Nick Rodriguez By Mattheus Lian - Part 2

Date: 13-Aug-2017

20-year-old Nick Rodriguez joins us on the DNA website thanks to our mate, photographer Mattheus Lian.

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Photographer: Mattheus Lian | Instagram
Model: Nick Rodriguez | Instagram







7 comments, 8423 views, last reply:15-Aug-2017 23:13


Nice body

posted by rbghawaii on 13-Aug-2017 3:21

Delicious. ..absolutely

posted by domtoppapi on 15-Aug-2017 12:28


Like his large manliness.

posted by Kaiser20 on 15-Aug-2017 13:00

oH My!! He is exquisite and yummy 6 ways from Sunday! In the words of the immortal Mae West "Is that a pistol in his pocket or is he just glad to see me!"

posted by Miguel76 on 15-Aug-2017 15:23

The photos in the blue and grey undies are definitely the best.

posted by Cheekyone on 15-Aug-2017 15:53

Nick has got it going on. Very handsome. My favorite shot is in the white Calvin Kleins, showcasing armpit & treasure trail, and of course, that plump... ~kK

posted on 15-Aug-2017 16:03

Now were cooking......Nick brought ALL the right ingredients to make us hungry for more.Handsome face, great body including a nice shapely butt and very ample manhood all for tasting. I agree with Cheekyone about the shots in grey and blue undies that show his attributes very nicely. I also loved the Mae West quip. Nick has enough of everything to satisfy a whole party.....what fun to peel his banana.

posted by chertina1 on 15-Aug-2017 23:13

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