DW Chase By Esteban Barrientos - Part 2

Date: 13-Aug-2017

DNA reader favourite DW Chase is back on the DNA website thanks to photographer Esteban Barrientos.

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Photographer: Esteban Barrientos | Instagram
Model: DW Chase | Instagram







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DJ is looking hot, reflecting moodiness of the sky, in a gorgeous locale. ~kK

posted on 15-Aug-2017 16:07

Sorry, DW. ~kK

posted on 15-Aug-2017 16:08

I'm sorry, but whoever picked out the swimwear for this shoot was way off. They don't flatter the model, and certainly aren't appealing to our eyes, especially the polka dots. The backdrop area is beautiful though......the right clothes make the man.....but not this time.

posted by chertina1 on 15-Aug-2017 22:56

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