Take That Sports Gear Off! - Part 1

Date: 20-Apr-2017

The best thing about playing sport, is taking your gear off and letting it all breath after!

Especially after a day of wrestling other blokes!

Just between us, if we ever got into a wrestle with the sexy model Rudy, we’d let him win every time, just so he could pun us down under that hard, strong body!

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Photographer: Mattheus Lian | Instagram
Model: Rudy Bundini | Instagram



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His cleavage combined that scoop neck unitard (second shot) look rather "pin-up" girl... regardless, that smooth skin is quite appealing

posted by alaimo on 20-Apr-2017 23:13

What a sensual guy! Love his face, his body, his chest, his shoulders, his arms. Rudy, I want you in my bed!

posted by iltrovatore on 22-Apr-2017 18:15

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