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Kayne Lawton by Ian Chang

Kayne Lawton by Ian Chang

We are always looking for hot new content for our daily DNA website and social media posts.

Send your photo submissions to [email protected] or send the HTML link to your dropbox folder that stores your photo shoot.

In your submission, please send a minimum of six professional photos to be featured in a post on the DNA website.

If you send more than six images, the extra photos will be used to create a second post giving you and your model, even more exposure through DNA's 1.5 million+ weekly digital readership.

Photographers own the copyright of photos and MUST send approval to have their work featured on the DNA website.

You can copy and paste this text - I *YOUR NAME* have the right to supply and give DNA Magazine approval to use the attached photos of  *MODELS NAME*  as photographed by *PHOTOGRAPHERS NAME* as DNA Magazine best see fit.

Not all photo submissions are accepted, we have a certain style of photography we feature on the DNA website. We encourage photographers to submit photos shoots of models of all nationalities to be featured.


We’re looking for photos with the Top 10 rated DNA photo styles - 1. Bulge. 2. Bubble Butt. 3. Strong chest. 4. BIG arms. 5. Armpits. 6. Eye contact. 7. Chest hair. 8. Tan 9. Sex appeal. 10. Smile.


Information about the model to be supplied by the photographer, e.g, what does the model do for work, how often does he go to the gym works out, something about his personal life or an interesting fact.


Send us a quote about the photo shoot e.g, “the model was a natural in front of the lens”.


Photographer: (Your Name) | (website) | (Facebook Page) | (Instagram) - or any other HTML links you would like us to link to your business.

Model: (Models Name) | (website) | (Facebook Page) | (Instagram)



DNA has a large and ever-growing web and social media presence, having your photos included on the site can give you exposure and can drive a lot of traffic to your website/social medias.

Some photo submissions lead to photographers and models featured in the print magazine.


We're also looking for daily Insta-studs to feature. If you're a model who posts sexy/shirtless/bulgetastic snaps on your Instagram page, send us your Instagram handle for consideration.


DNA loving shows off the unique, quirky and sexy photos that we find online that we can create really fun captions for! If you have a photo that would work well for our daily loving post, send it to us via email


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