Matty Bladez By Steve France

Date: 15-May-2017

Photographer Steve France has shared with us this exclusive photoshoot of model Matty Bladez.

We doubt Matty has ever missed a day at the gym! He is huge, cut and all muscle!

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Photographer: Steve France | Facebook | Instagram
Model: Matty Bladez | Instagram






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posted by rbghawaii on 15-May-2017 2:45

SMILE, dammit!

posted by DJ08 on 15-May-2017 4:43

what a pity no smile,but still a hunk very impressive !!!

posted by chris1 on 15-May-2017 16:08

Matty has a magnificent body , great arms ,shoulders , chest and legs and fantastic abs .He is a handsome guy but it is a shame Matty did not smile he would be sizzling Hot with a smile . he looks to be having some trouble with his briefs I would be very happy to help him with them and anything else .

posted by gardenguy on 15-May-2017 21:45


Except for use of sunglasses in a couple of shots, these photographs are essentially identical. Matty's physique is impressive, a bit over developed for my taste (but not for many others').

posted on 16-May-2017 18:09

Stunning body.

posted by ozeeguy on 16-May-2017 18:32

der Kerl hat sich einen Wahnsinnskörper antrainiert.Große Anerkennung für diese Leistung !
Ob es ihm auch Spaß gemacht hat,bezweifle ich aber bei dem ernsten,fast traurigen

posted by hopemen on 17-May-2017 2:18

beautiful handsome muscular guy, just needs a smile

posted by anthonybuffdadd on 25-May-2017 13:14

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