Aaron Gonzalez and Josue Jimenez - Part 3

Date: 19-May-2017

We’re back to the Canary Islands with photographer Adrian C. Martin to hang out by the jagged rock cliffs with models Aaron Gonzalez and Josue Jimenez in this three part series!

Aaron Gonzalez works as a baker but combines it with work as a model and practising surf and skating. Josue Jimenez (facial hair) is 23 years old, he's model and dancer and he's currently based in China.

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Photographer: Adrian C. Martin | Facebook  | Instagram
Model: Aaron Gonzalez and Josue Jimenez





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Where do you find these gorgeous men?
Loving your work

posted by Gr~-29 on 23-May-2017 17:37

The men are gorgeous, but they need to get rid of the big, clunky necklaces.

posted by joecdn on 24-May-2017 2:09


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