Justin Alone In The Hotel - Part 4

Date: 20-May-2017

Canadian hottie Justin joins us today on the DNA website thanks to our good friend, photographer Mattheus Lian.

We’ve called this four part series ‘Justin Alone In The Hotel’, for obvious reasons. Justin is alone in a hotel!

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Photographer: Mattheus Lian | Instagram
Model: Justin DeRoy | Instagram




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3 comments, 5922 views, last reply:20-May-2017 8:23


Nice arms and chest. Time well spent in the gym

posted by chertina1 on 19-May-2017 6:40

Love, love, love Justin from any angle!

posted by joecdn on 20-May-2017 1:47


Hot looking guy, love all the pics but the last one is the best...

posted by radar69 on 20-May-2017 8:23

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