Review: Anthony Callea And Tim Campbell Perform At Crown Casino

Anthony Callea

Anthony Callea

Date: 7-Dec-2008

2008 has been a big year for pocket rocket Anthony Callea. Not only has he starred in Wicked, but his relationship with hottie Tim Campbell was made official in February. And now he’s done a One Night Only show at the Palms at Crown in Melbourne – with Campbell.

Seeing the two on stage together is a wet dream for many a guy – and girl too, if the audience was anything to go by. It was the girls who were down in the front row. It seems coming out has not damaged their careers – or their fanbases one bit.

And neither should it, because these guys are great and professional performers. Campbell started with an energetic set of camp covers like My Sharona, Footloose (with bootscooting backing dancers), and Shake Your Groove Thing. He was fun, relaxed, and the kind of guy you just want to take home to meet Mum!

Callea’s stage presence was just as impressive; confident and assured as he pumped out the crowd-pleasing hits such as Rain, Hurts So Bad, and a few surprises, such as You’ll Never Walk Alone, and his Wicked song As Long As Your Mine. But it was The Prayer that had everyone wrapt and silent waving a sea of mobile phone and digital cameras.

But the big gay moment was Callea and Campbel’s duet, Get Here. Seeing two men in love, on stage, expressing that in song in front of a mostly straight audience, brought a lump to the throat, a tear to the eye, and a swell of pride to the chest.

Review by Tim Hunter

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I would've loved to have attended Anth's concert, but unfortunately, living interstate made that impractical. However, from what I've read on Anth's forum, it sounds like it was a 'night to remember'. :-) I sooooo wish I could've been there!

posted by Bunyip on 8-Dec-2008 16:50


that so true
it was a great show
and good seeing anth & tim singing
together there really amazing
w wish them all the best
and when they sang together
is was so great
lm a big fan of anth
and think his so good
from Jojo

posted by jojop72 on 8-Dec-2008 18:17

OK guys, I've just found out that Anth & Tim sung 'Get Here' as a duet during the concert. OMG! They looked sooooooo sweet & adorable together & both sounded great. I just loved the knee touching! ;-) Here's the YouTube clip:

As an extra special treat, I also found this little clip of Anth & Tim singing 'Especially For You', with a comical twist I might add, when they were both guests on Joy FM recently. It's hilarious! :-)

posted by Bunyip on 8-Dec-2008 18:58


Just a quick letter to the ed:
The song "As long as your mine" is in Wicked but it is by no means Anthony Callea's character Boq's song. As a matter of fact, Callea's character doesn't really have much of a song at all.

posted on 10-Dec-2008 22:27

Loved the concert!

Tim has to be related to the 'energiser bunny' he's so animated , and Anthony's vocals were out of this world...what a fabulous voice!

The duet was just gorgeous, and the love and respect they feel for each other was obvious, and beautiful to see.

posted by sambora on 12-Dec-2008 10:44

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