Interview: Scotty The Blue Bunny

Scotty the Blue Bunny

Scotty the Blue Bunny

Date: 19-Feb-2009

Appearing in La Clique inside The Famous Spiegeltent, Scotty the Blue Bunny (a seven-foot tall tower of shimmery spandex and attitude) recently had Sydney Festival-goers rolling in the aisles with laughter.

Cameron McCool caught up with Scotty for a chat about all things rabbit ...

DNA: “Blue Bunny” isn’t exactly a run-of-the-mill day job. When asked about your occupation, what do you say?
Scotty: (laughs) Well, first I’ll try to say, “Oh I sing, and I tell some jokes…”. If I say, “I’m a comedian,” I’m done. But if I say, “I dress up in a rabbit suit,” I gotta look at my watch first ‘cause that could take forever.

Being Scotty The Bunny seems pretty exciting. You rap, you sing, you give lap dances to audience members. What’s the most mundane job you’ve ever had?
I used to wash clothes for a porno company.

That’s not mundane!
Well, it’s like five per cent exciting and then a whole lot of folding and ironing. Basically doing laundry. A lot of plaid skirts…

So, from the laundry to La Clique?
Well, actually there was a time when I was being pushed into all kinds of professional holes. Then all of a sudden I was like “I CANNOT DO ANY MORE MATH!” I have a college degree but whatever!

You like to force people to look at your penis during your show.
I do.

Tell us about that…
Is that what it was? Is that really what happened?

I think so… you came out and said “I’m a homosexual! Just look at it….” And then you draped yourself over a straight man and the crowd went wild. What’s your motivation?
As somebody pointed out to me, those people are sitting in the front row. They’re supposed to be the bravest of the brave. They queued up more than anybody else. They ran in there to get those seats. They pushed children outta the way. I just think genitals are a cheap and easy target to force on someone in order to break down barriers. And that’s the great license of this show – people like that might never confront people like me.

And what do you mean by “people like you”?
Big, flaming, gigantic, queeny mother fuckers.

I watched a video of your Bunny Rap on and your man package was considerably smaller than it appears this season. What’s going on?
Bad hair day.

How do straight men react to your show?
Wonderfully. That’s what I mean about the performance. They’d probably kick my arse if I tried to pick them up in a bar but because we have this great equaliser of the show in La Clique they can interact very safely across orientation lines.

And gay men?
I think that they’re very keen to interact with someone who’s gay, but who doesn’t dress up in drag or experiment with gender. Like, what is a real faggot? There’s a difference between being effeminate and being a female impersonator. I’m a rabbit. I’m trans-species.

Scotty the Blue Bunny is hilarious and pretty brash. Has there ever been an audience that just hasn’t got your act?
Totally. But after every show I always go out front to say thank you and people are beaming. They’re like “Thank you so much! That was great! You were amazing!” Once I was like “David, do you ever have a bad show?” And he was like “Nope. Not really.”

La Clique moves on to Auckland from March 5-22, then in Nantes in France from March 25 – April 19th. If you’re lucky enough to be in London, there is also a concurrent La Clique show on at the Hippodrome.

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He's a scream!

posted by tasty on 19-Feb-2009 13:59


i'm dying to see him in nantes on march 25. but can't find info on ticket purchases online anywhere. do u guys know how to go about it?

posted by abstract on 19-Feb-2009 23:30


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