Mate Of The Month, November '08: Week #3

Photography by Karim Konrad

Photography by Karim Konrad

Date: 21-Nov-2008

Australians, let us all rejoice and for all our overseas visitors, you can kick up your heels too. This bumper penultimate week of voting in the year's final Mate Of The Month contest is underway today and the choice, as per, is all yours.

There's a real spread of looks this week - which one would you prefer to be spread all over you?

The contenders are:


Feliciano Lopez

Jason Statham

Evandro Soldati


Rob Devita

Jim Wiedenman

Damon Danilo

Jason Beam

Holden Nowell

Doug Porter

Aaron O'Connell

Kerry Degman

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Are people finally getting tired of Kerry??? Don't get me wrong, he's a total stud...but how about more of LEVI?!?

posted by jjones71 on 21-Nov-2008 8:45


Forget Kerry & Levi, have you seen Edilson in the new DNA edition? If anyone deserves to win Mate Of The Month he does!
Pleeeeeeease, DNA, make Edilson an option for next month's 'Mate Of The Month' & use this pic of him:
He'll win hands down for sure.

posted by Bunyip on 21-Nov-2008 15:50


Jason Statham is the guy for me

posted by steventodd on 21-Nov-2008 17:58


Jason Statham is sexy as hell.

posted by Elvick on 21-Nov-2008 21:14

How could anyone be tired of Kerry???

posted by Someguy on 21-Nov-2008 23:37


Damon is perfect, simply perfect. Like butter.

posted by wombat1948 on 22-Nov-2008 3:34

Jason Beam...101%...a hottie that makes me spuds boil....repeatedly...

posted by doncore8in on 25-Nov-2008 6:13


Jason Statham is Hot and Sexy! He is pleasure on the eyes watching him on the screen. Another super hot Jason Beam..
Damon Danilo gets my vote cause he's [email protected] gorgeous and makes me think naught thoughts.

posted by Wilyum on 28-Nov-2008 13:32


Craig is so HOT!
I can't think of anything better than to kiss those lips.

posted by Americ on 28-Nov-2008 19:06


I agree, Craig must have the most beautiful face in all of Sydney. I actually think I have seen him somewhere before. Hopefully not the last time.

posted by TimmyT on 30-Nov-2008 19:07


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Mate Of The Month, November '08, Week #3

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