taylor Swift who?

Making the grade in our Entertainment Issue. The DNA office went quiet. No one could look me in the eye. Suddenly everyone remembered important things they were supposed to be doing elsewhere. What had I done?


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It's Time To Go, Tony

If only it were this easy… “Australia, to the diary room.” “Hello Big Brother.” “Australia, who do you nominate for eviction?”


Our Messy Alphabet Soup (20-Aug-2015)

Or, why there’s no “me” in LGBT.


Not Cool To Be Cruel (29-Jun-2015)

Could we be our own worst enemies?


Drag Time

Out of the gay bars and onto the small screen! Lip-synching drag dolls are finding an international stage – and why not?