Naked For A Cause 2008: Exclusive Pics, Giveaway And Interview With Daniel Conn!

Naked For A Cause 2008

Naked For A Cause 2008

The Naked For A Cause calendar is a limited edition, 19-month, 30-page wall calendar packed with ripped Aussie football studs wearing next to nothing. Proceeds from the calendar go to The McGrath Foundation, a charity supporting women living with breast cancer.

Photographer Pedro Virgil has very generously shared these exclusive pics with us - they've never been seen before! Also, one of the hotties in the calendar, Daniel Conn from the Gold Coast Titans, has given us an exlusive interview! Before you get stuck into reading Daniel's interview you might want to win one of the three copies of the calendar that we have to give away!

To be in the draw, simply post below your 25-words-or-less description of what you'd do with a naked Australian footballer for a day.

To buy the Naked For A Cause calendar, head to

Photography by Pedro Virgil.

DNA Exclusive Interview With Daniel Conn
DNA: Why did you decide to do the calendar?
Daniel: Basically because of the cause. It’s for the McGrath Foundation. They raise money for breast cancer support and it seemed like a good thing to do and a lot of the boys were keen.

What was it like stripping down for the camera? Did you get nervous?
No, I didn’t get nervous. Pedro and the crew were all really professional about it so it was all good.

What do you do to stay in shape?
We train seven days a week at the moment. It involves stuff like wrestling, weights, running, triathlon and swimming. We’ve got to watch our diets as well, but when you’re training as much as we do it doesn’t really matter too much what we put in our bodies because we burn it off eventually.

Do you care that gay guys are going to buy the calendar?
No, I’m cool with that. I’m pretty comfortable with my sexuality but it’s a bit of a laugh.

Would you ever pose for a gay mag?
I haven’t really thought about it… Yeah, I’d give it a go.

Do women throw themselves at you because you’re a footy player?
No. I wish. They all say they do but it doesn’t happen.

Have you had any freaky fan moments?
I had an older woman chase me down the street to sign the calendar the other day. All my mates were around so it was a little embarrassing.

Do you have any gay mates?
I’ve got some girlfriends that have gay mates and they seem like pretty funny blokes. I’d call them my mates, yeah.

How would you and your team react if one of your teammates came out?
I reckon we’re all pretty understanding. We’d be good about it all. It would probably be a bit weird at first but I think we’d all build a bridge and get over it.

What’s the most memorable moment in your sporting career so far?
Probably making my debut for the Bulldogs.

You recently did a commercial with Tara Reid. What was it like working with her?
She was a pretty cool chick in the end. I thought she’d be a bit of a clichéd sort of American bimbo but she was really cool. We got along really well.

Who would you rather sit next to on a plane: Jessica Simpson, Lisa Simpson or OJ Simpson?
Jessica Simpson seems like a bit of a bimbo, so I’d probably go for OJ Simpson and have a bit of a yarn.

What’s the gayest CD you own?
I’ve got a bit of Elton John in there somewhere so that’d probably take the prize.

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To be put into the sin bin for 10 mins with these guys will be a chance to score a between the post what a try

posted by peterpan on 23-Nov-2007 6:37

I'm glad they found a cause to get naked for......Love it!!

posted by jraices on 23-Nov-2007 9:23

25 words anything and everything come to mind

posted by art1e on 23-Nov-2007 14:46


I would:
*Assault pecs
*Untie shorts
*Stare eyes
*Touch abs
*Rip jersey
*Awake manly passions
*Lick biceps
*Indulge needs
*Arouse wildest dreams
*Nourish sexy lips

posted by alexsstar on 23-Nov-2007 15:16

I need a personal trainer, but, sadly, do not take direction well. I'd need lots of hands on training and much repetition and demonstration.

posted by Beau61 on 23-Nov-2007 15:17

Remove clothing. Oil him up. Rub him down. Bring him close over and over. Make him scream. And ride the wild thing all night long!

posted on 23-Nov-2007 19:40

I bought and paid for my calendar on 8/11. Still no sign of it. The email says "Your Item(s) will now be processed and shipped in the next dispatch." with no indication how often these "dispatches" are.

It's a really shoddy sale service they're providing, money-for-charity or not.

Oh, and this is after repeatedly trying to pay via Amex, which is a choice in the drop-down payment menu, before realising that in tiny text on the resulting page it says "this merchant does not accept that form of payment". Then don't have it in the bloody list!!

Apart from all that, "hot men, mm yum, yadda yadda yadda" :P.

posted by aelfin on 23-Nov-2007 23:16

I'd try not to talk to his crotch, because that's not where his insightful words would come from; they'd surely come from his big heart.

posted by archnoble on 24-Nov-2007 13:13


I had the same issue after purchasing my calendar at the website, only to see it at newsagents before I'd received my copy.

After what seemed like 50 e-mails back and forth I eventually received it after asking for my money back (though it took nearly 5 weeks!!).

But the biggest surprise was that the person I was writing to couldn't see why I found it annoying that shops had been supplied copies to sell before on-line sales were fullfilled.

But in saying that, I do think it's an awesome product, just a painfull process to receive it.

posted by damo31 on 24-Nov-2007 14:48

I'd keep him in my room all day and give him quite a workout!

posted by renthead24 on 25-Nov-2007 4:03

Firstly I'd need him for 2 day.
Day 1: to fly him to London
Day 2: Stick a bra over his manhood and get him to pose almost naked in London's west end to raise awareness for breast cancer.
Then to thanks him, get him blind drunk and show him some "real" London hospitality!

posted by Hot... on 25-Nov-2007 21:11

Of course to keep him comfortable it would have to be on the QT, and then I would get us a nice hotel room. Next day we would both be smiling, and be great friends - and you know I would never tell what went on between the sheets.

posted by philhail on 26-Nov-2007 15:52


Drop to my knees and .....
shave the boys pubes with his team's name ....
then watch him take a shower with the rest of the team!

posted by duff on 26-Nov-2007 23:40

I'd let James Aubusson in anytime, to touch tongues. Not talk much. If we speak,
must be in the sentence.

posted by JayF on 27-Nov-2007 12:28

Fix him his favorite late breakfast, give him a massage, wash his hair for him. Give him an (optional) shave, wash out his favorite shorts

posted by colsohboy on 27-Nov-2007 15:56

Evade the papparazzi, drink alot of Pepsi, get matching "Such is gay life' tatt's & sell our story to the highest bidder.

posted by daveb on 27-Nov-2007 16:38


Teach him all about the wonderful world of gay love and sex...

posted by cadecarter on 27-Nov-2007 21:52

I would talk about their achievements first, what it's like being in the spotlight and how they really take care of their hot bodies!!!! OMG!!

posted by model_boi on 28-Nov-2007 11:26

I know the Boys who did the calendar really well. and In response to Damo"s comment....
The boys runa very tight business - unfortunately they had problems with Aus post and a certain courier company that was delivering the calendars at the time.... Theres no need for bitchy comments - you got your calendar and as well as I did- and what an amazing calendar it is! one of the best I have every seen - the quality of paper, the sexy images... it is definately a must have and woudl be an awesome christmas present!
Thanks guys at NFAC - looking forward to the next one.

posted by Corey01 on 28-Nov-2007 14:12

i agree damo31 that it took too long.... i placed my order just before i went overseas for 4 weeks for work and was surprised it wasn't with my mail when i got back.... thinking that it got missing since i wasn't around to collect it i was about to place another order when it suddenly came

also being from melbourne not happy that the afl boys aren't assigned a month.... when am i supposed to view them on my door? never????

posted by casper075 on 30-Nov-2007 13:10

Bahaha! He could start by showing me the cause for getting naked. And of course then we would gab about world peace!

posted by shaney33 on 16-Aug-2008 15:46


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