Paintballer - Part 1

Date: 8-Aug-2017

DNA spoke with photographer Lars Ulriksen about his latest submission 'The Paintballer':

"Paintballer with Kristian K is one of the photo shoots thatwill end up in my upcoming book project. This is my third shoot with Kristian K. and there is more to come during the summer."

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Photographer: Lars Ulriksen | Website | Facebook | Instagram
Model:  Kristian Korneliusson | Instagram







5 comments, 5250 views, last reply:9-Aug-2017 21:32

Comments: bod and love the tats. My experience : the more the tats, the nastier the fuck

posted by domtoppapi on 8-Aug-2017 19:58


Ditto with domtoppapi.....get him out of those pants and ready for action......want to see where else he has tats on that hot body.

posted by chertina1 on 8-Aug-2017 20:42

For me Kristian has a fine body ruined (permanently I fear) by ink

posted by FoxyRoger on 8-Aug-2017 20:55

Your loss Foxy. Tatts often have stories behind them and the work on display makes me want to sit down and learn everything behind them. Amazing body with beautiful tatts. I wish my paintball was so nice.

posted by Kle on 8-Aug-2017 23:49

wie kann man nur aus einem wunderbaren Körper eine solche Schreckfigur machen ?
nicht`s gegen ein kleines geschmackvolles Tattoo aber wer seinen Körper so verunstaltet,muss nicht ganz dicht sein !

posted by hopemen on 9-Aug-2017 21:32

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