Evan Melo By Gutto Ferraz - Part 2

Date: 13-Aug-2017

Today we welcome to DNA,  photographer Gutto Ferraz. This is his first submission and we’re super-excited to have him on board.

DNA spoke with Gutto about his first model Evan:

“The first model I’m sending is my own son, Evan Melo. He is about to start his first international season this year in NY and with agencies in Asia and Mexico.”

We look forward to seeing more from Gutto in time.

We have a 3 part series in stall for you, be sure to keep an eye out for more of Evan!

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Photographer: Gutto Ferraz | Instagram 
Model: Evan Melo | Instagram









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Thanks so much for this partnership... So much shootings to send... <3

posted by gutto_ferraz on 13-Aug-2017 1:59

Beautiful sexy babyboi

posted by domtoppapi on 13-Aug-2017 3:48


Beautifully done Gutto, and Good Luck Evan. Looking forward to seeing more!

posted by John654321 on 17-Aug-2017 19:22

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