Jason Statham, Gay Action Hero?

Jason Statham

Jason Statham

Date: 2-Dec-2008

So did Jason Statham play gay, or what?!

According to a film writer for the Los Angeles Times, Statham's Frank Martin character from the Transporter movie franchise was originally envisaged as being gay.

Louis Leterrier, the director of Transporter 2 (and also credited as "artistic director" of the first Transporter) told Chris Lee from the LA Times that he created a gay subtext for the Martin character so as to avoid making a "Steven Seagal kind of movie."

"If you watch the movie and you know he's gay, it becomes so much more fun," Leterrier said then. "It's so great - the first gay action movie hero!”

He continued: "Action fans in general are pretty homophobic. You see these tough guys who say, 'The Transporter, that's such a great movie!' If they only knew they're really cheering for a new kind of action hero.”

And to drive his point home, he mentioned a scene in Transporter 2 in which a drug czar's wife, played by Amber Valletta, makes romantic overtures toward the Transporter. Martin rebuffs her, explaining, "It's because of who I am."

Letterrier's take on that? "That's him coming out!"

Now with Transporter 3 coming out in cinemas, Lee asked Leterrier (who did not direct this latest movie) what he thought about the Martin character kissing a woman.

"I was sick over the weekend and my 2 Transporters were on, so I watched them and in fact they aren't that gay," Leterrier wrote. "But it makes for fun movie legends."

Uh huh.

Still stokes our Statham fantasies though!

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The guy looks like a pasty drug addict. Nothing attractive about him. Now James Franco, that's a different kettle of fish!!

posted by munich on 2-Dec-2008 17:56

nop..i disagree..this hunky briton get me hooked up...for me he is more than attractive..he charming!!

posted by armando_83 on 28-Jan-2009 8:23


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