Cris Hansen By Juliana Soo

Date: 17-Jul-2017

Cris Hansen is a full time Fashion model from Argentina and loves kung fu. He is starting his modelling career in Asia first.

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Photographer + Stylist+ Make up artist: Juliana Soo | Website | Instagram
Model: Cris Hansen | Website





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6 comments, 4277 views, last reply:19-Jul-2017 14:43


Especially with the hair, looks a bit too much like Cindy Crawford

posted by alaimo on 18-Jul-2017 22:23

Pretty babyboi made for smooth lean bod

posted by domtoppapi on 18-Jul-2017 23:32


Cris should change his look for a more masculine style, so he won't appear like Cindy Crawford as alaimo suggested, which by the way was right on target. Pretty-boy to hot man would be more appealing.

posted by chertina1 on 19-Jul-2017 0:55

Chris, I think you're just fine. I like the bulge in the white briefs. Hot!

posted by rbghawaii on 19-Jul-2017 2:55

Chris' long hair, because of his youth & beauty, works just fine (is less appealing on older men). My favorite part of a man's body is lower back merging into his butt; and great legs, which are much appreciated, are not exactly common. Guys get those fine legs from good genes (as they do a perfect lower back & butt, or beautiful face); can't get 'em living in a gym or from jogging. ~kK

posted on 19-Jul-2017 12:29

Excellent guy

posted by FoxyRoger on 19-Jul-2017 14:43

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