Hunk Encore: Jason Sokody

Date: 28-Jul-2009

Big muscle man Jason Sokody got you guys all excited a few months back...

... well, here's some more of the sexy beast of a man.

Woof, woof, woof!

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Nice butt but too many tatts.

posted by Someguy on 28-Jul-2009 0:22


Wonder does he cum preoiled up, or just carries the oil with him for just the rite occassion?...Nice fucking ass though

posted by doncore8in on 28-Jul-2009 2:04


Oh my GOOOOD!!!!!!!

posted on 28-Jul-2009 3:54

Big muscles aren't always my thing, but his face, tats, and ass make him irresistible!

posted by jjones71 on 28-Jul-2009 6:42


great muscles & even greater arse

posted on 28-Jul-2009 9:45

he's so fucking hot it's not funny! love the look of his hard shiny body, and great armpits too.

would love to cop a greasy fisting from him, especially from the one with the tattoo on his forearm.

posted on 28-Jul-2009 12:57

Jason has my vote for hunk of the year!
I have been looking for a butt shot of him (without success).
Thanks for giving me what I have SO longed for!!!

posted on 28-Jul-2009 17:26

Jase is a sex bomb.Def a runner for hunk of the year

posted by sonnyS on 28-Jul-2009 18:46

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