Them CGI Muscle Gains!

Date: 14-Apr-2017

By Troy Murphy

Ludacris by name and by six pack gain, as fans of the Vitamin D singer, took to social media to ridicule the American hip hop artist for the SIM like cartoonish-looking CGI muscle that he shows off in this latest music video clip.

The clip, released last week, was intended to be a dream sequence for The Fate Of The Furious soundtrack.

Taking to Twitter, Ludacris joined the mockery over his CGI abs:

'Do you want your own fake abs, but can't afford CGI? Get your fake abs here for $11.81!' he tweeted, along with a link to a muscled chest-and-abs plate costume.

Want your own CGI abs? Give it a week, Snapchat will have a filter for that!




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The irony is, Ludacris's abs, tits, pecs, nipples, whatever are mouth-wateringly gorgeous without CGI enhancement. At lease I thought they were without CHI enhancement! I sure wanted to suck them. Regardless.

posted by TOMMYKINS on 21-May-2017 6:28

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