How To Survive The Australian SSM Postal Vote

Date: 11-Aug-2017

We're only a few days into the same-sex marriage, YES / NO postal vote debate and people are already fraying at the seams.

To help, DNA has the created the ultimate survival guide to get you through the next few months of debate.

Do vote YES when the day comes.

Do remind your family, friends and work colleagues to vote YES when the day comes.

Do use glitter on a daily basis.

Do have an emergency gay music play list to always put you in a fabulous mood.

Do keep conversations about SSM respectful.

Do use facts when entering into a respectful conversation about SSM.

Do listen to others opinions, even if they differ from yours.

Do think of rainbow unicorns that fart sparkling glitter when upset.



Don't try shut down people's arguments because they differ from yours.

Don't name call, belittle or threaten people because their opinion is different to yours.

Don't enter into debates with emotion.

Don't read negative comments.

Don't engage in negative comments.

Don't share other peoples negative comments on your social media.


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