Get WET with DW

Date: 27-Apr-2017

We’ve been lucky to feature a small selection of Dylan Rosser's new book, WET that will feature these STUNNING images of the beautiful DW Chase.

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Photographer: Dylan Rosser | Instagram -
Model: DW Chase | Instagram -





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Nice muscle lean fuzzy ass...great for eating and fucking

posted by domtoppapi on 27-Apr-2017 13:08


Nur zwei Worte dazu: einfach geil

posted by hopemen on 28-Apr-2017 8:02

I like the furry bum. Remember to floss after eating.

posted by outback on 29-Apr-2017 4:45

"Oh, but it's great
afer rimming your date,
Brushing your teeth with a comb!"

D.W. is easily the most sensual and erotic guy around. I have downloaded so many pic of him it's frightening, some, like one here in particular, where he comes SO close to a "money shot! I'm go glad her doesn't shave his gorgeous if only that towel would slip just a tad lower...I'm getting the vapors!

posted by mbwisper on 29-Apr-2017 18:39

ho que j aimerai bien lui enlever la serviette pour pouvoir lui masser le sexe !!! hummm quel corps !!!! quelle fesses !!! j adore !!!!

posted by winner17 on 2-May-2017 0:04

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