How to be featured on the DNA website

Kayne Lawton by Ian Chang

Kayne Lawton by Ian Chang

We are always looking for hot new content for our daily DNA website and social media posts.

If you're a model or photographer you can share your male physic models images with us to help maximise your online exposure.

For maximum exposure, be sure to regularly send new shoots to DNA. Or if you are new to DNA and have old shoots we can feature them too.

Download the photographer's online submission checklist here.

Check out other submissions to the DNA website here.








To have your images considered, please email photographs and info through to [email protected]. If sending hi-res images, please use DropBox, WeTransfer or a similar service to send the photos. Also, ensure you have permission from the copyright holder before sending images.



To have your photo set included for consideration on the DNA website and social media please include the following.

- Images: Six or more images both vertical and horizontal (the more, the better. The sexier, the better)

- Model Bio/Info: Please include a short blurb about the model. Something as simple as where the model is from, what they do in life, how they started in modeling, how often he works out, something about his personal life or an interesting fact.

- Quote:  To make the post unique and personal we ask that you send us a quote about the photo shoot. “the model was a natural in front of the lens” etc etc.

- Links: Include in your, website, Facebook page and Instagram links for the photographer and model -  please supply each time even if you have supplied photos before in the past, if you do not supply links we will not link the post to your site or social medias.

- Permission to use the photographs: You can copy and paste this text - I *YOUR NAME* have the right to supply and give DNA Magazine approval to use the attached photos of  *MODELS NAME*  as photographed by *PHOTOGRAPHERS NAME* on the DNA Magazine website and social medias.


SAMPLE POST   (click for example)

Information about the model to be supplied by the photographer, for example, what he does for work, how often he works out, something about his personal life or an interesting fact. This makes the post more personal for the reader, the more personal the more the reader relates to the post and model the more likely they stay on and find more about the model and the photographer.

“Quote” - we request that you send us a quote about the photo shoot. “the model was a natural in front of the lens” etc etc, again this makes the post more personal and gives inside to the shoot.

Photographer: (Your Name) | (website) | (Facebook Page) | (Instagram) - or any other HTML links you would like us to link to your business.

Model: (Models Name) | (website) | (Facebook Page) | (Instagram) - or any other HTML links the model would like us to link to so people can follow him.



- ‘Masculine' and 'plenty of skin' are generally our only two requirements for the photographs appearing on our site - other than that, we like photographs of all types, and hot men of all diversities.

- Top 10 that work the best on the DNA website - 1. Bulge. 2. Bubble Butt. 3. Strong chest.4. BIG arms. 5. Armpits. 6. Eye contact. 7. Chest hair. 8. Tan 9. Dirty sex appeal. 10. Suggested nudity.

Cheesy amateur photos, men lost in backgrounds, over photoshopped photos and black and white photos don’t generally work.

- Images don't need to be hi-res.

- Our email system can only handle emails smaller than 5MB. If your email is larger than 5MB it’s easier to send us a dropbox link or you can send it through an online large file transfer program such as wetransfer.

- Due to our current site, we have to resize all images to fit our website template. This sometimes means we have to crop some of the images, that may lead to your watermark being lost. We do ask that you supply images without a watermark and if you would like one included on the resized image to supply it as a separate .psd or .png file in your submission.

- Horizontal and Vertical photos. Vertical photos work best on our website, on social media horizontal photos are required. Please try to send at least a couple of horizontal photos to maximize your exposure on our social media.




If you’re a model but don’t have a photoset to send us, we're also looking for daily Insta-studs so if you're a model who posts sexy/shirtless snaps on your Instagram page, send us your Instagram handle for consideration.



DNA has a large and ever-growing web and social media presence, having your photos included on the site can make for some great exposure and can drive a lot of traffic to your own website/profile. We also share across our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and more.

It is not guaranteed, however in the past we have had some photo submissions lead to photographers and models featured on the front cover of the print magazine.


We NEED approval from the photographer to post the images. The photographer owns the copyright to the photos and we need an email from them giving us the approval to use the photos. It is best that the photographer sends us the photos so we can retain a copy of the approval for our records.



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