Happy Birthday DNA Model Francis Mossman

Date: 14-Apr-2017

DNA model and contributor, Francis Mossman celebrates his birthday today!

As our gift to him, we’re featuring some of his sexy pics as featured in DNA #183.

DNA caught up with Francis on his special day:

DNA: How many candles on the cake this year?
Francis: 29

DNA: What are you doing for your birthday?
Francis: Going on a road trip with a couple of my favourite people and my puppy, Scully.

DNA: Did you get the present that you wanted?
Francis: The gift I want is to be surrounded by the people I love, so yes!

DNA: What wish will you make when you blow out your birthday cake candle?
Francis: For another season of The X-Files. For One Direction to get back together. And world peace.

Follow Francis on his social medias and wish him a Happy Birthday!

Photographer: Christian Scott | Website | Instagram
Model: Francis Mossman | Facebook | Instagram








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very SEXY

posted by chris1 on 14-Apr-2017 15:43

Francis happy birthday hope you have a great day

posted by chris1 on 14-Apr-2017 15:45

So handsum; best picture is the last one

posted by rbghawaii on 15-Apr-2017 1:24

Happy Birthday Francis! Mmmmm,what a sexy hunk of a guy he is,handsome with such a gorgeous body,nice abs & a VERY nice arse in the second largest pic,the bottom pic also gets my full attention,mmmmm,VERY nice indeed,Francis is more than welcome to share my bed anytime,would love to have some fun with him,mmmm!

posted by Beefy on 15-Apr-2017 1:51


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